If You Want To Know Him & Connect – Take A Deep Look At His First Crush

Boy With His First Two Crushes

If you want to REALLY know a man, or really understand how he works or what makes him tick (with regards to his relationships with women) then I'm going to suggest you get to know the boy inside him.

And I'm not talking about his inner child.

PLUS you can get added bonus which I reveal below.

We mature as we age, (or not for some) but it's that young dude and his transition to puberty where his character becomes defined and for some more than others creates the man you see today.

I'm not claiming we're all victims of our youth. Personally I believe when a part of us learns to accept and takes responsibility for those years we become more mature people. Like a "rite of passage" so to speak. But let's not get too deep into all the psychology of it.

Let's focus on what makes a man BECOME a man from those early patterns or experiences he has with women from my life directly.

However you wish to interpret it (or not) is up to you.

My first real crush happened as an eight year old or so and her name was Donna. She was this cute Blond haired girl from school who lived down the street. Well actually a few blocks away.

I recall riding my all too cool fake green Mini-bike to see her. It was kick-ass and built for me. Low to the ground, large wheels, and short enough for me to handle it.

Anyways, Donna and I hung out ALL the time. She was awesome and one incredible friend to have at that age.

Granted the sex or kissing part wasn't there. We were way too young but the things I did for and with her...

Like getting in trouble for always being late when we hung out...

Peddling for what seemed like miles to see her as often as I could, you know when you're that age a few blocks is a LONG way...

AND of course giving up all my time to be with her plus centering my whole free life around seeing her as often as I could.

All that, as it's now become very clear was setting up a future pattern in place for me and many women for years to come.

And no, it wasn't always going to be a good thing.

Our "friendship" was cut short when she moved far away and although the details are fuzzy, the one thing I do remember about her is the feeling I've never had with anyone BEFORE her.

Hence, my first crush.

Girls were "different" and I didn't know exactly why but I truly knew they were for me.

I loved the other sex in a way which I couldn't describe being so young but thinking back on it now, something about them mesmerized me, excited me, and I just couldn't get enough of being around them.

Which at the time was her.

Later it was another and another and another... I think you're getting the point.

My first crush showed me something very important about myself and how I would act around women in my later years - that is when I felt attracted to them.

Too bad our tiny growing minds are not ready to assess and change the situation in real time. We tend to just go with it and whatever happens, happens. Good or bad. We don't realize what we're setting ourselves up for later in life.

And not all of it is a good thing, that' for sure.

Some say it was the light hair and light eyes which got me hooked. Maybe, maybe not. That's a discussion for another time.

Some might guess since our "friendship" was cut short I'd become depressed and feel like the girls I liked were always going to leave me, but it didn't turn out that way. Not at all.

What I'm noticing now is something entirely different and it's something already mentioned above...

My first crush "showed" me how I was to act around women for years.

She showed me how my "attraction" would take over my life.

She showed me how I never could get enough of being around a woman I felt overly hard for in every sense of the word and the trouble I'd get into for them became more clear and very prominent into my adulthood.

This is not something to take lightly because, little did I know I was to become a needy wuss whose life would revolve around women in such a way... I could never have them.

I'm not saying "all" guys are like this.

I'm not saying all men base their entire future relationships on their first crush.

But I DO believe exploring those early years of men can help to understand why certain guys act the way they do because it's when their character is built and...

If you want to truly understand a man - then get to know his "real" character and how many of his actions reflect that one way or another.

Again, for better or for worse.

You see, I wasn't acting that way "because" of what happened with her, I was, began, and continued to act that way because it was who I was and who I was to become as my relationships with girls and women (or lack thereof) progressed in adulthood.

It's easy to see my early destiny with women showed courage and a willing strength to go the extra mile to just "be" with her.

Despite the sexless relationship my character settled with a very close friendship learning how to "get along" or "socialize" with women deeply, something which would actually help me in my later years.

So that's the good part and easy to note:

  • Courage.
  • Strength.
  • Communication.

All very real and defined attractive traits.

However the bad part is just as easy to see:

Attraction would take over me. My life would revolve around my current crush regardless of how she felt about me.

I saw.

I wanted.

I got close.

I became her friend.

End of sad story as it went nowhere and eventually I moved on to my next crush.

Something was clearly missing there and I've luckily figured it all out and help other men to see it too at DiaLteG TM.

Men are just matured boys whose character comes to life in his early relationships with girls and women.

Where he goes from there... it's certainly a journey to explore if you are to understand "man".


As in added bonus to all this exploring guys from their young selves to maturity something special can happen:

For one - you'll understand WHY a guy is acting certain way and his supposed hidden meaning behind his actions and words.

And TWO:

When you begin to talk and interact with ANY man - SHARE some of your youth for him in a light and fun way. Share some of what you felt growing up and a little of how you think it affected you.

Open up just enough and he will feel more comfortable OPENING himself to you so go there a little - don't overdo it.

ASK about his childhood and how he thinks it shaped the man he is today.

Doing so is a great way to connect with ANY guy directly to his feelings which leads to his heart AND when you can connect with him in that way - you'll find his attraction for you, if there was a little there first will go up in ways which leads to more relationship and long-term feelings.

The connection I'm talking about was first introduced  to me by the well-known relationship expert Rori Raye and is explained in more depth by me at Meet & Attract him:

"You can’t go through his mind.

You can’t go through his body.

You can’t go down the spiritual road either."

The Right & Wrong Ways To Try and Connect With A Man

You can learn exactly how it's done and some more clever attractive ways to connect with any man in her program:

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In conclusion...

A man's first crush or crushes will certainly have an impact on his future life with women.

The example I gave you above my own life has proven it to me because I lived it and saw many of my male friends mature (relationship-wise) based on his first interactions with women.

If you want to understand  a guy - then learn what you can about his first experiences with women - including his family members, and you'll not only see the connection for yourself, you'll be able to see how his actions are words are connected to it.

In other words he'll be far less confusing to you.

IF you want to connect with a man through his heart - open up to him in this way very lightly. Just touch upon. Tell him how you think it's shaped you AND ask him a little about himself too.

Again - just don't overdo it and throw it in randomly because it will lose some if it's appeal and connection value.

The fact is:

To GET a man to go from attraction to dating to an exclusive committed relationship you MUST connect with him through his heart and this is just one example on how it's done.

For more - get this (below) and learn the exact strategy along with lots of helpful advice to understand yourself, your feelings, how to open up to a guy through your feeling, the right attractive way, and make him fall in love with your heart:

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  • Janice

    Thanks Pete !
    Know what ( little secret) I’m completely wired the same !!
    – and I’m a girl
    Thats kinda odd – or is it ?
    I’m not sure, but, I totally loved reading your open and genuine post.

    • Peter White

      You’re welcome and thank you Janice.

      It’s not odd, maybe boys and girls are more similar than different at a young age. As we mature that’s when we change.

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