Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy & How It Really Makes Him Feel Inside

She Called Him Daddy Get Spanking

 I must admit I haven't known too many guys that actually like being called "Daddy" (including me) but then again, guys don't sit around talking to other guys about what they like to be called in bed. It's just something guys don't do and I hope that never changes.

This Daddy issue has a lot of sexual relevance to it.

When looked at that from that angle it becomes clear and simple why "some" guys like it and why other guys definitely do not. The definition of the word and what it stands for makes it odd and uneasy for many men

Here's my view - minus the science - minus the research - this is Why Do Guys...? from a male's world and from a guy that actually likes to think about this stuff.

You're getting a front row seat so lean back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Respect - it's a fact, healthy men are more likely to feel attracted to a woman that respects him.

Apparently in more ways than one.

It makes him feel looked up to, responsible, capable of being a supportive man, and in bed - gives his Ego and testosterone a boost making him excited and ready to take on his respectful partner like a man "should?"

The "bend me over and spank me" thing certainly has some sort of value here.

Men like to feel dominant in bed and when a woman calls her man "Daddy" in bed and pretends to be "naughty" - this too can heightens his sexual appetite for the woman who is saying it and getting in the right position to be spanked.

It makes him feel relevant, important, powerful, and influential.

What guy doesn't  like to know his woman looks at him in that way.

When he feels important and relevant to a woman it gives him a boost of confidence. You must admit that EVERYONE likes to feel important and guys are no different here.

When he feels powerful and influential it also can be inspiring to him because in the real world (outside the bedroom) that is, he may not feel in much control or believes he's at the whim of others all too often.

Proving again that saying "Daddy" may in fact boost his Ego and give his testosterone a sometimes much needed jolt, when the world around him keeps trying to "keep the man down".

Let's be honest here - MEN like youthful women and that's never going to change.

Love aside - just the mere term of Daddy if it comes from a twenty year old to a woman in her sixties is saying one thing,

"I'm young, youthful and READY for my man to take me - oh take me please Daddy!!!"

It makes him feel more experienced, more in charge, more capable and able to handle a younger one. , This speaks directly to his libido which of course, hits a part of his body that has been dying to send out some much needed testosterone.

NOT oddly enough - when a man feels like he's with a younger woman it can also makes HIM also feel a little younger and stronger.

Let's him take on the fantasized role of being a first-class seducer whose primed, ready, and experienced enough to take her virginity once again.

This is not confined to role-playing.

Lots of men figuratively and literally salivate at being able to take (hopefully a legal aged) woman's virginity.

It makes him feel good to know he's the ONLY one that's been able to do it.

It makes him feel proud and strong.

It makes him in charge of something and what better to be sexually in charge of than an awaiting virgin who HE managed to hunt down and capture whereas no other man has "gone before".

Lots of guys don't like to think about their woman being with someone else before him and if she's plays the part well by calling him Daddy - he won't believe it (probably) but hey, it's a fun game to play in bed or even out of it which leads to the fairy-tale of deflowering a woman.

Let's sum up what was just covered in a nice tidy list before we move on.

Why guys like being called Daddy:

  • Respect:  Men thrive on getting respect in their lives.
  • Admiration: Being admired by a woman makes men feel important.
  • Sexual Punishment: The opportunity to engage in sexual role-playing.
  • A Reinforcement of his Masculinity:  A little boost with proof that he's a man.
  • Relevance:  Makes him feel important, heard, and useful in his life.
  • Powerful:  When real power doesn't exist in the outside world.
  • In Charge:  When he feels like he has  a million bosses, it feels good to know he's in charge somewhere.
  • A Youthful surge of Adrenaline: Knowledge and experience is great, but as time passes he feels to the need to feel young again.
  • A Reminder of His Younger Days: Can easily bring back good memories of young sexual love and encounters.
  • A First-class Seducer: Let's face it, when a woman calls him Daddy and it's said by what he's "done" to her, makes him feel like a real-life seducer.
  • A Sexual Experience to Teach: Daddy's just know everything. They've lived through it all and are now in a position to teach the sexually unaware and inexperienced.
  • Living out a Fantasy of How He Stole Her Virginity: Not many men have deflowered a woman but it's certainly something they wouldn't mind doing and like to experience at least once.

