A Month Of Texting, Tells You He Likes You, & Then Disappears – Here’s Why

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"I was texting this guy for like a month and then he told me he likes me, and literally four days later he just stops texting me, and it’s like I don’t even exist anymore. Can you please help me with this?"

When you've been in texting contact with a guy and he suddenly disappears there's always a good reason for it and I'll go over with you all that I can to help you out.

The problem I see here (based on my limited scope of your situation) will show you the answers you're looking for:

Did you text him back that you like him?

When a guy tells a girl he likes her it's a big deal to him AND if his feelings are not reciprocated in a way that he gets and understands that fact clearly - he will feel rejected and often hurt.

Men are very hesitant about revealing how they feel.

Sometimes they hold back because they fail to find the words to say.

Sometimes they feel incapable of discussing matters like like, love, and lust.

Sometimes a woman doesn't make it easy on him through how she connects with him.

AND sometimes the fear of rejection (typically originating from their past experiences and low self-esteem and confidence) is so great - they would rather BELIEVE you like them over risking being turned down AFTER something is said.

If you didn't make it abundantly clear then he is much more likely to disappear.

Is this a texting only relationship?

I understand long distance relationships and "internet" dating and how it's hard to meet up face to face when you met online, but you must understand and accept this is a big risk you're taking when you get into a "texting" only relationship.

Not only is it inadvisable to start this way BUT you'll also find that:

One - it's much too easy for any man or woman just to cut the communication off without saying a word.

And more important and relevant to your "probable" circumstance...

TWO: You can not build a firm and solid connection with a man by merely sending text messages back and forth.

If all you've been doing is texting each other you're missing an important element which brings two people together...

A close emotional connection and yes - a strong physical bond too.

The physical bond is needed but the emotional connection that builds or grows is more important and I firmly believe that is something that MUST happen and does happen when you're out doing things together and learning about each other through any form of dating.

IF you've only been texting each other you'll find that bond is never really created no matter what he says or how he says it.

While doing this you leave too many variables open as in: Him pretending he's someone he's not. Lying about himself and not being able to live up to those lies. Disappearing in a flash when he's found someone close or connected with physically and/or emotionally... AND only looking for a sexting buddy and if that doesn't happen - he runs and tries it with someone else.

How long has it really been since his last message?

You didn't mention how long it's been so I'll give you a broad answer here to help you determine if it's something you should be concerned about.

It's not how long it's been - it's if and when a pattern is broken and is not resetting itself.

Meaning  -  If you've been texting back and forth everyday non-stop with no missed time in between and that pattern abruptly changes then you have cause for alarm.

Otherwise - ANYTHING could've happened which had little to do with you and if you give him some time and he's still not getting back to you then text him something BESIDES and FAR FROM:  asking "how he's been" or "what he's up to" or "where he's been" because those rarely get a real quick response.

Try my texting routine I posted up at Meet & Attract Him BEFORE you get too worried and start doing things that will only push him further away or cause more of his silence:

Reveal How He Feels With Two Quick Text Messages.

He could be what I call a RUNNER!

A runner in this context is a guy who bails quickly after revealing his feelings to a woman.

He freaks out and doesn't know what comes next. His confidence in taking things to the next level is not there and he feels like he'll only screw it up.

He may also feel unsure if it's what he really wants - especially if this is a primarily text-based relationship.

This is a VERY typical reaction from a type two guy.

You want to hear something strange about me and what I was which explains a lot of guys?

The NEXT STEP was one of my biggest stumbling blocks to get past. Even if I managed to get a woman's phone number or to even go on a date - I was so scared and clueless on how to even go for the first kiss - a lot of the time I found it easier to just let the "early interaction" with a girl just fade away rather than having to take the next step.

So yeah - in a way I was a runner and I'm positive rejecting myself made lots of women feel like I was rejecting them when in reality - I was CLUELESS and SCARED and was more worried about having to take things physical with her than I was of even being rejected by her.

Once again - it highly important that you figure out early which type he is and you can do so by signing in below and reading all about the two types guys - doing so can help you see and fix these problems BEFORE they even happen - IF you know his type:

Get It Here: "Understanding Men Made Simple - There Are Only Two Types Of Guys".

So expect when you meet this type - he WILL pull back after he reveals his feelings to you - how far and for how long remains to be seen and is a little harder to predict but it will happen.

If you want or need to know if it's something you did in all this time then I STRONGLY encourage you to pick up my book:

"The Silent Man - Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse or Won’t Share Their Feelings"

...Because you're learn why men DO feel like they have to pull away even after he tells you he likes you.

