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The Top Ten Things That Guys Are Attracted To

The Top Ten Things That Guys Are Attracted To post image

Top ten lists are typically reserved for magazines and late night television but since I've been working on a male attraction triggers report I found this one buried deep and refreshed it up.

They are based on what attracts me beyond a certain look. There's a good chance they will also be found on other guys list too so they might be considered universal traits.

Some of them can be "triggered" which means they might be beyond our "manly" control. This is why they're in the "attraction" list.

Some of them border on preferences meaning they vary in how they affect certain guys and they can change over time and the experiences a guy goes through.

And some of them can easily separate the most sought out women in the world from the women who unfortunately have to work a little harder to get a guy.

If you've ever wondered what really attracts men (in no particular order) then please don't take my top ten list too lightly but also don't think that just because you don't fill the requirement of each one that you can not attract a guy. That would absurd and I've found when it comes to guys all it takes are a few and he's hooked.

Here they are: The Top Ten Things That Guys Are Attracted To

#1 - How she moves her body.

Every woman has a walk. There's the stiff board, the feet pointed out, the manly gait, and the athletic "gonna kick your ass" one. None of which are very attractive.

The opposite is also true. When I see a woman whose hips are working too hard it makes me wonder if she trying to shake something loose down her pants.

Men may not be always consciously aware of how you're moving but it does affect your overall attractiveness.

A light walk with a natural swaying of your hips works the best.

When a man fantasizes about pleasing a woman I'm sure how she moves comes into play and in part how we decide who is "sexy" and who is not.

#2 - Her voice.

Men are very easily stimulated by a woman's voice.

Give us a voice with no picture attached and we'll immediately imagine what she looks like. We might not get it right but it does prove that how she talks is part of what we're attracted to.


#3 - Slightly Reserved or shy.

I'm not sure if it's because she's a challenge or because guys are not easily intimidated by a shy girl. That probably depends on the type of guy.

You can even argue that some men assume if she's shy there's a chance she has not had too many different sexual partners. Lots of us like to believe the woman we're interested in sleeping with is pure.

I have read that shy guys are attracted to outgoing women and outgoing guys are attracted to shy girls... but I don't believe it.

What guy who is always socializing wants to date a woman who only wants to hang out at home.

And what woman who goes out all the time wants to settle for a guy who like to stay home most of the time. I'm sure there are exceptions but...

You have to admit given a choice between the shy librarian or the loud chic in the corner most "real" men who are not just looking for a roll in the hay will find the shy girl far more attractive.

#4 - Laid Back - Easy To Get Along With - "The "cool girl"

Top on any man's list because high maintenance is not attractive.

Men don't like to curtail their opinions or worry about offending someone or feel forced to "tone it down" their attitude just because she might not get a joke or take one too seriously.

The "Cool girl" takes life as it comes and she's not overly emotional about the little things. Every guy loves a woman who is in the present and is a generally accepting person of the world around them.

I believe this whole "cool" thing might come down to one thing - Every guy wants a woman who is easy to get along with -->

What Guy Doesn’t Want A Really Cool Girlfriend?

#5 - Quirky Habits.

Don't flaunt them but don't be afraid of them.

Men absolutely adore women who have just a few. Too many is borderline weird and strange. Too little and she becomes way too perfect.

Men want women who are a little different and I believe these "quirky habits" are very unique to the individual and can easily satisfy the "different" requirement.

Such as:

"It's cute the way she always chews her pens."

"She always has to fold the napkin in quarters before she puts it in her lap."

I once dated a women and the first times we ate together she would not let me see her mouth while she chewed. She would cover it up  with her hand. It was incredibly quirky but also extremely cute. It WAS attractive in a way.

All in all we want our women to be special.

We want to know we've found something in her that the others don't have.

A small quirky habit can separate the "just okay" woman from the "Wow " type easily.

#6 - An inviting smile and a great sense of humor.

Nothing says more to a man than a smiling women. It's say approach me please. It says,

"You want to get to know me??? Get your butt over here and turn this smile into a real knee slapping laughter."

A great smile and a nice laugh is also a great invitation to flirt. It's hard to flirt without smiling and having fun with it.

The right smile can also turn a man on instantly and a great sense of humor is definitely a part of the whole cool thing I mentioned above.

Put them both together and you have a lethal combination lots of men can not ever resist.

#7 - Dynamic eyes.

