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How You Can Get Men To Fall For You Easily & Get Lots Of Male Admirers

Woman Many Men Admiring Her

Have you ever noticed that some women - just have it? When it comes to guys it's like they don't even try that hard but something about her makes them want to be with her, talk to her, get to know her better, and they very quickly become one of her many "admirers".

You're about to learn what makes men fall for her so easily. You won't be getting ALL my secrets but you'll certainly find out what separates them from other ladies, why, and how they do it either naturally or through a defined purpose.

I'll begin by getting this out of the way...

Physical attractiveness is already a well-known way to draw men in. It's however NOT a guarantee of a relationship with the one of your choice. You can not expect to attract a man physically and have it go somewhere you want which is actually a good thing because...

You do NOT have to be the model type with a perfect body to have many men admirers.

It CAN help bring them to you but it does not determine the type or qualities of the man. Your looks will only get you so far.

Sex appeal however IS important because in most relationships SEX is an important. It's a way of sharing intimacy, enjoying a physical bond, and opening up to each other in ways that go beyond family and friends.

Sex appeal is about how you walk, how you hold yourself, how you flirt, and just like it says - how you appeal to a man's sexual desires but it goes a little deeper and I believe if you follow along in the next section - you'll be well on your way to becoming a sexy woman - regardless of your attractiveness but certainly related to your appearance.

Aside from your walk, your appearance (not looks), how much you flirt, there are many ways to become sexually appealing to men - especially in a way which makes them want to do more than just sleep with you.

This is HOW it's done:

Notice how some women "pretend" to like or actually are interested in every guy they meet.

Well it doesn't have to be done purpose to get your fair share of attention, genuine interest and actually liking them helps BUT it's not even necessary for it to work. Seriously - it's not.

If you're in the habit of making guys work way too hard for your attention - or if you act as if you don't even like them - your admirers will be far and few in between.

Sure - men like a challenge - they do need to be encouraged to be pursue you - but this is not the best way to get that part done.

When you meet a guy - quickly find something you DO like about them and go from there. Admit that most people are not bad - everybody does something good, everybody has a few great qualities - find out what they are quickly and use it.

Use it to...

Connect with men on a very personal level.

This part makes it VERY easy for guys to fall for you.

Become a great reader of what a guy is looking for and play into each one so a guy feels special in a different but good way.

Ask lots of personal questions about him - show a deeper interest in his life, his passions, his goals, what he wants out of life, but please do so in fun flirty kind of way.

Don't just talk about yourself even if he's asking it. Think and say,

"What about YOU?"

I know - again it sounds like I'm asking you to not challenge a guy and it's true - for a man to fully appreciate a woman and value her - he WANTS to work for her - he's not looking for an easy lay to settle down with - he doesn't want an EASY woman...

BUT there are many ways to challenge a guy and the one area you do NOT want to have it happen is covered above:

Men fall easily for woman who make it EASY for him to talk to her and get along with AND who show INTEREST in him. (Hopefully the genuine sort.)

Next up...

Make the men you interact with FEEL like you GET them - that you UNDERSTAND them.

Once you show some interest - once you find something (anything) you like about a guy - once you begin to connect with him on a personal level...

Start ACTING like you (unlike the women in his past or present) GET him - that you UNDERSTAND him - in a very unique way that those other women always seem to miss about him.

Nothing can attract a man easier than by making him feel respected by and making him feel special.

If "respect" wasn't such a big deal to men - this "What Men Secretly Want - The Respect Principle Video Link" would not have been sold to so many women who used it on men and got results.

How you're in tune with his uniqueness - how you believe he's not just some stereotypical guy - and when you don't understand something about him or the why - you ASK him to help you see what he sees so you can both connect with each other on a deeper more binding level.

Keep in mind most men don't get women - they're what I call type two guys - and they know this fact about themselves. I reveal something very important as it relates to what you're reading today on how to make it all happen (guys falling for you) by assuring this one thing happens inside their heart.

If you want that secret - sign in and go to page 29 where it's revealed in "Understanding Men Made Simple". Once you know you'll know exactly how to make ANY man feel like you understand him.

Next up....

Do NOT act "hard to get" --- BE HARD TO GET as it relates to HIM going to the next step with you.

Now that you've given a little...

You're actually showing interest and liking something about the guy...

You're connecting with him a personal level that goes beyond surface talk and mundane boring subjects a guy doesn't like to talk about anyways... (with a woman)...

You're showing him you think he's special and unique - you get him - you understand him - you're not just treating him like a "standard" template of a guy... things always lead to, "What about YOU?"...

Avoid all the acting - avoid all the game playing - don't follow the rules - make your own set of rules...

And just BE hard to get and you will challenge him the right amount and in the right way that goes beyond just another sexual conquest.

I know, you're asking HOW is that done?

