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Is There A Hidden Meaning To Why He Gave You A Gift?

Guy Giving Gift Meaning

“Hi Pete… I have a question. Do guys give girls gifts or anything, just because or is there hidden meaning behind what they give us women?

Thank you. Tara”

Hi Tara, I had this type of discussion with a guy a few days ago.

HE believed “gift giving” was a “romantic gesture” which was okay to do (early on) and how it showed the woman he believed she was special.

Or in the very at least…

How was he was willing to go the extra mile just for her.

If you listen to him – then yes, there is a meaning to his gesture and in his case, he’s hoping it’s not hidden. He’s interested in you.

He’s hoping you’ll actually like him more by doing it.

Of course – I argued with him,

“It only tells a woman you believe YOU’RE NOT good enough for her. How you have to buy her love. How you have to prove to her you’d make a great provider. AND you’re kind of telling some women – she’s the type of person who expect gifts and therefore can only fall for a guy who can afford to lavish gifts.”

I don’t think I made him see my side because he kept saying it was okay and how he’s the type of guy who likes to do those things and how he doesn’t see anything wrong with showing a woman he cares for her in that way.

In all honestly, he doesn’t truly understand what attracts a woman to a guy and how it has little to do with any physical gifts he gives her.

He’s trying to increase YOUR attraction to him by giving or buying you a gift.

If you felt nothing to begin with, it becomes creepy and you respect him less.

It cheapens the experience.

If you felt a little for him then it feels more sincere but becomes just a sweet gesture.

Underneath you were probably wishing he could naturally make you feel more for him through his actions and words.

If you’ve already loved him and he knows you so well, then he “finds” something just for you… of course THAT gift would mean or represent everything to you.

That is how I see it all.

When it’s a symbol of your love you already share, a sweet something to remember, an encouragement to make you laugh smile or reach out and grab us – then yes… “Just because” seems to work great and I wouldn’t expect an ulterior motive.

When it’s a plea for your heart – an attempt to raise your attraction – a blatant attempt to prove his worth over another guy – then yes… the meaning is not so hidden.

When it comes from a guy who tends to give more than he accepts and although it may be a little selfish, it’s just who he is… it’s hard to tell if THAT gift means more than the gift he gave to someone else.

In THAT case I’d assume it means nothing sexual – since all his friends receive something from him too.

Your question reminded me of an article in the “man archives” at DiaLteG TM.

It’s not written by me but by this man – Carlos Cavallo, under his “other” name of course.

He’s well-known for his amazing offer among many other:

How To Read His Signals, which you can pick up there for a dirt-cheap price of course.

You’ll find the article below gives some great solid advice to guys on the rules of gift-giving so we don’t go and mess up with you.

Here’s a quote from it.

Gifts early on should be geared toward enhancing the experience of your time together, not to impress a woman.

Hold off on the flowers and the candy until you’ve built up some genuine rapport and interest from her, then your gifts will be appreciated.

What Kind of Gifts Do You Give Women? No Exception Of Return

Although it is designed for guys it might help you decipher why a guy might be giving you a gift based on your current relationship with him.

Even from a guy you’re dating or thinking about dating.

Honestly I would mostly and safely assume…

A gift from a guy when you’re both single means he’s trying to court you, convince you to date him, and wants to show you how special he thinks you are.

If he does it too early, unless it’s a social thing, he probably doesn’t believe he can attract you without it AND he’s hoping you’ll get the hint.

If he does it in a relationship AND is not lamely making up for a mistake, it’s probably meant to be  symbol of his love for you.

I’d say in the generalized world – a gift ALWAYS means something and it can tell you a lot about the person giving it.

Thanks for the gift of your great question and I do hope this has helped you.

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  • Naila

    So the guy that I like has a girlfriend. He never brings her up. He recently gave me a key chain of a character from a TV show that we both like. It was a random gift. Does receiving a gift necessarily mean anything?

    • Peter White

      Yes, aside from the countless reasons or excuses the guy might use for giving the gift – it would be considered cheating on his girlfriend by the girlfriend and quite possibly lots of other people too.

  • meadows

    We been in a relationship for a year and some months. My Christmas gifts was a Snuggie, a deck of old Chicago cards, a stability ball and a necklace. What is tells me? And should I tell him I don’t like the gifts

  • meadows

    What is he telling me?

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