How To Turn A Guy On With A Text So He Will Reply – Texting Examples

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Do you want to turn on your favorite guy with a few cleverly crafted text messages, without being so obvious?

We all know guys don't easily fall for women who are chasing them or being overly promiscuous.

They just don't!

Sure, they'll accept the sex but only give you back strange stories, confusing remarks, and often misleading actions that end up going nowhere.

But let's not go there today...

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I'm going to reveal to you these (less obvious) texts that can turn on any guy that is attracted to you sexually, my formula to craft your very own making it more personal for both of you, and a few products you can pick up which are great deals filled with pre-formed texts that you can just type into your phone for instant results.

Turning him on without being so obvious can be difficult to achieve but it's not impossible.

Knowing how these two words work together and using them appropriately can magically create the texts you'll want to send him.

It's not as tough as it sounds.

Ambiguous: Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.

This simply means you'll want to send texts that can be interpreted as sexual but not always. When it's left to his discretion he will typically go there even if it's not on his mind.

Double Entendre:  A word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent.

Similar to ambiguous gives you permission to lightly flirt with him and then let his mind sexually wonder about you just a little more.

If you can get a man thinking about you sexually, minus being upfront and with the least amount of details you can give him - you WILL turn him on.

Turning On a Guy With A Text Message Without Being So Obvious.

When a guy thinks, believes, and feels you're excited by something he says or does, or has said or done - it turns him on.

Your goal is to "pretend" something he has done or said is on your mind with a few mixed signals, some ambiguity, and of course... double entendrees.

Compliments DO work!

Here are some examples you can use right away:

"That shirt you wore yesterday looked great on you."

"It's great texting you, but I wish I could see your eyes."

"Missing you, guess you could say I've been thinking about you lately."

"Are you really wearing 'that' today? Smiling!"

Use words that suggest the possibility of you being naked, sexually aroused, or thinking about him in ways which could be sexual or not.

"Shower time. ;)"

"Don't you have something better you could be 'doing' right now?"

"I'm so excited right now - guess why?"

"Brrr!!! It's so cold here - you know what that means. :D"

"I LOVE my bed!!!"

Hint how you're secretly excited and blame it on him.

Always pretend it's HIS fault when you're feeling great and especially sexy, possibly naughty too.

"You really need to stop making me feel this way. :p"

"My phone is on vibrate 😉 Just waiting your for reply :)"

"Something tells me I won't get much sleep tonight, thanks a lot.. jerk. :)"

Send cute pictures of yourself.

Men are obviously visually turned on so an amazing picture of yourself will do the trick.

Show him your sexy smile with a great enticing angle of your body and that's ALL a guy will need to have his mind racing sexually about you.

This next great tip comes from an affiliate of mine and it's great for women already in a relationship.

You'll want to bring out his romantic side so he feels open to courting you more.

Therefore turning him on in the process.

If you're in a relationship that seems to be losing a little chemistry or sex appeal, or it's missing some romance - and you want to spice it up a little and ENCOURAGE him to be more romantic towards you...

You must do these three things:

First you need to REMIND HIM what a valuable prize you are  and bait him into hunting and chasing you again.

In other words TEASE HIM like I've already shown you today.

Second, you need to give him permission to be a guy.

(Very important because guys can get a little locked up or afraid of their sexual desires.)

And third...

You need to make him feel SAFE!

Safe in the sense that being a romantic guy is not a big deal, it doesn't make him any less than a man, and you have absolutely NO expectations of him to be great at it.

He needs to feel like that just by TRYING to be romantic IS romantic to you.

A guy might be scared of trying it if he thinks he sucks at it and it won't work on you.

AND... other guys won't have to know he's doing it so it's all good.

He has to know his buddies or guys he works with won't know he's that "type" of guy so they're less likely to bust his ass about it;  which will certainly stop him from trying or continuing on it.

Hey - sorry - I didn't make the "male" ego - but you can choose to try working around it, OR use it to your advantage.

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It is designed for women already in a relationship but I've been assured by him that you can use it to amplify a man's attraction you're just dating.

Taking It To The Next Level With Sexting & More!

I'm going to brag a little here, hope you don't mind. When I was single I was a master at texting women in a way which would lead women into sexting with me.

You won't be getting any details on those experiences because I'm now a  married man and that's all in my past, but...

I can certainly tell you "secret method " so you can use on any guy you want to turn on all the way to "sexting' with him.

Use the formulas above and when the time is right AND he's chasing you,  just turn up the heat.

The cool part is: You don't have to be creative at all.

Here's how it works:

Think of something that he does that turns you on, OR you know it excites you, and then text it.

Mix it up with a little something to "remind" him of the things he does which turns you on, OR what you already know he likes when you do it.

Add to what you're doing by blaming it on him and you'll hook him in.

Make sure you add lots of emojis so he won't miss the point. Guys tend to miss way too much so throw some winks in there.

Practice it a little you'll be a master at turning him on with just your phone.

The KEY to sexting is using your imagination or past sexual experiences from start to finish and send each step in a message.

Yes, it's that simple.

There's absolutely no need to complicate a natural process:

Start with a visual peek for him in words and tell him how much he turns you on.

Move on to foreplay.

"I can feel your warm breath as your lips glide across my soft neck, kissing, touching, feeling every inch of me as the goosebump race cross my body."

Finish with a climax.

Use descriptive words and ALWAYS remind him of how much he is turning you on.

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Turning on a guy through texting is quite simple when you use my formulas and examples above.

I KNOW you can quickly come up with lots of sexually exciting things to send him which are either not so obvious or sexually enticing with a little practice.

Ambiguity and double entendtrees are your word techniques to avoid being too obvious.

Use his natural male need to seduce you to your advantage.

A man gets easily turned on when he believes something he is doing is working to turn YOU on.

Blame the fact you're excited even if it's not sexual on him by being a little flirty and fun too.

Compliment him often on things that are not so obvious.

Remembering something about him you liked always works.

Use suggestible words that you might be naked, aroused, and feeling sexy just don't be so direct about it. Let him wonder and imagine it all on his own, because he WILL.

Send cute pictures of yourself from time to time.

Men are visually stimulated and if they're not too risky, his imagination will take care of the rest - no nudes but that's obvious considering the nature of this post.

Bring out his romantic side to open him up to romancing you more often.

Your Manʼs Cell Phone is the closest thing to “Telepathy” that you can get.

Guys Respond to VISUAL stimuli. Guys are NOT as emotionally complex as women and are a lot more blunt in their communication.

A Manʼs Greatest Pleasure Comes From The Ability To Give A Woman Pleasure and to be Appreciated for it.

Romantically, Your Man Needs To Feel Like Heʼs “Winning” You And Feel Like Heʼs In Charge.

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Your texts must be tailored to the type of guy he is, IF you want to maximize your success.

Understanding Men Made Simple:

Type ones will take it one way and if he's not a "good" type one, you could expose yourself to lots of sexual problems with him.

If he is one of the good ones it's okay, but I would NOT get too sexual with this type too quickly.

Let HIM take the lead.

Types twos are a little more positive and sexual responsive in this area but be careful, if you're not into him that much just yet, using this formula or any packaged texts to send him could get him more sexually obsessed with you.

Which might seem good but there has to be a balance IF you want something more serious with him.

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