How To Create Text Messages That Make Him Want You & Get His Interest

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Your phone is a dangerous device. You can use it for good or bad. You can use to push a man away OR to draw him closer.

Today's post is about bring him closer to you by using a not so well-know secret advertisers and influences use to grab your attention and keep it.

Here's the NUMBER ONE question I've heard from women over the last ten years,

"WHY won't he text me back and HOW do I get him to reply to my messages?"

I hear you - NOTHING feels worse than when a guy can not even respond to "Hey, what's up?" or "How's it going?" or "Hope you're doing good?"

You would think a simple reply would be easy but somehow you're still stuck staring at a "read" message and no response or worse - one word or two with no meaning at all.

I'm going to tell you the truth about all this so you're never left guessing again.

You might not like it all because it can sting a little BUT then I'll get into my little secrets on how to get a guy to send a message back quickly, what it means if he doesn't, and how to make sure he starts chasing you because:

The BAD news:

If you're somewhat close to a guy - maybe you're dating on and off - sometimes you message back and forth a lot - sometimes he acts into you - other times he's hot and cold BUT he's not getting back to you as often as you'd like or as often as he used to...

The simple direct meaning is:

He's just not THAT interested in you OR he's a lot busier than you are OR you've allowed your life to revolve around his MORE than his - which means you are into him way more than he is into you.

Yes - I know, it hurts.

We've all been rejected (subtly or not) in our lives and it's a tough thing to admit when it's time to walk away and move on to someone else BUT...

Listen - I'm a guy. I've been on BOTH sides from many angles. I've been terrible with women, rejected more times than most would care to admit, I learned how to fix that quite nicely AND...

I've also rejected lots of women in my life and ignored their constant stream of texting or phone calls too.

ANY woman I was totally into, I might have not responded immediately to her yet she ALWAYS got a fun clever REAL message back because I didn't want to throw what I had all away...

I wanted MORE with her and no phone was EVER going to ruin that for me which meant I was doing anything and everything to make IT happen between her and me.

IF I was ignoring your messages - IT just wasn't happening OR you pushed me away and destroyed the connection I felt we had before.

For those who are interested in "If it was you" or IF it was him" and you're looking for practically EVERY reason why he's gone silent (including very specific heart retching reason) then I suggest you read my Kindle book you can get from amazon right here:

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Membership: Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse or Won’t Share Their Feelings

Now that we've got that out of the way...

The GOOD news!

If some guy's texting habits are not what they used to be, if you're not getting what you were getting before, if his messages are NOW far and few between the simple answer above might fit BUT...

It does NOT have to be that way.

You CAN engage him more. You CAN peak his interest. You CAN quite literally drive his attraction up by just using your phone and I know this because:

Guys are SUCKERS when it comes to a woman being INTO them and making them work just a little for YOUR attention; and not the other way around.

Here's a little secret I learned some time ago from Eben Pagan (his pen name at the time was David DeAngelo) on getting someone to want something and within it contains the secret to ALL your man-texting problems and more too.

How do you make or get someone to want something:

  • Tell them they can't have it.
  • Give Value to it.
  • Make it scarce.
  • Connect it to something they want.
  • Make it beneficial.
  • Make them work for it.
  • Prove other people want it.
  • Make it a challenge.

Something from that list MUST be contained within your texts to him.

The REAL MAGIC happens when you can do it indirectly.

Then sit back, relax, and watch how his messages back to you change for the better.

WARNING: I'll be honest, naked pictures DO work but take it from a guy who literally got sent hundreds of them that they will only get you so far AND I can not tell you how many times I blew off some naked ass because I KNEW what she was up to - I KNEW what she was doing - I KNEW that she was using it just to get me to talk to her so...

NO dirty or even seductive pictures UNLESS you're already in a committed relationship with him then by all means - let the nudity fly.

I never understood this concept and or even why I did it sometimes myself - RELATIONSHIPS NEED the nudity, two people dating should NOT send this type of stuff... ever. You got a husband - go ahead and send them as frequent as possible as long as he's not an idiot who would accidentally share them.

Trust that men love your body in its perfect form and if that's a problem for you then please read this:

You Say “Flawed”, He Says “Sexy” What Men Really Think About Your Body

Okay - I went off on a tangent there, it happens. I'm sure that needed to said more to men than women but all the basic must be covered.

Think about the list above and what "content" should be contained in your messages to a man IF you want to get him to respond, attract him, bring him back, or even find out just how interested he is in you AND if he's looking for something more than just casual.


Think about the messages you DO send him and are they really that enticing?

DO you think sending, "Hey, What's Up" or "How have you been?" is all that personal or engaging?

Isn't that what you say to someone when you're walking by them as you're just being nice?

"Hey - How are you doing?"

AND you don't even want them to tell you the truth. You don' even want anything more than, "Good. And you?" so you can both get on with your day, right?

SO... from now on, NO more of that ... ever!

Let's start from the beginning.

I'll give you some examples and YOUR job is to take it from there. I'm NOT your texting coach.

I'm your TEACHER who is going to show you HOW to do it yourself so you don't need my sarcastic ass anymore... aside from sending me lots of money and praise because honestly, I can NOT get into enough of that... ever.

If you're looking tons of texts to send which spark a romance and draw any guy in then you definitely must watch this:

Text The Romance Back - How To Turn Him Into YOUR Prince Charming By Just Pushing A Few Buttons On Your Phone

Now... let's go through the list.

How to Get Him To Reply To Your Text Messages Quicker.

Tell HIM he can't have it.

"Busy day today - I feel like I should start making appointments for my friends so I can get some ME time. :)"

"Stop looking at your phone - I'll text you soon... promise. :)"

I wouldn't do this directly although "sexually" it can work but it will quickly lose its effect and that is making him want to get back to you rather than just ignoring your message or putting you on hold.

