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Two Types Of Men – One Understands & Gets You, The Other Does Not – Knowing Which Type is Key to Figuring Men Out

Two Men Different Types

Why does understanding men have to be so complicated!!!


Depends how you look at it, doesn’t it?

Look into the psychology and sociology of it all and it can become quite complicated. That kind of studying can take you years to fully grasp.

You can study the mind of a guy by going deeper and deeper until you hit the right spot. The “Aha!” moment just might grant you full access to any man’s heart and mind.

But I don’t think everyone wants to go that far…

It’s usually about one guy, right now, who is frustrating you and confusing you so much you felt you had no choice but to seek advice about his “problem.”

I’m glad you did. Grab a seat.

Now for you… this guy is doing things you don’t understand.

You’re looking for the deeper meaning behind it.

And I’m guessing that more than 99% of you are probably in some way attracted to him.

(If you do find yourself constantly looking for the deeper meaning behind everything and anything a guy does, make sure you read this letter all the way to end because it might not be healthy or the attractive thing to do when you’re dealing with men. Find out why below.)


On the other side:

Maybe you’ve been confused by too many men for too long and you’re tired of it. You believe the answers to understanding men will give you insight to help you make better decisions and enjoy a happy relationship.

Whatever your reasons for being here… thank you!

I do hope I can bring closer to you a “new” understanding of men and in the very least, excite your desire to learn about men than you ever have before.

Today’s lesson on men is short and to the point and it forever change how you see men and how you can begin to unravel ANY problem you’re having with one guy or ALL of them.

Never forget this.

They are only TWO types of guys.

Yes, that’s right… two.

I can not make it any simpler than that for you.

Type 1: The guys who GET (understand) you.

Guy Type Gets Understands You

Some do it naturally.

Some will learn it through trial and error.

Some seek advice and use it for good. Other use that same advice to “play” you.

Some have “problems” and use their natural ability to play most women.

Some don’t even know they’re doing it.

This group (so it’s been formulated) consists of about 8% to 10% of men. It’s estimated (based on my own observation and experience only) that 1 out of every 10 in this group fall in the bad category.

These are considered the guys who actually sleep with or date the majority of ALL women.

A note which has never been proven but definitely observed by the next type.

Type 2: The guys who DON’T get you.

Guy Type Does Not Get Understand You

Women and their relationships with them have come primarily by accident.

90% plus of all men fall into this category.

They live in your friends zone. You  will rarely if ever feel attracted to them.

They can be “nice guys” but they can also be the over-confident pricks who pretends they’re the type one.

These guys meet a woman who likes them although they might not know why she does.

If she pursues him AND if he feels a little attracted to her – he will “settle” comfortably and just take things as they come along.

That doesn’t mean this type can’t or doesn’t love you.

In fact he’ll probably give you more love than you can handle which at times will appear needy.

But remember… these are guys who generally don’t get you.

This group can and will dabble in the other group. They won’t know it’s happening but they can invoke your attraction and interest.

After some time though they typically revert back to their born type two.


By now you might be wondering WHY it’s so important for you to know there are only two types of men and HOW it’s going to help you in ALL your relationships with men (casually dating or in an exclusive relationship).

And you should but first…

Remember above when I mentioned about how always looking for the deeper meaning behind everything a guy says or does can get in the way of you attracting the right guy for you?

Read this quote below and you’ll understand why. Read the entire article when you can and I’ll explain why after:

1… Men Don’t Make Sense!

All those frustrating things that men do that don’t make any sense to you as a woman will NEVER MAKE SENSE.

Stop trying to make sense of them for yourself.

Trying to make sense of a man in your own terms is entirely counterproductive and gets little or no results other than you becoming increasingly frustrated.

There’s a better way.

2… You Can’t Figure Everything Out.

Have you ever REALLY hit it off with a guy but after a few weeks or months, even though things seemed great, the man pulled away and starting acting distant and cold?

Most men, at one time or another, do things like this that are ridiculous and impossible to figure out.

So EXPECT to NOT UNDERSTAND everything a man does.

If you can become more comfortable with the idea of not knowing everything about WHY a man does what he does, then you’ll feel a strange sense of calm relaxation – along with an increase in your own self-confidence.

I’m not saying that it’s OK for a man to do whatever and that you should accept any negative and withdrawing behaviors without bringing it up and confronting it. You absolutely should take notice and make mention of these things when you see them.