Well that answer I've found can be a little complicated and you'll hear lots of great advice on it too which do work as in:

  • Looking after yourself.
  • Having yourself to rely on.
  • Living your life or "getting" a life outside of men.
  • Acting like you don't need him but you want him.
  • Don’t let him have “ALL” of you.
  • Inspiring him to action.
  • Pulling back when needed.
  • Letting him do his thing.
  • Unpredictability as in being playful, and creating intrigue.
  • Having an attitude that rejects certain behaviors.
  • NOT Betting your love life on his potential.
  • Create the right amount of space.
  • Letting him chase you the right way.

Those were ALL borrowed from some great articles which you'll find the authors and links below on the credit section. I could've included more but I didn't because...

Do you want the simplest and easiest way to CHALLENGE a man forever and always?

Doing this will assure everything covered in this post today works as planned for you...

Learn to LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally!

I'm totally serious because when you do that and CAN find a way to maintain this love of yourself:

  • You will NEVER accept anything less from someone else.
  • You will INSPIRE a love of a man towards you.
  • You will only accept or fall for men who will feel the same love you feel for yourself.
  • You will won't treat yourself in any way undeserving -  making it difficult for others to do the same to you.

Since I'm not a complete expert in this field the quote below sums it up in a much better way:

"Loving yourself means you don’t hide who you really are. You share your feelings – even the messy ones – and own up the truth of your life and your mistakes.

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, because you know the only opinion that matters about your self-worth is your own.

You don’t accept bad treatment, or social pressure, or feel compelled to do things you don’t want to do just because you are “supposed to.”

You can fully accept and enjoy being loved by someone else. You aren’t doubtful of their feelings. You never worry if their love will end, or if you aren’t good enough, or unworthy.

You aren’t afraid of getting hurt. You don’t push love away, or run away, or subconsciously create reasons why your relationship will let you down."

From Hearts In Harmony - Learning To Love Yourself

When you can do that TRUST you will challenge ANY great man you meet - no games or tricks needed.

Time for the quick wrap up...

Having lots of men admirers and getting men to fall for you easily is NOT about your physical attractiveness and using that alone is no guarantee you will attract a relationship or a life-long partner.

Sure having sex appeal certainly helps and that can be done through your appearance (not your attractiveness), how you move, and how you flirt with guys. Sex IS part of the puzzle but being sexy to guys is NEVER just about how attractive you are and if you look closely - you'll find lots of non-model type women that HAVE IT and use it to their advantage in creating options for themselves.

To increase your options AND your sex appeal do these things with the men you meet:

Become (hopefully) genuinely interested in him. You can fake it if you want but it's best just to find something you like about him and go with that for now.

Connect with him on a very personal level. Learn how to read men and what they're looking for in a woman.

Don't just talk about yourself or even expect him to ask about you - make sure you always finish or start with, "What about YOU?"

Men fall easily for woman who make it EASY for him to talk to her and get along with AND who show INTEREST in him.

Let him see and believe that you GET him and UNDERSTAND him. Treat him like he's a unique guy and that's he different than all the rest - most men are - you just have to look for it and you'll see it. (Especially if you follow the last few because it becomes much easier.

Do NOT treat him like a "standard" man and he will treat YOU like you're better than all the rest - he WILL reciprocate the same towards you.

Once again - remember MOST of the time you'll be interacting with type two guys so learn my clever technique on page 29 in my book you can have free just by signing up below.

All that above will still assure you're a challenge and will inspire him to act IF you work on the last one the best you can:

Learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally.

I've seen lots of women fake everything that was covered - except the last one - loving yourself AND it worked for them. Most men don't even care that she's fawning her interest because at least she's trying and she's not trying to use her body to get him.

BUT you don't have to fake it.

You can make this a wonderful part of yourself. It's simply a wonderful way to connect with men on a level which is unique, different, inviting, inspiring, and when you put it all together...

Makes you a VERY SEXY woman and WILL get you lots of male admirers and more.

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About the author: Understanding men does not have to be complicated anymore and I can show yow how… There are only two types of guys and if you don’t know which one he is, you could misinterpret everything he says or does as it relates to you. Your new guy friend, Peter White – Understanding Men Made Simple.

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10 comments… add one
  • Tierrah Valverde

    I feel like maybe being someone easy for a man to fall I love with can be a bad thing at time how do you change things so that not every guy u talk to (relationship and friend wise) falls in love with you but without changing your self as in lose your true self in the process

    • Peter White

      Why would you change yourself for others? Why would you risk losing your identity for it? There are always better ways to get something done without having to resort to changing yourself IF you truly feel you’re a good person and you only want to change something about yourself FOR yourself and not for the sake of others.

      The ONE piece of advice I can give you (okay two pieces now that I’m thinking about it:

      1. Get yourself in a position to immediately help other women who struggle getting guys to love them. If you have a natural gift, share it with others. It will help you and them at the same time.

