Why Do Some Guys Walk Like They Have A Big One Between Their Legs?

Man Walking Confident Swagger

Here he comes... strolling at you as if he's got it. Swaggering to and fro, not-so-casually swaying from the apparent huge member in his pants...

He thinks it looks cool.

His walk astounds the ladies and scares the "beta" dudes away from him AND from them trying to get with the women he captivates.

He's a fighter AND a lover.

A modern equivalence to the chivalrous man in the past; one he's never met or known of course, but the masculine male he's "should" emulate, if he's to capture HIS version of a hottie.

Imagine if you will - if not, look it up - John Travolta's walk in the opening of Saturday Night Fever, a man...

Confidently approaching you, smoothly eyeing you, like he KNOWS without a doubt he can have you anytime, anywhere, he can use his walk to talk to the walk, and back it up with his sexual transitions and sexual manners.

Aside from the FACT that lots of women SAY they wouldn't dare let him in their pants, let alone anywhere close to knowing where they live, there is DEFINITELY something about him which doesn't guarantee some open legs, but certainly grants him a little more time to say his spiel and talk his talk, to give him MORE than a chance over some hunched over guy who won't even look you in the eyes.

THAT says it all...

WHY do guys walk like they got a big one between their legs regardless of their experience or skills in seducing a woman?

For one:


His ego isn't in his pants, not really, but he might believe it is.

The bigger dick wins metaphorically and literally, right?

The term "balls" is used appropriately in this sense because it is generally related to having COURAGE, which can be directly related to ANY guy who is fearless enough to face public rejection and ridicule for a slim chance to GET with you - one way or another.

The man who walks with his tail between his pants, who's body language telegraphs fear, lack of confidence, and a clear misunderstanding of what it takes to turn a woman on - doesn't do much for you... Does he?

Given a choice between the two, be HONEST now - which do you prefer?

The hunched back looking squirly-guy who seems just as afraid of his own shadow, let alone his manhood or masculinity, or the overly confident, sometimes foolish man, who at least is WILLING to face it all head on - regardless of defeat?

So - if a guy wants to BE a guy, at least ACT like a MAN, even if it looks foolish and appears he's actually trying to hide his hard three inch penis in his pants.

Men KNOW this - the lesser man looks at these guys and thinks - screw him, he's a jerk but on the inside he's certainly thinking that he gets the women he can not - but since he's not willing to do it, so it's WHY he believe he FAILS at every stage.

And YOU know it also.

A man who BELIEVES it, LIVES it; and given the choice between the two, which would you rather be with?


Way too many AVERAGE men look at their dicks as if it's a genuine marker of masculinity... and why shouldn't they?

Smaller equals less pleasing, relates to being useless sexually, relates to not capable of getting the job done and they're partly right - so to speak.

A two inch penis thrusting inside you, the tip only felt - might not satisfy you; the penetration just doesn't seem or feel like it's enough to get the JOB done without the aid of "something" else.

Sure, there's a PERFECT size for every woman, big or small, but if you EXPECT a heterosexual guy to understand what it feels like to be penetrated by a man - then you're out of luck - just like you can NEVER understand what it feels like to be inside a woman, a man can never imagine what it feels like to be penetrated vaginally.

Two - you must see the reality of it all, a two inch screw can only do so much...

So a man walking around thinking his is too small to get the job done, feels useless and not capable of performing even adequately the role he is supposedly meant to play:

BE A MAN - BE the masculine side of the equation.

And if you don't have the right tool - SORRY, they are not for sale just yet (patent pending), guess you're out of luck you pathetic fool.

This is NOT the ONLY reason some men walk this way - sometimes it's an age and health reason, sometimes it's a confidence issue, sometimes it's a bad day and we mustn't blame those for things beyond their control, like a death of another, a loss they held dear -

BUT - the TRUTH is CLEAR...

Men who walk the walk, talk the talk, face the fears, feels so incredibly great about themselves... Get IT or YOU or whatever the put their eyes on.

The others... do NOT!

The ones who DO get it, their swagger and swayed walk - even when over-the-top, may be seen at times as being overly confident and hiding their insecurities, without a doubt display a body language long since known to attract much more than the man who doesn't have it.

So yes - some force it, some emulate a man they've seen who had it all, others just BELIEVE and it comes out in their body language - the strength and optimism they feel exude from their very existence.

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