But the more relaxed and positive you can think and feel around these things, no matter what the man is doing, the sooner you’ll stop fighting everything in your mind and start creating better situations for yourself.

It’s frustrating and counter intuitive, but accepting what’s going on and moving forward from that reality in a positive way changes the whole frame of the situation.

But some women get stuck in the “I need to understand why he does this and THEN I’ll figure out what to do, think and feel” mindset.

This almost never leads to clear thinking and positive action.

Remember, men don’t make any sense.

So don’t depend on their actions making sense for you to develop your own opinions, judgments and next steps.

Pay attention to your gut, what you want in your life and what you know is right instead of rationalizing and finding a way for it to all fit together and be OK.

6 Ways On How To Use The Magic Of Intuition & Get To Know The Real Him

The article was written to tell you to use your intuition with men BUT you must know HOW to use it the right way or else you can easily makes things worse between you and men.

For example: If you intuition is often leading you on a negative path – then trusting your intuition won’t work and will do harm. So there’s a trick to cultivating this trick to have it work positively in your favor.


Now that you know the simplest fact about men, remember – there are only two types – you can use your INTUITION to figure out quickly which type you’re dealing with making it easier on you to understand the guy you might have questions about.

As long as you admit or accept the truth you read in the quote FIRST.

  • All those frustrating things that men do that don’t make any sense to you as a woman will NEVER MAKE SENSE.
  • You can’t figure everything out and simply by trying too hard will leave you following negative path making it much worse on you and possibly destroying your current or future relationships with men.

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Now let’s get right back to telling you HOW you will use this “two types of men” secret if that’s what you want to call it to help you figure out ANY guy.

Well – okay – it won’t show you everything but now knowing which type you’re dealing will make it impossible to know without a doubt what is happening.

This is because BOTH types can be doing, saying, or acting exactly the same way but it can mean two entirely different things.

See how easy it can to be to misinterpret him IF you don’t know his type.

For example:

A classic thing lots of women worry about is being played by a guy. As you should be concerned about. It’s frustrating, hurtful, can waste lots of your time, leave you devastated, and ruin so many future interactions with men.

Getting played by a guy is something NO woman should ever have to go through.

Here’s the thing.

Use your intuition.

What is your gut telling you about the two type of guys above?

Got something in your head? Cool.

Now let’s see if our views or answers match up.

Type two above – the guys who don’t get you will NEVER knowingly play you.

They don’t know how. They just don’t have it in them to do it. AND if they even try, you’ll see it happening a mile away.

This ultimately means – when you know you’re dealing with this type – you’re NOT being played and can rule out a whole list of reasons why he’s doing the things he’s doing to you.

To type two – it’s not a game and will never be one 99% of the time. (Sorry there are always exceptions.)

On the other side – type one HAS the capacity and skills to play you. It doesn’t mean it’s happening BUT it IS a possibility.

Hope that makes it clear just how extremely important it is for you to know the type you’re dealing with – which is not easy but does get easier as you go along.

Trust your RIGHT intuition and it will become much easier.

*There’s another “alternative” way and it’s called Finders Keepers. The program shows you 12 characteristics in man to look for AND how to cultivate the same for yourself.

It’s relatively inexpensive and you get immediate access to it with a full refund if you don’t like it. So there’s no risk for you at all. For more information on those 12 characteristics click here OR check out the review I wrote on it here.

Let’s wrap up this letter…

There are only two types of guys.

The ones that get you and the ones who don’t.

The guys who get you are the ones who are good with women and have very little problem attracting them. They are the top eight to ten percent of men.

The who don’t get you are the others. They simply have no or little idea how attraction works, the dating game, the mating rituals we share, or how to go from one step to another with women.

Knowing which type you’re dealing with is critically important in your understanding of ALL men and equally important to figuring them out.

Learning how to use your intuition can reveal what type he is to you much easier IF you know HOW to use it the right way.

The wrong way can cause a lot of misinterpretation and problems for you.

Thank you so stopping by. I hope you found what you were looking for today and you’re that much closer to understanding men and the two types you should be aware of now.

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6 comments… add one
  • Susane

    I just have a question I matt that guy he was so nice to me we seen each other every day for 2 weeks straight he was totally into me the first time he seen me I matt his parents friends etc .but I know he had an relationships for 2 months ago and he told me he can’t believe he feels for me that fast it is dangerous for 2 days ago I heard the last time something from him now I try to txt and call him he doesn’t respond ..what does that mean

    • Peter White

      Hello Susane, we may have a communication problem. I’m assuming your first language is not English so I have a question first…

      Has he been in a relationship for 2 months and then he met you? If he’s committed to someone else then that would obviously be a good reason for him to suddenly disappear.

