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Why Do Guys…?

Welcome To Why Do Guys…

Understanding Men at Why Do Guys…? Confirmed Message

Yep. It’s quite obvious what those two guys above are doing but guys are NOT always so obvious when it comes to communicating “other” things, are they?

Well.. Welcome to Why Do Guys.

You will be receiving your first letter any minute now so keep your eye out for it, don’t miss it and please make sure I’m not sent to your spam folder.

I promise to never sell, rent, share, or act unethically with your email address and I ask you to respect my privacy too. It’s only fair now. πŸ˜€

You can read any of the the past broadcasts here –> Why Do Guys – Broadcast Archives .

You can also find my “older” newsletter stuff here –> Newsletter Archives – Questions – Answers – Theories – The Truth About Men

Please keep in mind I can NOT answer everyone and honestly I do not have all the answers BUT I will always try to give it the best I can based on the one clear “thing” which separates us indefinitely… and that is…

I’m a guy. You’re a WOMAN. πŸ˜‰

BUT – I feel it’s best for both of us to contribute no matter what the results are so please do so the best you can.

Your voice, opinions, and ideas are always appreciated.

Thanks again and as always… all the best to you from your new guy friend,


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An honest, REAL look at men:


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  • Kiwi127

    Hi Pete!
    I want to know what did him think.
    Yesterday I was busy and I forgot to reply his message but I replied after finished work about 15 hours. But him don’t read my message I send new message to him again but same thing he don’t read he’s ignoring me, what should I do? He might hates me or trying to gone.
    I don’t understand really.

  • Meena

    The guy i met once, we started to talk over the phone. Earlier days i use to be shy type that’s why i didn’t show that i too like him but after a week he proposed but i think he didn’t actually mean it but i replied that yes too love him more than he doesπŸ˜› then after that i called him up and talked for hours and same the very next day but it was half and hour. Just after that call hung up, i called him twice to ask something but he didn’t answered, i thought he must be asleep and will call me tomorrow but he didn’t! And again the next day i called him and he didn’t answered ,waited for 1 day but no calls no text from him. Then i called him once yesterday asking why he doing this he simply said he was asleep that night(all the 3 nights?) and thought i was sleeping in the morning so didn’t called (like really? I mean, why not in the afternoon,evening. I’d be free like i am always and he knows it)

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