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Games Guys Play – Is He Playing You? Is He A Player? Don’t Get Fooled

Dating and relationships are all too often filled with games, deceit, and hidden agendas.

Use this section to help you figure out if he’s a player, if you are or was being played.

Use it to help you expose the many games guy play on women and how to stop yourself from falling for them before they emotionally hurt you.

  • What Are His Excuses For Not Committing To You? Are They Real Or Lies?

    Are you dating a guy who keeps giving you an excuse from not wanting to fully commit? Is it the typical, it’s not you, it’s me or I’ve been hurt in the past, or I don’t want to hurt you because I’m no good. Find out if he’s real or not. Is he really that weak or using it to keep you around while he looks elsewhere.

  • Is He Always Waiting For You To Text Him – Why Would A Guy Do That?!!

    He did so much to get your phone number but then silence. You’ve been on a few dates with him, you did get close a few times – but you’re always the one who has to contact him first. You know days go by without one message and if you left it up to him, it feels like you’d never hear from him again. This is why.

  • What To Do When His Ex Said She Still Loves Him & He Goes Distant On You

    He said his ex-girlfriend was playing games and getting in his head. Is he still in love with her? Is he waiting for her to take him back? She said he’s worried about getting his heart broken, again. She left him alone, gave him space, and asks: Is he interested? Does he have feelings for her? Is he afraid? What to do?

  • Defining A Player, The Games He Uses, & Why Most Men Are Not Players

    The actual real definition of a player. What his games is. The tactics he uses on you. What moves he’ll use on suspicious or hesitant women. What must be in place for a player to “play” you. How he’ll use your emotions against you to further his game. 10 tips on how to avoid being played. Why most men are not players.

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