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Why Do Men (and women) Flirt? Does it Have Anything To Do With Love?

Why Do Men (and women) Flirt? Does it Have Anything To Do With Love? post image

HI 🙂

I did feel so much better after listening to your answer on why guys watch girls have sex even if they're happily married.

Thanks alot 😀

My next question is why do guys want to flirt and why is this so much important for them that they can even fall in love with the girl who was flirting with him. Is it to do with sexual feelings too?? whenever i asked my husband what's more important for you to fall in love with a girl, he said if she's just flirting and doing nothing else, i could easily loved her for her ways whatever kind of person she was...kindly answer me..

You're welcome. I'm glad it helped.

I flirt because it's fun and the sexual edge to it gives it a special charm. But you already knew that. After all, we are very sensual animals...grrr! So there must be something more going on.

Personally I don't think love has anything to do with it. Regardless of the relationship a man and women can flirt indefinitely.

Here's I see it...

When a woman flirts and I flirt back, no matter what the circumstance is we're communicating two things:

1. We have the mental capacity to understand and communicate an unspoken bond which requires "coy" intelligence to pull off.

So in a weird way, we're showing off our skills. On a stranger level we're "testing" someone else's skills to keep up.

After all, that's the game, right? We play flirt back and forth like some primal battle of sexual wit.

Except we're not looking to win, we all mostly want to enjoy the battle.

2. We're validating a possibility. In other words we want to be liked (in a way.)

Take for example a married couple who, while out on their own, flirt from time to time with someone besides their partner.

We all must admit it feels good to know if circumstances were different, we are capable of creating chemistry and attraction.

I don't believe the importance of flirting transcends our sexual preferences.

Both sexes have a need to flirt and if this need goes unfulfilled our ability to communicate is affected.

Sexual chemistry is an internal emotion which when left un-shared can all too easily make us feel lonely and unwanted.

We can feel less connected to the primal world around us.

Now I've been known to flirt with 70 year old women and thanks to my borderline narcissistic ways, Haha! have been know to flirt with a few gay guys. And I don't go for dudes.

This is because flirting is a mostly human connection on a level which transcends society, age, and circumstance.

From our first moment of sexual discovery we're carefully honing our ability to flirt.

For some it goes well. Some lose their way. Some fear it because of jealousy and the belief it has to go somewhere. Some even use it exclusively to get something from someone else cheaper.

However the skill grows up - or how it is used - this subtle form of communication plays a big part in how we connect with the world around us.

Why do guys flirt?

Social communication. A display of wit and charm.

Showing off our very sexual brain skill-set we've cultivated and when left unused - becomes just another private mostly perverted thought process.

However when shared with any woman willing to play along - becomes an experience of heightened awareness and connection. From perversion to commonality helping us feel - normal? 😉

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  • saira

    Thanks for your wonderful reply 🙂 u told me to remind u to tell everything about flirting.

    • Peter White

      That I did and I appreciate the reminder Saira. I’ll set my “flirting” alarm for sometime in the near future.
      Most welcome,

    • Ms. Kim A. Domangue

      A good article and very well thought about and researched before writing about it Mr. Peter White. This article makes complete sense about why men flirt.

  • Shade

    Thanks for your share!! Great read and not just for guys….I am female and found that your article hits the nail on the head in terms of explaining my motives behind flirting.

    • Peter White

      You’re welcome Shade and thank you for sharing.

  • Joseph

    Is there like a pepper spray or some curse spell that stops flirting.

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