5 Simple But Powerful Ways To Make Him Feel Loved

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Written by Hannah Jackson, creator of Make Him Love You Forever, The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart.

“One word Frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”
― Sophocles

Whether you’ve met someone new, or you’ve been in a relationship for some time now, it’s important to keep your connection strong.

As the months and years go by, it's normal for the passion to wind down a bit.

But even as that happens, some habits will keep you close to your guy.

Life can get crazy, and a bunch of other things may occupy you and your partner’s time, so that can get in the way sometimes.

But if you can keep his love and attention on you even as you're going through a busy week, that will keep you going for a long time to come.

As much as we'd like to have a one-size-fits-all secret formula for staying happy together, it's really a combination of different things put together.

You’ll need to make the time, effort and loving patience for your relationship to flourish.

But it’s not as complicated or hard as some people think. It’s more about doing the small stuff every day.

On their own, these things might not seem like much until they’ve stacked up over time.

And when you take step back see what you’ve put into the relationship, you’ll be glad you started as early as now.

To get your man to appreciate the full force of your love – and get him to reciprocate – here are 5 Everyday Habits to Make Your Man Fall Deeper In Love With You:

#1: Be the Yin to His Yang.

If you're a woman looking for a man, you'll need your femininity to appeal to his masculinity.

In a relationship, there needs to be a balance of both energies. So what you bring to the table matters to both of you.

He needs your feminine essence to complement his masculine side, but it's not about catering to his ego.

Instead, you want to be the woman in his life that knows where he's coming from. You can do that by acknowledging the "manly" aspects of his personality and appreciating them.

Guys love nothing more than being able to look out for his loved ones, and they get an immense amount of satisfaction out of it.

Your guy also feels at his most masculine when he can face a problem head-on and tackle a massive task with his force of will.

And I'm not saying you can't be those things either, but in a relationship, a man wants the privilege to be able to do those things for you.

If you can give him props for that, and recognize his role in your shared connection, he'll be eternally grateful.

Let him be that guy for you by sending words of appreciation and kindness his way.

When he's able to express his masculinity in the relationship, he'll feel like the Superman to your Lois Lane.

#2: Take Care of Him.

Showing your softer, more vulnerable side to your guy isn't weakness. It's about giving him the gift of your nurturing care - and choosing to do so.

A lot of women underestimate the power of acts of kindness in their relationship. But when a guy knows that he's getting personal attention from the special person in his life, he'll feel loved.

As Bob Marley once sang, "You make me feel like sweepstake winner!"

Not only that, your gentle, healing energy recharges his batteries. He can go back to being his most masculine self again and take on the world.

Being together is a matter of give and take, so trust me, he'll want to give back as good as he gets. Doing the "little" things might not seem like much in the big picture, but they add up.

And it will make the connection between you that much stronger.

Here are some ways you can start doing that:

  • Praise him within earshot of family, friends, and colleagues
  • Make him his favorite beverage, or do a Starbucks run and surprise him at work (if you think he's cool with that)
  • Gently encourage him to share his feelings after he's had a rough day. Listen to him and let him explore his feelings.
  • Send him a couple of texts or messages (less is more, so don't bombard him) every day. It can be anything that makes him feel special, like sending him a silly joke, a quick but heartfelt note, or even a racy message if he seems game for that. A little female attention goes a long way!
  • Give him your full attention when you're hanging out together - put away your phone for a while and let him feel your full presence
  • Plan a surprise date for him. Do something together that you know he'll genuinely like. Guys love it when they can kick back once in a while and let their partner do the planning or decision-making.

#3: Get His Motor Running!

Passion and physical intimacy are the glue of a romantic relationship. Without it, you may as well be platonic friends.

So you need to find small ways you can turn him on in your day-to-day lives. When you make a move on him, it doesn’t have to be overtly sexual – not all the time, at least.

Save the big stuff for when it really counts (i.e., when you’re behind closed doors). During your daily routine, remind him that you’re his lady, and he’s the hottest guy you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Your man will never tell you, but he wants to be a little objectified from time to time.

He wants to know you still turn him on and want to take advantage of him as soon as you have a moment alone with him.

Subtlety is key. Implying it is better than spelling it out.

