Why Do Guys Stare at Girls?

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Guys don't hide it very well, do they? Although some of them might claim to be masters at not getting caught, you know when a guy is staring at you and you're determined to know WHY they're doing it to you.

The answer is very simple.

Guys stare at girls because they're feeling attracted to them.

Rarely will a guy check you out and stare if it's for reasons other than a strong physical attraction.

A man's first attraction trigger is normally by sight.

It's an instinctual uncontrollable urge. A feeling. They see. They look. They stare.

Some of them will keep their eyes on you whether they know (you know) or not and will continually do it regardless of the situation or how creepy it looks to you.

Some guys want to get caught because they think if you know they're checking you out - you'll be more likely to meet or approach him. True or not, it's how guys think.

Some guys don't want to get caught because it unnerves them. Once they're found out they look away quickly but will do it again and again as the whole thing repeats itself.

Some guys try and stare you down like you're a piece of meat. Checking out all your body parts. They'll give the "eye" and try to dominate your from afar as if you're some sort of prey itching to get on his sexual dinner plate.

You know the type probably, they try and act all cool with a serious look on their face as if they mentally beckoning you to come to them.

Other guys WILL stare at you a little just before they approach you but if you're asking this question then you've already experienced that answer for yourself.

IF you're being stared at a lot and not approached you can read the answer in an article I wrote over here: Why Does A Guy Stare At A Woman But Not Approach Her


Let's dig a little deeper and explain something you might not know about guys and their physical attraction towards a woman.

When he sees you and is feeling attracted to you - it FEELS GOOD.

He also becomes slightly sexually aware. Not excited or hard (for most) - just a little more aware.

Since it feels good to look at beauty AND it increases his sexual drive a little - a guy will almost feel an uncontrollable urge to stare at the women he's most attracted to.

Since gazing and then indulging in this act does feel good - for some guys it becomes borderline addictive and they just can not get enough of it.

Unfortunately, like most addictions, they'll need more of that high and will then always be constantly searching for it. Which leads them checking out pictures on the internet, watching sex, and checking out any movie where his most desirable woman just might get naked.

In conclusion...

Guys will stare at you (most of the time) because they like what they see and it makes them feel good.

Sure some of them might be saving it for later use but that's not always the case.

If their gaze continues it's because they're trying to make eye contact to approach you or have you approach them which might spare them from being rejected.

Men have an attraction trigger instinctively built inside of them which is subconscious and beyond their control. When they see something they find attractive it takes over them for a brief second and sometimes longer.

When they see beauty or what they find beautiful their instinct is triggered and they will stare. Some for longer than others.

Some want to get caught. Some don't. Some try to hide what they're doing. Some don't.

Lots of guys don't even realize they're doing it.

This urge or subconscious trigger when left unchecked or not thought out can happen to a guy at any point even if he's already in a relationship and actually with her.

A guys stares or checking out women doesn't end in real world situations and often overflows to any form of media and it's not limited to naked photos or sexual acts.

Men LIKE to look at any woman they find attractive because it makes them FEEL something which is normally good.

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237 comments… add one
  • Eleanor

    I like a boy but how do I ask him out.

  • Romina

    I think I don’t wanna have a bf anymore if they always are gonna be looking pfff

  • Chasia fernandis

    There’s a guy who don’t like talk with me much only when it’s my sister’s birthday or any festival he’ll message me. But not even wishing on my birthday too. And we rarely meet at any function but he constantly stares at me and sometimes it makes me feel awkward. Once or twice I smile when he sees at me and then he smiles back too. But my sister said he always search for me in function so does he like me?

  • Sydney

    What does it mean when a guy stares at you constitaly but never talks to you but gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

    • Peter White


      It means exactly what is written in the post. He gets jealous because he is attracted to you and doesn’t want anyone else to have you.


  • Khali

    Hi , I have an ex. We broke up abt 2 years ago. I have recently seen him more often since we are now at the same school and are also in the same class. During class he always stares at me I usually catch him through the corner of my eye. Is he still into me ??

    • Peter White

      Hi Khali,

      The answer would depend on why you broke up. For a more clearer answer read this:


      There are questions you can ask which will help you figure it all out a lot easier.

      Just remember this please: Whereas the physical attraction a guy feels may never leave or could take a long time to decrease, that in no way means we still want a relationship or get back into one. There are too many other things to consider first.



  • Myra

    Theres a boy who always stare me whenever he sees me. I told my friend to ask him what is the matter when my friend asked him he just replied no i didn’t like and i’m already having a gf n i was so shocked…after some days again he started the same thing he says he already have gf but thenafter he stares me? So whats the reason behind please reply !!!


      He just likes to stare at you. I stare at my male friends for no reason other than to examine their face.

  • Ashley

    I’ve been going to tuitions for about a year, and there’s this guy who stares at me the whole time., And when I catch him staring at me, he smirks and wiggles his eyebrows at me.
    I have a huge crush on him and I don’t know if he likes me back.

    • Peter White


      Read the post :p

      Men tend to look, wink, smirk, wiggle their eyebrows for a reason – they like what they see. 😉

      Something inside us draws our attention and we fixate on what we find beautiful.

      Question – do you think he will like you more or less if you start a conversation with him?

  • Janna


    There is this guy I like and I don’t know if he likes me back.

    I feel that he is staring at me as his face is always turned towards me but I am you scared to look at him.

    There was once I did and I caught him staring, he simply slowly turned his head.

    Does he like me?

    • Peter White


      That’s something you need to find out for yourself. I have no way of knowing whether a guy likes you or not based on you believing he might be staring at you.

      I can tell you WHY we stare and it’s usually a sign of attraction BUT attraction is not the same as like.

      Attraction is something we feel instantly internally is beyond our control.

      Like has nothing to do with it. We may like you as a friend, co-worker, or family member. Like can also attach itself to attraction when (and if) we get to know you.

      From there we may become more interested in you beyond the physical.

      With all that said, the ONLY way you’ll ever really know or begin to know is to talk to him and get to know who he is.

      My suggestion would be to NOT attach a meaning or “predict the outcome” of any interaction with someone you’re attracted to and just open up a clear line of communication. That’s all.

      Thinking like that or expecting nothing but getting to know someone normally relieves a lot of pressure.

      So – go talk to him and see how it goes. 🙂


    • Deepthi

      Ofcourse he likes u

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