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What Makes A Toxic Man Bad For You – How To Avoid and Spot Them First

Sometimes you’re going to meet men that are considered toxic or or bad for you. These guys will send your life into turmoil, cause you pain and hurt, and introduce a lot of drama to your relaxed world. This section will help you to avoid them, help you see them, and help you to remove them from your life for good.

  • Why Do Some Guys Turn Into Losers AFTER You Start Dating Them?

    Why every guy you date quickly turns into a loser and how to stop it from ever happening again. The 3 most common types are: Comfortably complacent. The easy way out guy. You’re too much work for him. Objectify the dating process with men. Learn to spot the right guy for you and avoid the bad ones.

  • Do You Only Attract Loser Men? Here’s Why & How You Can Stop It

    Before you commit to another loser, know the reasons why you’re attracting them and how to stop yourself from getting in another failed relationship. Know what you have control of and don’t. Understand your attraction to a bad guy. Time to focus on you, build your self-esteem, stop settling, you’re not a loser.

  • The Worst Thing A Guy Can Say To A Woman – You’ll Never Believe It

    Man Saying Bad To Woman

    Men have said some stupid dumb stuff to women but this one tops the list. You’ve heard many strange things from guys, have you heard this one? Why do guys answers the question honestly, open to discuss much about men’s feelings and what happens to them when they’re frustrated sexually and living in the friends zone.

  • What Was His Excuse To Not Commit To You? Real Fears or Bullshit?

    Men have lots of excuses to avoid committing to a woman. They also have lots of reasons to not commit to a woman which are reasonable especially when they’re not feeling you’re his one and only BUT when does it become an excuse to keep you on the hook or forever dangle the “maybe” someday a relationship will happen. This post explain the worse excuse of all and if any guy uses on you, it’s best to move on quickly before it’s too late.

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