Do Men Speak A Different Language Than You? Why He’s So Hard To Understand!

Man Not Speaking Different Language

Last year around this time I went to a my brother-in-laws thirty fourth birthday. Happy 34th little brother!



Nazdrave! (Наздраве!/Naz-drah-veh!)

A few words spoken loudly to display our happiness as the booze flowed and our drunkenness grew.

I'm an English speaker and beyond that, I admit I'm not very good at learning another language.

Which means, if you've ever found yourself in a room filled with twenty people speaking in a language you don't really understand,  well you're missing out on an interesting and oddly enough, FUN part of life.

Seriously - try it sometime. Reach out. Get out. Travel.

Put yourself in situations where you feel like a child who just doesn't understand what is being said and you'll quickly realize...

LANGUAGE can be such a huge barrier when you don't know exactly what's being said making it extremely difficult to feel like you "fit" in.

Sound familiar?

Does it sometimes feel like men are speaking an entirely different language than you?

Like whatever comes out of their mouth is gibberish.

It just doesn't make any real sense.

I hear you.

As I sat back and "heard" the words catching only a few recognizable ones, all I had to rely on was body language, vocal inflections, and my poor half-drunk wife who kicks ass interpreting for me but struggling between the words in her head, and her poor dizzy husband who just wants to make sure SHE has an amazing time.

My point is...

Sure - Men speak a "different" language than you.

What you hear and what they're trying to say, or intending to say might be a little confusing can easily sound like a different language and when there's no loved-one one close to your side interpreting it can make you feel helpless.


I GUARANTEE  (caps intended) ...

Most men are all too similar to my brother-in-law.

Partly - because he just doesn't get it when it comes to women - yes, he's a type two.

Partly because you'll look at him and THINK he's got it together and a great catch.

Partly because he's awesome! Hell give and give. He's always nice and respectful.

He quite literally wants the best for you and will go out of his way to make it happen - at ANY cost to him - time or money.

And still...

When it comes to communicating to women in a way which will land him the woman of his "real" dreams and not some lame-ass who is only out to take advantage of his kindness... he's kind of clueless.

He doesn't (no matter how many talks we've had that he may have remembered) GET IT!

Making him a clear type two, looking for approval first, loving first, admiration first, respect first, ALL in the hopes he will get all of that from a woman who fits in his narrow view of what he finds attractive AND who will fall blindly in love with what he has to give, rather than what he can make her FEEL!

Unfortunately making him a "typical" although I HATE using that word especially for him - type two guy.

When you "think" he's speaking a different language, he's not, because his point of communication ALL begins from his desire to FEEL good about himself.

WHAT he has to offer seems more important than HOW he makes you FEEL.

That's not, in reality, a different language - merely a perspective of what he thinks needs to be done to assure his future offspring's creation and survival.

Whether you find yourself in a room full of guys who don't seem to be speaking your language, or that ONE guy you just don't get or understand WTF he's saying or what is meant by it....



He's only looking for what MOST men are looking for:

  • Approval.
  • Admiration.
  • Love.
  • Respect.

ALL in the hopes that HE feels confident enough to supply, reinforce, GIVE to you ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he can give that will satisfy YOU:

So YOU will be his one and only!

Men are NOT complicated. They're not cryptic. They're not out to confuse you and make it difficult on you to connect with them.

They're looking for THAT and that only.

They just happen to try and get it with a different form of communication or language than you do.

And yes - they (mostly) are WRONG.

I know it's HOW you feel and not what is given that's more important.

It's the connection.

It's the loving.

It's the two equals one which is greater than the sum.

THEY don't!

That's why they mess you up.

That's why they confuse you.

That's why it FEELS like a different language and doesn't make any sense at all.


Keeping it all simple for you so you can put this stuff in practice in your everyday life:

START looking at men in any way I've brought it to you today, no matter how you've taken it or interpreted my words.

IF you can do that, yes, another guarantee, you WILL see the simplicity behind ALL men.

What they want...

What they mean...

What they're looking for...

What they expect from you...

What they expect from themselves to GIVE to you...

Coming from THIS angle you WILL connect with men on a level that not many women ever purposely or accidentally do.

And all you really have to do is REMEMBER it and use it in your tone of voice around a guy, and it will come out!


He won't know why or even care.

But when a man thinks you GET HIM, you WILL GET HIM!!!

And he will do EVERYTHING within his POWER to make sure it lasts FOREVER!

Okay, in my pain today I think I've rambled on enough.

Hopefully you've understood or in the very least all this made some kind of sense to you. I need to bang on my guitar a little and let some more out.

We'll talk again real soon but for now...

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2 comments… add one
  • X

    Hi Pete,
    I want to thank you for all your articles, I’ve found them really helpful in understanding why my dating life looks the way that it does, why I’m only interested in very few men, etc.
    I have this guy hanging around, and as far as I can tell, he’s a “type one who isn’t ready yet”. This is frustrating because I can see many good qualities in him, it feels natural with him, and I’m wildly attracted, but he’s immature (although mature enough to admit that he doesn’t want a relationship; he’s not a player). He’s younger than me. I know I can’t get into anything physical with this guy because I’ll get my heart broken, and I’ve told him so, but he knows I’m full of shit and keeps coming back into my life every time I tell him to go away.

    Am I a bitch for enjoying the attention and continuing to flirt with him when I know I’m not going to sleep with him? In a weird way I feel like I’m taking advantage of this guy by playing on his impulse to chase. But it’s fun, and I don’t want to just block his number. I’m still meeting other people, but type one guys don’t grow on trees, and it’s so nice to feel wanted by someone I actually want, even if nothing is going to happen. It feels like we’re both keeping each other around for an ego boost.

    Is this actually harmless for both of us, or am I kidding myself and going down the wrong road here?

    • Hi, thank you and you’re welcome too. Great to hear you’re learning a lot at why do guys.

      If he’s a real type one, you’re not taking advantage of him, he gets it. That knowledge or expertise comes along with it and is part of what makes him a this type and also, why they are so very rare indeed.

      He most likely enjoys the chase and finds it harmless fun which may or may not lead somewhere but the “process” is enjoyable so it’s all good.

      Nothing is wrong with two people hopping on each other’s Ego and enjoying the ride but, be careful if one or both are doing things to inflate it through another alone.

      When it’s coming from an outside source, it’s not real and will often pop or prove to be more harmful to the individual.

      With all that said and aside from the last part.

      I see no harm in what’s going on here.

      Stay objective and in the moments when it’s all happening and ENJOY the process of flirting and having fun.

      That’s a part of what life is all about and if you can do those things a lot, I believe you’ll find a smile on your face that just won’t go away.

      Thanks for asking and have a wonderful day.

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