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Why Some Women Have Many Admirers and Why Guys Fall For Them So Easily

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Why Some Women Have Many Admirers and Why Guys Fall For Them So Easily post image

Some women have what is known as sex appeal. The way they look,  how they walk, the way they sometimes flirt… it’s never one thing which gets her the attention. It’s a little of everything.

Now there are women who “pretend” to like every guy they meet. I don’t think it’s (mostly) done on purpose. These women will tend to get a little more attention than the women who makes every guy work for something even if he doesn’t want it.

They are typically better than average in the looks department but they don’t have to be amazingly beautiful. In fact if they’re too “hot” they could easily scare enough guys away to just “leering in the background” rather than becoming a real admirer.

These women also connect with each guy very personally making it easy for him to fall for her.

They are great readers of what a guy is looking for and they (knowingly or not) play into each one making him feel special or different in a good way.

They tend to ask a lot of personal questions about him and appear genuinely interested. Rarely do they talk non-stop about themselves although I’m sure they will answer his questions if he’s so inclined to ask.

Most “real guys” prefer a challenge, right?. They desire a woman who makes him work for her a little. He’d rather work his ass off getting one special woman than settle for a few women who are “too easy” for him to get. ( Up to and including sex.)

We all might assume then these women (with so many admirers) are not being a challenge because they’re giving so many guys that special attention I mentioned above but there’s a difference between being “easy to talk to or get along with” and being anywhere from an easy lay to a quick girlfriend kind of woman.

This means men fall for these women very easily because of a few important reasons:

  • They connect with him very personally.
  • They seem to get him or understand him.
  • They make him feel special or unique.
  • They listen just as much as they talk.
  • They ask personal questions but never push for an answer.
  • They don’t assume he has a stereotype.

(And I’m sure there’s much more…)

These men also fall very easily for these women because they DO represent a challenge beyond just being social:

  • They flaunt their sexuality very carefully. Sometimes making it appear to him that she only does that for him.
  • Their walk is carefree yet determined. Sexual but not with the sole purpose of just turning a guy on.
  • They challenge him mentally but they have a goal. They have a direction which is not necessarily centered around men.
  • They in no way “act” hard to get. They accept certain guidelines in their lives and accept only the men who are NOT interested in only proving to them they above her guidelines.

I think the important thing to remember from all of this is that these women connect with guys on a personal level which makes them feel special.

Once that happens they challenge him in ways which go beyond the pursuit of her. They then challenge him to be better. It’s never enough to get guys to chase or admire you. You have to energize his self-improvement trigger.

All of what I’ve brought up today will eventually lead to an obvious list of what is more commonly known as “Male Attraction Triggers” and boy do we have a ton of them.  Some create instant attraction. Some create a longer desire to love and want to commit. Some will only have him begging for sex and nothing more.

With the right blend I do feel ANY woman can grow her list of admirers very easily.

When you add strength, a modest self-esteem, and the confidence to back up the value you truly believe in yourself you’ll eventually find so many admirers you’re left with a new set of unique problems.

Like making the right choice and of course better time management skills. 🙂 Which I’ve found are much easier issues to deal with after.

Before I leave this all open for discussion let me clear up something:

Yes – sex appeal is VERY important. Triggering his initial attraction is how it usually starts.

But there’s another stage of a man’s attraction which is important if you want admirers (or guys chasing you I suppose 🙂 ) and you’ll find the glimpse of how it’s done above.

That is where you’ll find guys stick around longer, seek you out, open up easier, and want more than just a warm body to get close to.


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