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Do Guys Like It When A Woman Wears A Thong?

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Guys Looking At Woman Butt

Is she wearing a thong? Is that really what they’re checking out? Do guys actually care if she’s wearing one or not?

You must know or understand that I’m not a typical guy so when I got this question about whether men like thongs or not, I (sort of) laughed because I firmly believe…

Most REAL guys couldn’t care less if a woman wears a Thong or not.

BUT I do believe I can answer this “thong” question in a way which will not only help you to understand men better and how we think, but also offer some real substance to this often seemingly superficial question.

With men, it seems as long as you’re not wearing something absurd while out (doing things or on a date) it’s all good. For example as men, if we notice our date has a pair of “granny panties” on it feels like you’re telling us two things, “Sex will not be happening tonight!” OR “I’m not feeling it enough to bother looking good for you.”

It’s a lot like not shaving your legs for a date because you either don’t want something to happen or you want to make sure nothing happens. 🙂

The furthest thing we’re thinking about is that you planned your laundry all wrong and it was the only clean underwear you had left. My guess is in that case IF you really liked the guy and wanted something to happen, you would’ve just cancelled the date anyways.

For guys, I suppose, a woman wearing a thong while on a date says something more sexual than anything else and so you’re going to run across guys who see it as an invitation for later in the evening. Which I’d assume is good for couples who want to spice things up a little but bad for women who are growing tired of being seen as a sexual object to men in general.

Now I understand why women wear thongs and I can normally see past all the bullshit. No lines under an outfit. Some of you like the way they feel. You feel sexier when you’re wearing them. Maybe you believe your ass looks better in one. Etc… I’m sure I have only scratched the surface of why women wear thongs (outside the beach because that’s something entirely different) and since this is about men, let’s not distract ourselves from the point.

I will admit a thong on a woman can be sexy but a thong alone does not make a woman sexy. There’s so much more to consider.

Let’s also be honest about how men judge women on her looks alone and how they tend to pre-judge the women who always wears thongs. More specifically when they’re peaking out the top of her pants or shorts. However let’s also be honest about how women will also judge other women based on how they’re consistently dressed.

When it comes to the “thong” answer and if men like them or not I believe you’re going to find most men again, couldn’t care less to a certain extent.

Some of them like them. Some of them don’t.

On the other side, some women shouldn’t be wearing them and that’s actually something guys do notice. We WILL notice or care more ( as bad as it sounds) whether a woman should be wearing something or not.

Most guys actually prefer something less revealing on a woman.

If you run into the few who prefer them over anything else, what that says about that guy probably means more than knowing the “thong” answer anyways.

For the few who might have come here looking for the answer on whether it helps to attract a guy or not OR when it’s a sexy way of spicing up your current sex life with your partner I can help you out.

First, assume most average guys do NOT understand fashion. Therefore what you’re wearing is more about how it makes YOU feel and not him. IF it makes you feel like your partner will be turned on by YOU getting all hot and bothered then by all means – throw one in once in a while.

BUT I will say as far as committed partners and average guys – wearing (appropriately) nothing will almost always work better. When your girlfriend reveals to you she’s not wearing any underwear tonight in a sexy way – THAT will almost always turn us on. We can almost feel our instant hard on through our pants.

Granted some dudes are into “teddies” and sexy bedroom only attire and I do hope you discuss that with him a lot. Perhaps even bring him with you when you pick those things out to get his full attention and opinion.

Second, and I know this part sucks but it must be said, since most guys just don’t get the fashion part – they’re going to tell you how sexy you look in a certain outfit or thing because saying the opposite is just not the right thing to do.

Just remember it’s NOT done because he doesn’t find you attractive – it’s because all he gets (or knows) is that you turn him on whether you’re wearing a baggy outfit revealing nothing or you’re completely naked after a shower.

Turning a man on is rarely about what you’re wearing. Sure it can play a part when it’s far from seductive but overall, thong or not – He wants YOU.

AND him wanting you more has a lot to do with how easy it can be to get you naked and less about what it is he’s taking off of you. (AS in tight jeans, sure they’re revealing and great to look at on a woman but hard to get off of you easily.)

Whether a guy likes a thong on a woman (countless fetishes and men who objectify women way too much aside) is not something you should have to consider. It’s more about your comfort, your sexiness to yourself, and whether it’s something you like wearing or not.

Trust me, a guy probably has more of a REAL opinion on whether HE likes to wear a thong or not or whether YOU get off watching a guy strip down to a thong on stage. Just something to think about before my next post. 😉 Oh and don’t forget to sign up below for more revealing facts or truths about men. 😀

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  • Rob

    I hate when women wear thongs with yoga pants and their butts are too big to be wearing either one.

    • Thanks for sharing Rob.

      Yeah, I don’t like it either because I (personally) don’t find it attractive but hate is a big word for me. Something I rarely ever use. To each their own with regards to what they wear because I have the control and decision to not look or even care what they’re wearing.

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