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Men, Sex, Jealousy, and Control – Which Type of Guy Do You Fall For?

Is she getting jealous because he might be looking for another dessert?

Men are strange creatures. 🙂

It's amazing how we can become jealous over the weirdest of situations.

Not an angry jealousy or enough to make us crazy, BUT just enough to displace ourselves out of our ordinary routine.

There are always guys who fall head first into women without trying anything obvious. They quietly go about their business and the next thing you know, this "lack of effort" has them waking up next to some not always available but attractive woman.

Some say it's pheromones. The scent only a woman can pick up.

Some say it's luck or chance by geography. In other words they are always in the right place at the right time with one extra very important fact...

Those "lucky" guys are ALWAYS better than average in the looks department.

Trust me from a guys point of view, they are rarely ever the greatest of conversationalists.

Which means we have two types of guys here.

The ones women will sleep with based on his looks and timing. He's at the right place at the right time.

The other guys are the conversationalists although it's just a name and I'm not sure if it's the right thing to call them.

Women are generally slow on their pickup because the attraction builds slower AND the problem this guy has is that he's normally a talker and not a doer. Sure he can talk you into doing things but normally he's not always a man of action.

Therefore being in the right place at the right time is rarely if ever in his favor.

Think about all that for a minute and consider....

Since this is some "secret dirty" truth about men I'm sure you're noticing the topics are sexually based. Mostly. 😉

That's because men can feel in control of so many things in their lives. They feel they have a handle, or at least understand enough about how to get by the best they "feel" like doing, with a few exceptions:




Mixed with an incredibly overwhelming desire to have what they can't seem to have because they've never had it before.

Imagine you have a delicious meal everyday with lots of different tasty foods.

Now imagine there's always a dessert on the side. You know it's sugary. You know it might be bad for you. 😉 You believe it MUST taste awesome BUT you've never had it before.

Everyday. Every meal. You're getting a little satisfied. A little full. Perhaps you might even question yourself as to why you want more.

The important thing here is... You are NOT allowed to eat that dessert unless you start doing something different.

Unless you're somebody else.

Unless the things you must do just might have you doing things you tend to avoid out of laziness, beliefs, or circumstances you feel are beyond your control.

Remember, even though that dessert is close by and within arms reach, you have never had anything like it before. You have no idea how it tastes. You're assuming it must be good because that's what you're trained or conditioned to believe.

To the conversationalist, the "dessert" is the women the good-looking guy always seems to get without trying and even though he's never been with her or someone like her, he's conditioned to believe she MUST be good.

Just the mere thought of staring up or down of her naked body while inside her is enough to consider it's beyond his control.


Well the "attractive" ones only sleep with the good-looking guys casually and quickly and make the rest work ten times as hard for. ( Mind you attraction is still in the eye of the beholder and it's NOT EVER 100% looks. )


There's always a more attractive woman than the one(s) we have slept with and we're led to believe, she MUST be incredible in bed.  The dessert we have never tasted.


You can never get what you've never had unless you're somebody else.

You can never BE that guy because you have no control over your natural looks.

Why does she make him wait or work twice as hard?

Why does she only put herself in HIS right place at the right time and not his?

The truth is that even the men who feel the most powerful in so many areas of their life tend to feel a little helpless when it comes to women, sex, and jealousy.

The worse part is, they CAN gain control over those things and I don't mean control as controlling women or being overly demanding and forceful.

Just enough to begin to experience their own "dessert" and effectively have, what they have never had before.

Take a close look around at all the men in your present and past life.

"It can take control over us and send us into the arms or bed of any woman willing or when properly directed can drive us to succeed in more areas than just sexual conquest." Why Do Men Sleep Around With Lots Of Different Women?

Notice how their actions towards you as a woman puts them in one of those categories.

How when it comes to women this guy seems to act different, like he has no control over his actions towards them and consider him the conversationalist.

The other lacks control because women come to him quickly. Like he has no choice. He's not controlling the situation, the situation is controlling HIM.

How one guy's life revolves around sex and getting it (specifically) with the "dessert" he's never had.

How the other revolves around the same thing, the women who are NOT in the right place at the right time.

One's takes sex for granted because he's always getting it.

The other acts like it's a rare prize and even though he might get it occasionally, there always seems to be a better dessert someplace else.

T hard about which type of guy you tend to fall for more...

The perceived better looking guys or the talkers? Are you quick to put yourself in the right place at the right time OR just by chance does it happen for you?

When it comes to all sorts of guys... women, sex, and jealousy can become the one thing they feel they have no control over and therefore becomes the one thing that actually dictates their actions... towards you.

Oh and by the way... how many of you are willing to guess which "category" I fall into? 😉

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