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If A Guy Loves A Girl Will He Look At Other Women?

in Sexual Desires, Stare and Approach
If A Guy Loves A Girl Will He Look At Other Women? post image

There’s something about the way a woman looks (yes her actual physical appearance) that us guys can rarely resist.

It’s feels like someone has turned a switch inside us. Probably why “they” call it a trigger.

It’s addicting, alluring but most of all it FEELS good.

Attraction seems to have its own agenda and since so many of as men experience it daily, looking at women appeals to our sexual desires. Since “attraction” knows this, it releases hormones which make us want to do it over and over and over…

But besides that… The only way I can explain it is:

Seeing an attractive woman FEELS good. Our eyes are trained to pick them out and our minds are trained to focus.

Doing it requires very little effort and the reward is a somewhat of an addicting sensation which we can do practically achieve everyday whether we are in love or not.

We can even put ourselves in situations where it’s more likely to happen. Such as beaches, parks, a motor vehicle line, supermarkets…

Now maybe this is not something all men do but I’ll share with you something which happened to me last night. Keep in mind, sexually, I’m not sure if I’m normal or above average or perhaps borderline addicted to it all.

Past experiences with women have proven to me I have an overactive sex drive. It hasn’t wrecked my life and the women I’ve come in contact with have supported it but rarely complained about it.

Do you know who Kaley Cuoco is? I’m positive you do…

Well the truth is I don’t find her that physically attractive. Maybe it’s the broad shoulders. Maybe it’s my old television. 🙂

But just last night while I was writing I caught a glimpse of her in the early days of “The Big Bang Theory” and her cleavage popped out at me with something fierce.

I felt a rush come over me and stopped in my tracks to stare at them. Tanned. Beautifully shaped. I tried to imagine what they really looked like. What shape her nipples were. The exact shade and length and then for a brief second I imagined them playfully hanging above me while she was on top.

It didn’t stop there. Her face then became more adorable. More sexy. She turned around to reveal an ass which truly amazed me. Perfectly shaped. Toned but feminine and rather inviting a playful slap.

And remember this is a woman I DON’T find overly attractive. Who knows maybe I’ve grown accustomed to her looks and her slightly younger self became more appealing.

That’s not the point.

The point is my objectification of her body happened without a second thought to who she was. Realizing she was just a blip on my screen played its part and in the everyday world I can and DO exercise better control over my glares.

Still doesn’t change or stop something from happening which FELT great.

She aroused my sexual desires within a fraction of a glimpse and found myself not hours later contemplating getting in touch with an old “friend” to play with.

I believe that is where this whole “loving a girl” comes into the explanation.

Kaley wasn’t real but the sight of her aroused me enough to want to reach out to someone real. Not so I could compare her. Not so I could objectify the friend. Not so I could think about screwing Cuoco while having sex with someone else.

Mostly because looking at women is merely the surface. It’s not real enough.

It quickly turns disappointing and leaves us unfulfilled and searching for someone who is responsive and perfectly attractive in her OWN unique way.

Love, when shared, is something beyond our eyes and many sexual thoughts however it’s not enough to all of a sudden stop us from looking at other women.

We’re still going to do the looking thing.

Some of us control it better than others especially when we’re actually with someone we are truly in love with.

Some guys are terrible at it and have little control and you’ll catch them watching movies with hot girls or staring at the cute cashier and once in a while, IF you look hard enough, you’ll definitely catch them checking the love of their life out.

Let me put it this way…

  • When I’m in love with a woman I may refrain from looking occasionally but only because I want her to know I’m doing it because I DO love her.
  • When I’m in love I’m actually more apt to objectify another woman’s body because by doing so, assure the women I’m with is ALWAYS held with higher respect than just HER body.

Even if the look of a certain attractive woman engages my sexual desires it’s typically superficial and doesn’t last…

Leaving us to search for the people who are more than just a hot flash in our pants.

Guys in love will look at other woman. The longer the relationship, the more likely it’s going to happen.

But unless the actions of that guy (agreed role-playing aside) like chasing, cheating, talking about it too much, a constant battle for attention, demeaning your looks verbally, and so on… prove his desire to look is something more then there’s not much to worry about.

You just have a sexually intuitive man who is enjoying an integral part of his masculinity with something that for a moment, feels good, and is instinctively designed as a part of what attracted him to you in the first place.

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