      Other than that – there are some guys who get scared early on when their attractive urges take over. I wouldn’t be surprised for a guy like that to all of a sudden stop responding so quickly.

      Next up – a few days is not a big deal and it’s probably a good thing. Too much, too early, too quickly, usually ends up burning up or turning to just sex until the thrill wears off.

      I also have another question…

      Who has done the texting or calling up until the disappearance…

      If you’ve been constantly starting the conversations or not stopping them at a reasonable time, then I’d have to say he was worried this had become one of those dreaded – Instant relationships.

      Let me know some of your answers Suasne and we’ll try to figure it all out,


  • JoDee

    I’m not sure if this site is just for questions about single people but, here goes anyway . . . My husband of almost 19 years, had an online emotional affair with someone from his past from Jan. to May of this year when I found out. He acted like it was my fault for years of neglect, which I take some responsibility for. But if you take vows, you make a commitment to not go outside your marriage and to stick it out and work on things until you can’t anymore. Then you leave. You don’t bring another person into the relationship before the marriage is really over. He did cut it off with her and wants to stay and work things out but, at times, he seems so self-centered and uncaring towards me. It almost makes me think he’s now found out he’s still attractive to other women and he might be looking to do it again. I know this is a deep and complicated subject, which might not be appropriate for this blog, but I just thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m so tired of the guessing game. I can’t tell if he IS playing games or if I’m nuts. I noticed you said in a previous newsletter that you should always trust that inner voice if you feel something is not right. Any advice?

    • Peter White

      Hello JoDee,

      Trusting your inner voice is one thing – but learning how to really listen to it might be something entirely different. You can’t tell if he’s playing games or if it’s you because you don’t trust him anymore. You thought you knew him but now you’re not sure.

      Trusting your inner voice is noticing something is not right with your connection to him. Listening to it saying, “Without trust – how are you take him at face value anymore after he acted out of character AND without the fear of consequences which would result in hurting you and benefiting him.”

      I may be overstating the obvious or something you already knew but I hope it helps you to gain a better perspective.

      He’s ( I’m guessing because I’m not a therapist ) acting self-centered and uncaring because he’s closed himself off emotionally from you to avoid being hurt. Whether he intends to be mean or how deep the breakdown of the communication is ( something perhaps only a counselor can help you mend ) is beyond me. I’m merely looking at the surface and giving you what I see from the outside.

      Also – he may be acting out ( or inward ) hoping to gain any emotional response from you because as ( people ) we tend to equate anger and love as feeling something and can invoke anger to feel more loved. For example – if anything and everything he did ( good or bad ) didn’t matter to you then his heart would tell him you don’t care anymore. He’ll up the antics enough until he gets an emotional response.

      Complicated as all that seems – ALL relationships evolves some sort of game playing. I imagine it’s just part of the social world we create for ourselves and over time, especially in a marriage – we learn so much about the other person it kind of makes it easier to predict what will happen thus sharpening our game playing tools.

      However your marriage and the games you feel are being played ( back and forth ) could just be cluing you in on the communication breakdown and I suppose that’s a good thing because now, the two of you can begin to work things out and possibly strengthen the relationship and last another 19 years.

      I’m pulling for you over here.

      All the best of luck to you,


  • YuYu

    Hi Peter, so the only way to marry a nice guy is to pursue him? And if not? Will he EVER make a move? I literally gave him a green light and all obvious signals and still nothing.. He is stalked in ” impressing me ” stage. I’m tired , I’m ready for more, I developed true feelings .. What s next ? Take his hand and bring him to the wedding office ? I’m completely confused. He said he doesn’t understand what I want, shall I say directly about marriage and feelings ? I’ve bad experience

    • Peter White

      You should never have to chase a guy. Put him on a timetable and stick to it. If it doesn’t happen in a reasonable amount of time… walk or run away.

      Now there are communication techniques you can use on men to encourage him to act but beyond that – it’s up to him. If he doesn’t understand what you want – they yes – he’s a type two most likely.

      Read this and see if it helps you out:

      5 Steps You Can Use To Push His Secret Button For Better Communication


      It’s all about communicating to men in way they get, understand, AND creates attraction for you at the same time.

      All the best,

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