There's an entire section just on that alone AND in the final chapter you get 49 VERY Specific situations or circumstances of why a guy might have stopped contacting you (you're bound to find a definitive answer there) PLUS you get an entire section dedicated to helping you figure out if it was something you did or if it in fact all HIM - giving you every reasons to just do your best to move on.

"The Silent Man - Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse or Won’t Share Their Feelings"

When it comes to learning and understand men like this and beyond - it will be the best money you've ever invested in your dating life.

In conclusion...

There are many reasons why a guy will all of a sudden stop texting but the ones related to it happening just after he tells you he likes you are limited and relatively easy to figure out.

If you didn't say it back or make it clear to him how YOU felt - he could feel rejected and hurt and disappear to gather his feelings and figure out how to get over it.

Lots of type one guys will say they like you because they want you to make the next move for them which is related to them being a runner and not confident or sure on what comes next or how to do it.

IF you don't take the next step for them - they're typically too scared or don't know how so they disappear because it's much less painful than screwing up what comes next.

They become the classic RUNNER.

IF this was a text-only relationship EXPECT things like this to happen because you can not make a REAL connection with a man by just messaging back and forth.

Not only are you missing the opportunity to make an emotional connection and a physical connection, you're putting yourself at greater risk because it's all too easy in relationships like this to:

  • One day just disappearing without a trace when he finds someone close to him or is convinced you'll never meet anyways.
  • Be fooled or duped by a guy who isn't who he claims to be which means the closer he gets to being "found out" the closer you come to a time when he will disappear and cut off his contact with you entirely.
  • Becoming his sexting buddy which since is not a real relationship - he feels little empathy or reason to explain his disappearance and will do it quite randomly.

Lastly - you must look for a break in pattern and NOT the actual stopping of his messages BEFORE you decide to seek out help as to why you're not hearing from him.

Meaning - how long has it been since his last text?

Is it reasonable to assume something happened which was beyond his control and if you give him a little extra time - he'll text you again?

Is a clear pattern of time between messages been broken entirely?

If so - then you have every cause for concern.

If not - time to relax a little and let things unfold naturally. No need to get all worked up, frustrated, or desperate for an answer or even a need for closure because you'll find lots of men pull away a little after they reveal their feelings AND acting from this nervousness and concern over "what happened" could lead you to do things which will only push him further away.


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11 comments… add one
  • Silla

    Met a guy, he seems like a real type Two. We had like ‘moments’ where we connected. Deep eye contact, etc. He was my surgeon, so we met in a professional relation (not good). In the last visit , he talked a lot about my bracelet, where I got it , asked personal stuff and again very deep eye contact. I was blown away. Out of the door I took his hand and told him I thought he is kind of cute. He was very shy and did not know what to say. I knew he could not contact me , because he was a doktor. So I sent him a brief note. On Facebook that said ‘here is my number, if he ever felt for it’ . He answered very quick, but in a little shy way. That he had been thinking a lot about my last visit and that we should see each other. He mentioned that it could be arranged on a weekend, best for him. But in one month from that day (Four weeks)!! I replied, and said I wanted to meet up, and he could text me what exact date when he knew. After that it seemed like he blocked me ! Left me ‘unread’ for 3 weeks. Then I thought what happened ? I tried to reach out again, but he replied after one week, that we have to arrange later this year . This was very confusing?
    Thanks Silla

  • Laura

    I was texting with this guy for a month. We were in contact daily and the investment was very even on both sides. We had a lot in common and just seemed to really relate to each other. The first time we arranged to meet he got held up at work so it didn’t work out. He was very apologetic, called to apologize and we continued talking. We talked on the phone a few times and he was very clear that he was very interested and wanted to meet asap. One night he told me the next night he would be in my area and did I want to grab a drink and i said yes. The next afternoon we were talking and he said he was going to be out my way around 7 and asked what time worked for Me. I texted back with a time and didn’t hear from him until 5 hours later which was around 9:30 and he asked if he was too late. I told him yes since I didn’t hear from him I assumed he wasn’t coming. The next day he said he was sorry and that he got caught up at his parents house ( they live in my town) and he was beating himself up because he’s let me down twice. I told him not to beat himself up but that he should have just told me yes or no so I wasn’t waiting around. I was super nice and was hoping to give him one last shot since I was Interested and he disappeared! Why didn’t he just say he wasn’t interested?