Believe it or not one of the first thing a guy notices on a woman is her eyes. That is if he's more than into objectifying your body or who he's hanging around with.

Your eyes are also very important to a guy who is into a long-term relationship.

Think of it this way:

  • We're going to stare in your eyes before we kiss.
  • We're going to stare in your eyes when we tell you we love you for the first time.
  • And we're going to stare into your eyes when we say those magic words, "I do."

Sexy gorgeous eyes on a woman can make us squirm in their pants and it's the one piece of you that can easily draw our attention away from your body if you're not too confident in that area.

Why do you think so many shy or low confident guys are afraid to look in your eyes?

For some it's because when you look at us it almost feels like you're reading everything about us. It's also a prelude to something more and some guys don't know how to react to that. They get a little uneasy and unsure about what to do.

They're also a subconscious clue showing us how interested you are in us.

#8 - Shapes and curves.

The small of your back. The slight curves along the sides of your breasts. The smooth transitional shape between your neck, your collar-bone, and then to your shoulder.

Have you ever heard a guy says your ass looks like a perfect apple?

That's because it's the shape that is turning us on.

Also and this is important, curves are attractive no matter what type of a woman's frame they are on.

Your curves represent more than a pretty picture and an easy shape to follow with our fingertips. They give us the ability to enjoy better more comforting sex - easier areas to grab a hold of.

They also represent our instinctual need to find a mate more suitable to bearing children.

The hourglass figure has triggered a mans physical attraction long before any of us were born and I highly doubt that will ever change.

#9 - Self esteem - High Value - Confidence.

No matter how you put it these ARE attractive. Especially to men who have high value in themselves.

Okay sure, physically you might catch our eye but to make us more attracted to you, showing us modestly how confident you are in yourself work wonders on likewise confident men.

Most men have an innate fear of needy woman. (As if you didn't know this.) And just like the over-confident male this comes with a warning about faking or pretending you have it. We see right through it even though some men will settle for something less.

Sure we want to take care of you or be the "man" but this go beyond that.

This is about us knowing when things are not going perfect you won't back down and run for the hills.

This is about us not having to spend every waking minute keeping your esteem high. We don't want the pressure of being the deciding factor on how you feel about yourself.

Yes we can still do those things. After all even the best of us love to boost you up as often as we can.

But we also are attracted to women who stands up for her beliefs, who takes responsibility for her own choices, who is not afraid to risk a little, who is not scared to try something new, and a woman who is not afraid to fail.

Anyone woman who places high value on herself and finds us attractive without any doubt in my mind leaves a lasting impression on our sometime all too fragile ego. 😀

#10 - Her scent or how she smells.

The memory of her scent reminds us constantly of how attracted we are. It also can remind us of how close we may have been. Close enough to kiss or close enough to hold.

Sometimes we'll go on a date and a week later we get in our cars and smell her perfume lingering. We're reminded of a wonderful evening or how much fun we had. Suddenly we're that much more attracted to her.

It amplifies our state of attraction and it heightens our awareness to feel more of our emotions.

On the other side it's actually less attractive for a woman to war too much perfume. It seems the amount used along with its smell can have a powerful effect.

Your scent, like your voice, tells us things which go beyond sight.

I'm not going to end this with any deep insightful thoughts on attracting men. I've probably said too much already. Haha!

I will say there's a lot more going on than meets the eye with guys. It's not just a look or how you dress. There are lots of things place which engage our highest attraction and many other things which make us want to enter a relationship with you.

Each item on this list represents a part of you from your personality, how you move, how you look, and how you handle yourself.

Together they make a complete, extremely attractive "package."

They are all definitely NOT required for us to feel something. Some guys want more. Other guys are attracted to less.

But as far as a top ten on what attracts men... We've covered the basics. 🙂

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  • Lisa

    If a guy has just gone through a divorce usually how long before he’ll start dating again

    • Peter White


      There maybe too many circumstances or situations to consider like how bad the divorce was, if there are children involved, who started to real breakup first, how long they were married, and so on.

      I know it’s the definitive answer you were looking for but breaking up is kind of a muddy situation. Unclear and messy.

      I imagine you wondering about one guy, you want to date, or quite possible are waiting for him to ask you since he just went through a divorce. In those cases, IF you really like him, it’s going to be some time and typically, unless you’re looking to be a “rebound” I’d let him date a few other women first and get it out of his system.

      Your guy friend,


  • marlene

    I have all these things on the list and I still can’t get a date/boyfriend.

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