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What Would Cause Mr Business to Flirt and Act Different Outside of Work

What Would Cause Mr Business to Flirt and Act Different Outside of Work post image

Hi Peter,

I have a co-worker who have flirted with me when we were hanging out with fellow co-workers outside if work. He is very different at work, all business, so I was a little taken aback because he barely talked to me at work. He would crack jokes with me and tries to get close to me outside of work. Then the next time I saw him at work, he would barely look at me and wouldn’t really speak to me. I am a little confused.

I thought he liked me so I even tried emailing him about some business-related stuff in hope of starting a conversation but he really didn’t respond. What’s going on?

I love the way you emailed him all "business like" hoping he'd start a conversation.

Clever. 🙂

He probably IS attracted to you. I'm sure you're a great judge on whether a guy is interested in you or not.


Some people go in "work" mode at their jobs.

It's an escape from their private lives. It gives them a chance to "show off" what they really good at. If in fact they are.

Men are incredibly good at focusing on one thing and ( for good or bad ) it allows them to switch on and off between being serious and being the life of the party.

We ( most of us I suppose ) don't get easily overwhelmed because we're able to switch off or "tune out" our emotions.

We have brought it with us since the time we were hunters where being able to focus on one thing is very important to survival. We narrow down our view and sometimes coordinate our attack with other men.

Consider nowadays we get to show off this amazing ability through our job. When we're hunting for a living by making money of course.

This would explain his ability to turn it on and off AND it would also explain why he focused on having fun outside of work.

Now when you emailed him you could have reminded him of what he did outside of work. He didn't contact you back because he knew what you were doing and didn't want to face having to cross the work/personal boundaries he probably has set up.

OR he glazed it over, didn't find it important to HIS job duties and focused on something more pressing.

Either way you look at... I'd say:

Some men won't cross the work/personal boundary BUT will still be themselves outside of work. It doesn't mean anything more than, "sure he might be attracted to you but is not willing to let it go any further."

With our ability to block out certain things and focus on one thing sort of makes keeping these boundaries in place despite what out "outside" self may have done.

One more possibility which comes to mind is: Alcohol.

I'm not sure if it was present but you have to admit some guys tend to really open up when they're drinking. Just like it does to you - it lowers our inhibition and without it, we can easily seclude ourselves at work and barely notice anything else.

Also if alcohol was the cause of him opening up - He's actually feel guilty at work and would certainly avoid you after IF he though he crossed a line with you.

After you ARE a co-worker and dating a co-worker is normally not advised.

So what was it - alcohol - just a guy having a good time outside of work - a guilty feeling of flirting with a co-worker - a completely focused guy at work who doesn't seem to notice the women around him?

All are probable.

In my opinion... if you were to ask me...

I'd put yourself in the exact position you were in when he flirted with you ( maybe get him a little tipsy Haha! ) and ask him why he's so serious at work and fun on the side and how he finds it so easy to separate the two.

That could make for an interesting conversation when done right.

If it's true - tell him how you find it difficult to separate the two and you're curious as to how he does it.

I'm not saying all men like to talk about their job but when you find one who thinks he's great at what he does, being curious about it and letting him "brag a little" might get him to open up a little more.

Hope that didn't add to your confusion but gives you enough insight to understand and figure out why "Mister All Business" at work might be a little too friendly while socializing.

All the best to you.


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  • Confused

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer. I learned a lot from reading through your response.

    One thing I forgot to mention: alcohol was involved. I don’t know if he was drunk but he was definitely pretty buzzed. I have heard from other co-workers who know him that he acts very differently outside of work and is a lot of fun. At work, he is very quiet, all-business, hardly talk to others. Outside of work, he is loud, very funny and very chatty. I enjoyed talking to him and laughing at his stories. This time when we were hanging out, I’ve noticed him staring, doing silly things around me and teasing me in a semi-sexual way. I think he might have felt self-conscious and guilty afterwards like you said and tried to act indifferently at work. Since then, I’m glad to say, he has been more friendly and we have been talking at work. However, I think that we both are very career minded people and although there is attraction, we will probably never go there. Anyway, thank you for sharing your insight, keep up the good work!

    • You’re welcome Miss Confused. Glad you learned something from it.

      Work adds a whole new dynamic to attraction and sometimes, it’s not a good thing.

      Whatever you both choose, hope it’s for the best.


  • Joni

    So there is this guy in my life. I’m in college and so is he. I met him in tutoring, and from the very beginning I thought he liked me. I saw it in his eyes. And at first I didnt like him but ended up having feelings for him. Then, I started texting him, he said he liked my friend but I didn’t take it seriously because I thought he was trying to make me jealous. In fact I joked around that I liked someone else too, and he replied back saying oh shoot! He gave me the wrong signals. Once he found out that my friend had a boyfriend, he talked to me but as days went he stopped texting. He would talk in tutoring at times I felt as if he was annoyed with me. This one time I joked around and said that I found this guy hot and he looked up at me and I saw anger in his face. So, he kept on being rude about it so I decided to make the first move I told him that I liked him. He said he didn’t felt the same. The following day he told me it’s better if we don’t text anymore. He left me devastated and I decided to ignore him. He got annoyed yet again but I didn’t bother talking. I’m just annoyed because he made it look like he had feelings but actually didn’t.

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