    • Laura,

      He didn’t say wasn’t interested because he IS interested.

      He’s either just being a flake or chickening out. He’s too scared and fearful to meet up with you so he comes up with anything to stop it from happening.

      It happens a lot so I wouldn’t take it too personal.

      Expect the pattern to continue because now that he’s “beating himself up” he’s adding more pressure on himself and making it much more difficult.

      Sorry to hear.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • julie

    It sucks. My HS classmate messaged me last week in FB and he confessed he loves me until now and then after 2 days, he didn’t message me anymore. I said I also liked him but I don’t know what happened. Still waiting for his text though…

    • Peter White

      I’m sure Julie you “jumped the gun” and by now, he has already texted you back. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Coworkers. Close over 5mths, dated, faded overnight. Didn’t explain. He’s 30s/confident, thought he’d be direct.

    Like a stranger in work. Didn’t notice me anymore. I kept friendly, smile/hi/if I initiated he would chat a bit. He wouldn’t approach (but talks to everyone else).

    We text, again faded. Last couple he read but ignored. Temp job ended, I text to tell him / say bye. Read, no reply – it shouldn’t but it hurt.

    How did he go from interest to not caring so easily? I guess he lost attraction but I think I’m a good person and nothing bad happened. It all felt so fake.

    I’m back so may see him, how do I act?

    • I wouldn’t act like anything in particular. Make a rule for yourself and don’t get involved with people you work with, temp job or not. They rarely work out and cause lots of confusion and weird moments after.

      Chances are he wasn’t that interested in the first place because if he was – this would’ve not happened, right? Men don’t lose attraction all that easily… they simply decide or come to a conclusion that you’re not the “one”.

      I doubt it was fake unless he was just using you for casual sex – which unfortunately is possibility here because to go from where you were to where you are now – sounds like a classic player move. So he might not have care in the beginning.

      Sorry for your troubles – keep your eyes out for guys like this in the future, learn from this, and the next one will be much better for you.

  • Mia

    I can empathize with you here, only, “my” guy takes it a stop further. Btw, I love your web site, it is by far one of the most realistic guy feels site I’ve come across. A lot fo what you’re writing about, I’ve seen in my men friends’ behavior and also in a few of the men I’ve dated.

    Now back to this “Runner”. We’ve known each other for almost a year now. I adore him but every single time he slips and let his deeper feelings out, he disappears! Then he would come back long weeks after.

    I just let him be, I cannot hinge my life on his indecisiveness.

    But then, I also thought, okay, maybe he wants me to be more expressive and assure him I still like him? So I did. I told him the many things I like about him. And then, the minute he was thrilled and responded with deep affection .. you guessed it, Gone Girl (or man).

    So I went on with my life and yep … Runner came running back. I caught him off guard, he was ecstatic, he was the one who sought me out, we dated again, his reactions were genuine, and all the while I had my guard up because I don’t know what this is anymore. What do you know, a week later, he accused me of feeling more for him than him feeling for me?!

    I just said, okay, if that’s how you see it. Life goes on. Sure, we can be just friends. I mean, where do I put myself? That was a huge put down if I ever see one!

    • Peter White

      Thank you Mia. I’ll keep being “real” if you keep coming by and tell your friends about it. 🙂

      Seems like you do have a true runner here. Bent on never committing.

      However – from what I know about men, he WAS telling you the truth. Chances are you do feel more than him, or else he would be committing or doing what is necessary to keep you all to himself. Men tend to NOT want the woman of their dreams to be messing around with other guys. I’m not saying he’s not into you a little, just not enough to “make it happen” if you know what I know mean.

      He’s also hinging on you liking him more than him and probably was waiting for YOU to prove it to him so he could feel better about himself. Now he knows he’s “good” enough, that’s all he was looking for. Hence the eventual pull back and run routine once again.

      Great job on the “sure” we can be just friends. I’d keep it that way with him and certainly introduce lots of other potential men in your life and you’ll be just fine.

      Thanks again – your “guy” friend,


  • Leigh

    Ok how about this one. There is a guy who is in contact with me daily. Texts all day everyday while we are at work. Very open with his feelings and i have told him i like him as well. We dont live really close but bave both said we would drive to see the other. Then suddenly….NOTHING. Just poof! Gone. Any ideas?

    • Leigh, I don’t have much info to go on so I’m merely speculating that he found someone close by to where he lives. Not many people deal with the long-distance thing very well. In fact lots of them keep “distant” relationships around until someone comes along who is closer and more easily seen everyday.

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