When the list is combined a definitive conclusion becomes easy to see.

Testosterone and everything that goes along with it.

When a man competes and wins his testosterone rises.

When a man faces defeat it goes down just a little for some time after.

EVERYTHING listed above is the MARK of SUCCESS to a man.

A win over the female side but not in a way that's a game being played against women.

It helps him to draw a much-needed line between the Masculine and Feminine roles.

This (sort of win) in turn raises a man's testosterone and doing that just a little can positively boost a man's feelings to a height he may not get to experience any other way.

How long the testosterone remains up after being called Daddy a hundred or thousand times remains to be seen.

How You Can Use The Daddy Angle To Attract A Guy.


Give a man a specific type of attention which shows him the respect he needs can bring out his feelings of attraction to the woman who is doing it.

My lovely wife shows me in many ways how much she respects me, my opinions, and what I do, and it definitely makes me feel good inside; although I will add again, being called Daddy (which she doesn't do) kind of creeps me out.

But I'll always take the respect because it makes me love and like her more every day.

James Bauer, a relationship expert came up with a very real concept he calls the respect principle.

He shows you why it works to attract a man and how to use it too.

Here's an article posted at why do guys to explain it more clearly:

"Experiencing the weight of her respect caused me to want to welcome her into my life and promise my heart to her. I suddenly felt a deep trust for her and the desire to never lose the deep respect she seemed to hold for me."

How To Get A Man’s Attention and Trust – Respect in Relationships


This one tackles the "daddy" issues from another angle.

It states ALL men like and need to feel like a hero. They want to write their own story and play the starring role in it.

This is clearly connected to being a Daddy in more ways than just sexual side because it makes him feel like a winner, which in turn strokes his Ego and raises his testosterone at the same time.

You can read more about the "hero instinct" at why do guys:

"To trigger a man’s deepest feelings of attraction, you need to become a special part of his story.

You do that by revealing your needs, and allowing him to help you meet them.

Why? Because it triggers his hero instinct."

The Attraction Trigger That Awakens a Man’s Deepest Longing for Love


If you want to give a guy a boost of testosterone and make him feel like a real man, you will without a doubt find a way to capture his heart.

One great way to do that (saving the daddy calling stuff for later in the relationship) is to just BE his perfect female counterpart.

Something classically known and quoted from Rori Raye:

A Modern Siren.

When a clear line is drawn between being female and male, or masculine and feminine, and when he feels like he's the one drawing it out or making it happen, attraction happens naturally and a connection is made.

To become his siren, you have to let him pursue and seduce you. It's something all men so desperately want to do... to let him.

By doing so you can help him feel all of his masculinity which will help you to form a very important deeper connection with him.

Here's a few articles posted at why do guys to stop you from chasing him:

Are You Stopping Him From Falling For You? Let Him Chase You!

Are You Chasing Him And Don’t Even Know It?

When you're ready to become a modern siren, click on the link below and buy Rori's most powerful tool she can give you:

How To Become A Modern Siren - Powerful - Soft on the Outside - Strong on the Inside!

The conclusion...

There are many reasons why a man likes to be called "Daddy" and not all of them are sexual in nature, however they all have a way of boosting a man's testosterone and can make him feel like a real man worthy of a good woman's love.

  • Respect
  • Admiration
  • Masculinity
  • Relevance
  • Powerful & In Charge
  • Youthfulness
  • Seducer
  • A Sexual Experience to Teach
  • Role-Playing

The list above just happens to contain a sort-of blueprint in attracting a man when they are used correctly.

They can also help any couple continually keep a relationship growing and thriving as the love matures through the years.

I find it amazing how such a simple question has given us so much insight and revealed men in ways many don't get to see everyday.

My belief is that men are not simple beings void of complexity and feelings but I also believe they can be simply understood when looked under the right light.

I do hope you feel the same way.

If not - please hop on the why do guys newsletter so I can break down men for you in my "Understanding Men Made Simple" book.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

We'll talk again soon.

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