The concept is well-known:

Tell someone they can't have something and they want it even more.

The key to making work for you is to to do it indirectly by making your time valuable. By staying busy in your life and NOT letting him enjoy all the details.

Give Value to YOURSELF.

"If I had a million dollars..."

Anyone with a perceived or real high value will always be in demand for many reasons.

Others give you value when they have to work for you.

The same applies to buying something. You'll value anything much more IF you have to work very hard to save the money for it.

When it's just given to you (aside from a close romantic tie) you won't value it as much.

The idea is simple:

Your messages should paint yourself as being valuable to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Doing it indirectly works best so stay away from just telling him how great you are. It does require a little imagination but give it a try and I think you'll find it gets much easier and more effective.

Make YOURSELF scarce.

"Sorry I can not come to the phone right now - I'm pretending to text someone so this creepy guy will leave me alone. Bwahahah!!!"

"Going on an amazing hike... talk to you soon."

You don't have to MAKE yourself appear unavailable IF you're actually already are making this one is a breeze to pull off.

Focus on yourself, your life, your passions, your dreams, and casually talk about them to him.

Connect YOURSELF to something HE would want.

"I love Margaritas - my FAVORITE drink. Reminds me of... Uh yeah, never mind. 🙂 "

Guys (like everyone) always wants something and when that something is shared between two people, it's a great opportunity to connect to each other AND a great opportunity to make him WANT you more too WHEN it's connected to you.

Make YOURSELF and YOUR time beneficial.

"You should be happy you know me because if you're not - don't forget I know where you live. :p"

The point here is to assure your time together is fun and filled with great talks, connections, and the occasional adventure.

You can get that across through your texting habits and when done correctly it woks amazingly well because he'll get and understand the moments spent with you BENEFIT him in many ways which in turn makes him want to spend more time with you.

Make HIM work for it.

"I'm about ten miles from you - if you walk here right now, I will...."

This theme or consistent advice so far is that men value you more when you feel and are valuable to yourself, when you're scarce and not so easily accessible, when the time spent with you is beneficial in many ways AND that all can be achieved when a man is made to think he has to work (just enough) for you.

BUT be careful - if he has to work too hard for you he'll likely leave or pull away once he believes he's had you.

Prove other people want YOU.

"I don't get it??! Trying to get my favorite coffee and he ASKS for money?!!! Everyone wants something from me - it's tough being me. :p"

This could easily be used by introducing other men in your life but the jealousy caused might not give you the best man or could cause other problems at a future date.

You'll want to stick to other people and events and avoid using other men.

Make YOURSELF a challenge.

"I can type with one hand while opening this pain in the butt package... Haha!!!"

Men LOVE a challenging women but as above - you have to challenge him the right ways or once that challenge is met, he'll quickly lose interest and find another woman who makes him FEEL something from that challenge.

So it's not all about the challenge - it's how that challenge affects his FEELINGS towards you and his connection to his masculine side.

Take notice to the theme aside from "making someone want some thing" angle.

You're not asking any questions.

You're not getting all too personal and deep with him.

You're merely stating FACTS or occurrences in your life that make him stop and think...

AND you're NOT asking  for a reply.

The point of your texting exchanges or messages to create a fun flirty time and to use it all sparingly. This is not something you want to do way too much.

Just because these types of messages work amazingly well doesn't mean you can send them fifteen times a day.

BUT it also doesn't mean you start sending him those "other" boring messages as in, "How are you doing?"

One key ingredient in your texting habits with men is to send them sparingly and don't get back to his messages too quickly all the time.

YES - I hear you LOUD and clear - It's not easy at first but it's worth learning how it's done because it can be used in many parts of your life too up to and including creating attraction, building attraction, connecting with a guy, and ramping up your social life so you can meet more available men if that's something you need.

Once again - if you're looking for pre-made text messages I'd check this out immediately because you get them all and much more.

Text The Romance Back - How To Turn Him Into YOUR Prince Charming By Just Pushing A Few Buttons On Your Phone

  • The incredible “Text Massage” Technique
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You'll learn how to attract his attention no matter where he is, no matter how “busy” he is or how “addicted” to work he might seem.

All by using the simple texts no man can ignore.

Text The Romance Back - How To Turn Him Into YOUR Prince Charming By Just Pushing A Few Buttons On Your Phone

The conclusion...

Advertisers, influences, movies and televisions shows alike use a now classic technique to draw you in and keep your interest.

The draw you in and make you want something using one or all the techniques listed above while at the same time tugging on your emotional response to it.

These same tactics, when used the right way and mostly indirectly can also be used by you (without playing games) to get ANY guy to message you back quick and to grow his interest AND attraction towards you.

I first learned the idea From David DeAngelo - he's the man who had everything to do with turning me from a type two guy in to a type one - so I've used the technique successfully.

I will admit it's a little tough to come up with some clever texts to send which will satisfy one of the items listed.

AND since I'm not in the habit of texting guys - you'll notice the lack of examples in today's post.

I do apologize for that and I do intend to update this post as new examples come to mind.

If anything pops in your head you want to share with other women - you can do so below in the comment area.

We'd all appreciate your efforts, plus the comment section would be a good place to practice as I read them all and can let you know how well they would work on a guy.

The program above has it all - watch the video and see for yourself. It's definitely worth five minutes of your time IF you want to solve this who guys not getting back to you problem which can be so frustrating.

Text The Romance Back - How To Turn Him Into YOUR Prince Charming By Just Pushing A Few Buttons On Your Phone

I've also included a few more texting resources below you can pick up which contain actual text for text messages.

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