Try the following on him:

  • Anything that draws attention to your figure will get his attention. Next time you’re trying to put something on, ask him to zip you up. It seems casual on the surface, but he’ll know what’s going on when he gets a little glimpse of you.
  • Send him a message along the lines of, “Hey honey, hope you’re doing ok. Listen, I’m trying on some swimsuits at the store. Could you tell me which one looks better on me?”
  • Here's another one: "Almost finished with my night out with the girls. Feeling a little tipsy. Gosh, hope no one takes advantage of me when I get home later."
  • Complement his physicality. Try telling him things like, “You look good enough to eat in that suit,” “I get a little thirsty watching you fix the car,” or “You’re so strong.”

Men love being teased and the slow burn of anticipation.

Make it fun game by leaving a breadcrumb trail for your man to follow. Do it right, and he’ll be more than eager to march to your beat.

#4: Take Care of Yourself.

It might sound counterintuitive to focus on yourself to make your man feel loved. However, this actually makes sense in the bigger scheme of things.

You see, men don’t like to be smothered. Yes, your guy wants your love and appreciation, but not to the point where you’re forgetting your own needs in the equation.

Your man doesn't know it, but he needs you also to focus your energy outside the relationship.

In the back of his mind, he has to know that you’re also doing things that make YOU happy which doesn’t involve him.

Otherwise, he’ll feel like it’s all on him to give you that sense of fulfillment in life. That’s not a healthy dynamic to have.

By maintaining your own identity and sense of independence, it’s a reassurance for him that you’ve got it together.

And this actually makes him more drawn to you.

It works the same way for him. He also needs to provide himself with that fulfillment so he can be a whole person - while being in a relationship with you.

No matter how amazing your guy is, having him in your life isn’t an excuse to let everything else fall to the wayside.

BALANCE is crucial, so taking care of the following will make your relationship stable:

  • Your health, fitness and overall mental and physical well-being
  • Your social life
  • Your career
  • Your other hobbies and things you’re passionate about
  • Any projects you’re involved in (i.e., volunteering at a non-profit, etc.)

And the great thing about going off the radar for a while and doing your own thing is that he’ll MISS you.

Guys have a secret fear of losing you. Funny enough, this is the very thing that makes your man pursue you even harder.

If he knows you’re out there, creating value in the world, that makes you valuable in his eyes.

And when he knows what he stands to lose, he’ll never think of taking you for granted.

So being unavailable from time to time creates some healthy tension. He’ll be enthusiastic about the “chase” and try to win you over again and again.

#5: Let Him Do His Thing.

Now it’s time to talk about his independence. As happy as a guy is in his relationship, he still needs to feel a sense of freedom.

Even if he’s married, has kids, a job and a bunch of other responsibilities, a guy wants to know that he can pursue things related to his personal development.

That doesn’t mean he’s free to flirt with other women or go on a week-long sabbatical. He just needs to carve out a reasonable amount of time to explore his interests.

Like you, he’s got activities, hobbies and other things that he’s passionate about – not to mention a circle of friends that go with these.

Aside from that, there might be times when he's simply feeling beat from the daily grind and needs to decompress.

Or he might be busy tackling a colossal task that he wants to get off his plate so he can breathe easy.

Most guys are wired to have a laser-like focus on a project, and they’re not as good as multitasking as women.

So, he might seem a little withdrawn - and for a lack of a better word, INTENSE – when he's in this "get it done" mode.

In any case, it’s normal to feel worried because it feels like he’s pulling away and emotionally unavailable.

And I know that sometimes, men can seem aloof and even insensitive.

And it makes you want to lock him down more and make sure he doesn’t get away.

But that can backfire and make him want to retreat further - especially when he feels a needy or desperate vibe from his partner.

However, you need to understand that this is part of a guy’s process when he’s got a lot of stuff to deal with. As his partner, you can give him the space he needs to crush whatever big goal he’s working on.

Gently reassure him that you’re in his corner while he’s battling it out.

Meanwhile, you can focus on yourself (see #4) and get your own needs taken care of.

Once he comes out of his cave, he’ll thank you for being so supportive during that time.

More importantly, your guy will be able to focus all his energy back on you again.

A lot of women find it tricky to walk that tightrope between not loving their man enough, which makes him feel neglected and being possessive or going overboard – which pushes him away.

The best way to avoid getting trapped in that situation is by knowing what makes a guy DEEPLY ATTACHED to his partner.

Every man has a trigger in his mind - once you know how to activate it, he’ll feel like you’re the only woman who truly understands him.

This is the signal that tells him you’re The One.

That makes him want to pour all his love and attention into you - on a level you haven’t seen before.

You won’t have to worry about where you stand with him.

He’ll let you know in no uncertain terms how much he loves you, starting today, and every day after that.
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