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He’s Jealous, Young, and Believes Women Are Only Into How A Guy Looks

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Most men who act jealous are feeling attracted to you.

Hey Pete!

So, here’s the thing. I’m a senior in highschool and he’s in 3rd year university.

It all started when he invited me to go camping with his youth group. He would talk to me and was kind, but it was hard to tell if he was flirting or not. From there its progressed to subtle flirting or maybe he’s just being friendly. It’s hard to know. But I’ve found that he will bug me about liking his friend who I find goodlooking. (I told the guy I like that I found his friend good looking). And he told my sister that I was suckimg up and flirting with his friend when all I did was say “hey, John, how are you!?” In a kind way. And then, the other day I saw him in a huge group and there was a little baby so I said “aww, he’s so cute” and then this guy said “oh. Thanks :)” later on when he was playing the guitar, I had his capo on my hand and then when he needed it, instead of asking for it be just put his hand over mine and took it, except it seemed like he could have easily grabbed it without touching my hand? But during that same night he didn’t really talk to me much besides that. I honestly am so confused! Its been almost a year of similar situations and I do have his number but we don’t tall all the time, maybe once every two weeks or so..

Hey Hope,

He’s acting jealous.

There is a misconception among lots of men that women are mostly into men who are attractive.

This happens because our own initial feelings of attraction are triggered physically and some guys assume it happens the same way for women.

For some guys it leads them to believe that even IF they have a girlfriend, who they believe IS attractive, they will occasionally feel like she just settled with him.

During weaker moments or fights or when they feel threatened by another guy advancing on their “woman” – jealousy happens whether its noticeable or not since some are all too good at burying those feelings. That’s why it seems like their rage suddenly erupted over the dumbest thing.

An unfortunate sign that a guy is into you is jealousy.

In your specific case…

He has invited you to a place he enjoys going and, if you think about it, gives you a “nice” glimpse of a guy who is good with kids. Big signal two!

He has flirted with YOU.

Friendly or not, only the real die-hard flirts will friendly flirt with everyone. Assume it was done with you in mind. Big signal three!

He has “bugged” you about another guy and how you are attracted to HIM. He’s acting passive-aggressive and non-direct about his competition most likely hoping you’ll reveal your feelings about him.

This led him to externalize his feelings of jealousy with his sister which might help him hold back getting angry with you.

What you have here is a younger guy who hasn’t seen the bigger picture of how women work. 🙂

He might not feel attractive enough for and so believes you’re more into looks because that is what he has experienced so far. At least in his head he’s basing his “rules of women” on how women acted for him in high school and University.

His jealousy is a sure sign he’s feeling attracted to you.

He doesn’t know what to do about it or how to advance and so he puts himself in YOUR friends zone… waiting, hoping, scheming lightly, acting indirect, and “fishing” for information on how you might feel about him.

More signs he likes you.

Now of course he could’ve went right for the Capo and avoided your hand but why bother when he can again, tease the idea of touching you… waiting, hoping, and trying to read into your reaction to his touch.

All the while looking for signals that YOU are into HIM despite the fact you find his friend more attractive than him.

Funny how the male mind sometimes works, isn’t it? 😉

Don’t be confused over the “not talking all that much”.

Lots of men train themselves to not chase a woman they really like because they believe it only pushes you away.

Which, because they tend to come off as needy or overly aggressive or make you feel like a prize they have to win… normally does push lots of women away. But let’s not get into that today.

Understand jealousy means he’s feeling an emotional connection to you or something that is happening between the two of you…

Flirting for lots of men is ONLY reserved for the available woman they’re feeling attracted to…

Putting themselves in your friends zone while waiting, hoping, indirectly acting while fishing for information…

All together are clear signals THIS guy likes you!

Don’t let some guys fool you, they actually DO believe women only want to date physically attractive men and will actually avoid moving forward for that reason alone AND it does make them jealous of other men.

Hope that helps to clear up your confusion… Hope.


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