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Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy – How It Really Makes Him Feel Inside

She Called Him Daddy Get Spanking

 I must admit I haven't known too many guys that actually like being called "Daddy" (including me) unless it's from my actual offspring BUT guys also don't sit around talking to other guys about what they like to be called in bed.

It's just something guys don't do and I hope that never changes. PLEASE... I beg of all men I meet and know that NEVER changes! (Unless of course it's to share with you - because that's cool.)

The Daddy issue certainly has a lot of sexual relevance to it and if it's looked at that from that angle, it becomes clear and simple why "some" guys like it AND why other guys don't when it's clearly an issue of oddness or relative uneasiness from the true definition of the word - Daddy.

Here's my view - minus the science - minus the research - this is Why Do Guys...? from a truly male's world and from a guy that actually likes to think about this stuff - and you're getting a front row seat so lean back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Respect - it's a fact, healthy men are more likely to feel attracted to a woman that respects him. Apparently in more ways than one.

It makes him feel looked up to, responsible, capable of being a supportive man, and in bed - I'm sure that gives his Ego and testosterone a boost, thus excited and ready to take on his respectful partner like a man "should?"

The "bend me over and spank me" thing certainly has some sort of value here.

Men like to feel dominant in bed (or at least many do) and when a woman calls her man "Daddy" in bed and pretends to be "naughty" - once again heightens his sexual appetite for the woman who is saying it AND getting in the right position.

It makes him feel relevant, important, powerful, and influential.

What guy doesn't  like to know his woman looks at him in that way.

When he feels important and relevant to a woman it gives him a boost in the confidence area. You must admit that EVERYONE likes to feel important and guys are no different here.

When he feels powerful and influential it also can be inspiring to him because in the real world (outside the bedroom) that is, he may not feel in so control or believes he's at the whim of others all too often.

Once again - saying "Daddy" may in fact boost his Ego and give his testosterone a sometimes much needed jolt when the world around him keeps trying to "keep the man down".

Let's be honest here - MEN like youthful women and that's never going to change.

Love aside - just the mere term of Daddy if it comes from a twenty year old to a woman in her sixties is saying one thing, "I'm young, youthful and READY for my man to take me - oh take me please Daddy!!!"

It makes him feel more experienced, more in charge, more capable and able to handle a younger one, AND speaks directly to his libido which of course, hits a part of his body that has been dying to send out some much needed testosterone.

NOT oddly enough - when a man feels like he's with a younger woman it can also makes HIM also feel a little younger and stronger.

Let's him take on the fantasized role of being a first-class seducer whose primed, ready, and experienced enough to take her virginity once again.

This is not confined to role-playing. Lots of men figuratively and literally salivate at being able to take (hopefully a legal aged) woman's virginity.

It makes him feel good to know he's the ONLY one that's been able to do it.

It makes him feel proud and strong. It makes him in charge of something and what better to be sexually in charge of than an awaiting virgin who HE managed to hunt down and capture whereas no other man has "gone before".

Lots of guys don't like to think about their woman being with someone else before him AND if she's plays the part well be calling him Daddy - he won't believe it (probably) but hey, it's a fun game to play in bed or even out of it which leads to the fairy-tale of deflowering a woman.

It's becoming clear WHY guys like being called Daddy and I've merely touched the surface BUT there's certainly an apparent theme above which simplifies and explains the real meaning behind it:

  • Respect - It's something men thrive on in their lives.
  • Admiration  - being admired by whom you loves FEELS INCREDIBLE.
  • Sexual punishment - Who hasn't dabbled in edgy sexual role-playing.
  • Reinforcement of his masculinity - A little boost and proof is always nice to get.
  • Relevance in the world - We feel important, heard, and useful when we feel relevant to others.
  • Powerful in a his own world world where real power is so hard to come by.
  • A feeling of being in charge in at least in his own home - When you have what seems like a million bosses it's nice to know you're in charge somewhere.
  • A youthful surge of adrenaline to be shared in many ways - Knowledge and experience is great but as time passes we ALL need to feel young once in a while.
  • A small glimpse into his younger days - unlike the youthful surge in the last one - maybe it reminds him of his first time and HERS too.
  • A first-class seducer - Let's face it, when a woman calls you Daddy and it's said by what you've "done" to her attraction-wise, it screams SEDUCTION.
  • Sexual experience - Daddy's know more, right. They've lived through it all and are now in a position to TEACH the sexually unaware and inexperienced.
  • Living out a fantasy of the one who stole her virginity - Not sure how many men have deflowered a woman but it's certainly something they wouldn't mind doing and would like to experience at least once.

ALL which leads me to the invariable but definitive conclusion:

Testosterone and all which goes along with it for a man.

It's a fact - when a man competes and wins his testosterone rises.

When a man faces defeat it goes down just a little for some time after.

EVERYTHING listed above is the MARK of SUCCESS - A WIN over the female side but it's NOT about a game being played against woman...

It's more of a definition or a clear line being drawn between the Masculine and the Feminine role which in turn certainly raises a man's testosterone even just a little - how long it lasts after being called Daddy a hundred or thousand times remains to be told but nonetheless it certainly a defining name to be called:

DADDY - by someone other than an offspring or reliant dependent.

The point beyond proven today are two things you should look into, not if you're into calling your guy daddy but the facts behind what it takes to attract a guy.

These are my promotional stuff so don't be fooled - they're great stuff AND I make money selling them. (Disclaimer here.) Two facts which can not be disputed or faked:

Watch and Read MORE about The Respect Principle - What Men Secretly Want Video/Text

The idea is quite simple and easy to follow. Give a man a specific type of attention which show him the respect (as shown above) that he needs.

The video link above explains it much better than I could BUT as shown above it has some merit to it.

I DO know that when my lovely wife shows me in many ways how much she respects me, my opinions, and what I do, it definitely makes me feel good inside - although I will add again, being called Daddy (which she doesn't do) kind of creeps me out. I'll take the respect anyway.

Watch and read MORE about The Hero Concept - Be Irresistible -Become His Obsession Video/Text

This one tackles the "daddy" issues from another angle - It states ALL men like to feel like a hero. They want to write their own story and play the starring role in it.

You must admit THAT is clearly connecting to being a Daddy in more ways than just sexual but it certainly makes him feel like a winner which in turn strokes his Ego and his testosterone at the same time.

It shows you clever ways to do this (minus the name calling) which will and should have the same effect on a guy.

Learn All About The Modern Siren - Powerful - Soft on the Outside - Strong on the Inside!

If you want to give a guy a boost of testosterone and make him feel like a real man - well I'm willing to wager that the woman who makes him feel that way, will in NO doubt capture his heart...

AND one great way to do that (saving the daddy calling stuff for later in the relationship) is to BE his perfect female counterpart. A modern siren if you will.

The clue above is:

When a clear line is drawn between being female and male, or masculine and feminine, AND if he feels like he's the one drawing it out or making it happen THEN attraction happens and a CONNECTION like no other is born.

BE the SIREN - Let him be the pursuer and seducer.

That will clearly help him see and feel his masculinity which in turn heightens all the things needed to form a deeper connection with a man.

The conclusion...

Some women may have "daddy" issues and some men just liked to be called Daddy. 

It definitely has some sexual reasons and can be used in a physical and intimate way (or lead up to the bedroom quicker) but I believe it goes much deeper.

Guys like to be called Daddy for many reasons which ALL lead up to the main ones:

A clear boost of Ego and testosterone built or given to him when a man feels like he's winning, like he's in charge of at least something in his life, when he feels respected and admired, when he feels some form of power in one way, when he feels like a hero to a woman, a first class seducer and...

The second main reason:

A definitive and clear line is shown between YOUR femininity and HIS MASCULINITY.

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