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What Does He Mean – What He Says & What He Does Gets Explained Deeper

When a man talks it means something. When a man takes action, it also means something. Everything a man does that is related to you & other women has a real meaning behind it. This section takes it all apart to find out the deeper meaning to everything a guy does or talks about because it all can be explained simply.

  • Does He Like You? Does He Love You? What Did He Really Mean To Say?

    Have you ever wondered what he was really saying to you when he said he likes you, love you, is in love with you, or follows it all up with a huge but? Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for, an interpretation, a meaning behind his words and why he uses the word love so sparingly and is careful with saying it.

  • When He Doesn’t Want to Be Tied Down But Is Physically Attracted To You

    What a guy really means when he says things like I don’t want to be tied down. I’m physically attracted to you and it gets me in trouble. He’s not looking for a relationship but he knows you like him. Read how this summer fling turned. How she wants more and he doesn’t. What’s her choice.

  • Is There A Hidden Meaning To Why He Gave You A Gift?

    Men are known for trying to buy a woman’s affection by giving her a gift. Does it always mean he likes you or he believes he’s not good enough for you? These are all the reasons or meaning behind a man’s gift giving. Broken down into dating, in a relationship, early courting, or just trying to win your heart over.

  • What Does It Mean If He Asks, Do You Love Me?

    If a guy asked you if you love him – heed this warning. It’s not a good sign. If he’s constantly asking you then you’ll definitely want to read all the reasons why he’s doing it. And no it does not mean he loves you, there are many other ways to determine if a guy loves you and you’ll find exactly how here.

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