      2. Set aside more alone time for yourself. Not a lot. But just enough to gather your thoughts. You’ll spend a little less time around others, you’ll feel better, and you’ll not find yourself as often in a position where those friends or whomever will fall for you. I’m not saying to isolate yourself. Don’t go all dark on the world. Just give a little more YOU time. Write a book. Meditate. Play a game on your phone. Clean the house more unless you already do that enough. Don’t feel you ever have to be everywhere for everyone.

      All the best,

  • rashida begum

    Amazing article and comments… wow…opened up my eyes.. thankyou so much. xxx

  • julie

    help! i have been chased by so many boys and i am a kid. and one of my friends were even crazy in love with me!

  • Sarah

    What if you are a happily married woman who is unwillingly attracting other married men or guys who are friends of your husband? The ring isn’t working. The kids aren’t working. I don’t want to be a bitch. I’m a friendly, caring, empathetic person who values male and female friendships and points of view. I don’t want to change who I am, and I really resent the fact that platonic relationships seem so difficult 🙁

    • Peter White


      Attracting men accidentally or unwillingly is going to happen. I wouldn’t let it get to you. Remain faithful and in control and understand it does take two to cheat. So if you’re not straying or cheating on your husband, then attracting men is just something that happens.

      My advice in these situations is always to be upfront and honest with your partner. Bring it up to him when it’s appropriate. His opinion of feelings on this subject is important. He can also help you work through it so you’re not letting it all build up inside you. You’d be surprised how open and honest communication (around the time it is happening) can actually help both of you grow and become a stronger couple.

      Work WITH him because remember, these situations affect both of you and your children too. There’s no reason why you should leave it to yourself to figure out a solution.

      One more thing, start searching for other happily married couples to do things with. Befriend those types of people to relieve yourself from being hit on all the time. Couples do better with other couples for this reason and more. Seek them out. Tell your husband what you’re doing and how you want him to do it too.

      Never be afraid to “unfriend” men or single men in your life who just don’t get that you’re a married woman. You are NOT being a bitch. You’re being a faithful wife who respects and loves her family. A bitch would flaunt her boobs and body around single men knowingly, leads them on, flirts with them, an then when they get all hot for her – pulls away smugly claiming, “Hey I’m married. Hands off.” That’s a real bitch. 🙂

      I think you can see the difference. 🙂

      Best to you,

  • Joy

    Wow! I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that practically every guy I talk to ends up chasing after me, even after I make it clear that I’m not looking for a relationship. At any given time I have 2-6 guys showing interest (that I know of) and after reading this, I realized that I do adapt to each person unconsciously in order to relate on a personal level. I can be quiet and philosophical, I can be nerdy, I can be outdoorsy, or I can be really funny. This makes a whole lot more sense. My question is, how do I make it stop? Or at least go down to 1-2 not 2-6?

    • Peter White

      Hey Joy.

      This is what I see and how guys respond: You’re not looking for a relationship? What’s your number? Are you busy tomorrow? 😉

      So I’d be careful about telling guys who are interested in you that type of information.

      Obviously I can’t ask you to dress down, look worse, or to stop being so awesome to guys. Meaning guys love nerdy quiet girls who can be outdoorsy and who have a real sense of humor. I also can’t ask you to stop adapting to people or seeing their point of view because I’m positive you’ll miss it and find life boring afterwards AND will probably end up with a guy you don’t get.

      This leaves us with the first part – not looking for a relationship. Guys tend to flock to women like this. They see less drama, easier casual sex, no strings attached, and even a potential “FWB”. They’ll be more likely to chase you knowing that information. I just wouldn’t go that route when you’re trying to repel certain guys. Perhaps you could try the opposite with them.

      There are also a few not-so-nice ways to get some of them off your back. Talk more about other guys you might be seeing. Talk more about what you want from a guy and what type of guys really turn you on. Either one tends to push the no-so confident men away. Talk about how picky you are with guys and how you tend to go for the bad boys. Troubled as it sounds, guys hate that and tend to despise women for it.

      Overall – you’re looking for a natural long-term love with a guy who is everything you’ve ever wanted. 🙂

      I don’t think you can make it all stop and since you’re not looking for them all to stop – just again – weed out the guys who are not willing to go the extra mile with you. Let them down by making yourself a huge challenge. Someone they couldn’t possibly have. Men are competitive in sports and such with other guys but they absolutely hate competing with other guys over a woman. Especially over one who appears she can have any guy at any time.

      In the worst scenario you can do what my ex-girlfriend used to do – wear a wedding band and show it off casually. 🙂

      Let me know how it goes for you and don’t forget to leave your number. Hahaha!!!

      All the best Joy,


      • Crystal


        You’re great!!
        I really like this and all of your comments!!!
        Thank you ❤

        • Peter White

          Thank you Crystal. 🙂

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