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Happy Embrace Goddess Within

Written by James Bauer, creator of What Men Secretly Want and His Secret Obsession.

What It Is and Why It Works

In this brief report I will open your mind to a new possibility. You will be exposed to a single unifying concept that has the power to dramatically enhance your love life while simultaneously increasing your happiness.

Here's the thing.

Your dating life will go better when you think of yourself as a goddess with immeasurable value,  desirability, beauty, and worth.

The main reason is quite simple.

The men you want to end up with already think of women like they are some sort of goddess.

They think of women as fantastic sources of joy and beauty.

They think of women as a scarce commodity of high-value.

When you fully embrace your own self-worth, you will naturally act and live in a way that attracts men who think of you as a goddess.


Believe it or not, happiness is one of the most difficult research topics for scientists to study.

It's difficult to measure.

There are many different ways of asking whether a person is happy or satisfied with their life.

Some happiness researchers have used pictures of smiley faces on a gradient from a frown to a neutral face, and all way up to a big grin.

Research subjects are asked to circle the one face that comes closest to representing the way they generally feel.

I personally know a psychologist who studied with a university researcher who developed a system for measuring people's quality of life. It's a tricky business, because a person's focus at any given moment has a huge effect on how they rate their own happiness.

For example, you might be surprised to learn that college students stopped by researchers for a survey on a rainy day rated their expectations for enjoying the rest of their life much lower than college students who were stopped to answer the same survey on sunny days.

In other words, the weather influenced people's moods.

It would be one thing if they had rated their current level of happiness lower, but these students actually expected the rest of their lives to be less enjoyable when they were asked to predict their future happiness on a rainy day.

Here's another curiosity.

When you ask about a specific area of a person's quality of life (like their relationships, their job, their finances, etc.), their global rating of their own personal happiness changes dramatically depending on their satisfaction with the aspect of their life situation you just asked them about.

Here's the point.

What you focus on changes how you feel.

We're going to come back to that concept later in this report and use it to your advantage.

Making the Shift

You are you. Nothing can change that. What can change is the way you use your mind.

Embracing your inner goddess and self-worth happens when you change your beliefs and mindset (and then get into the habit of keeping the right mindset).

The easiest way to change the way you think is to change what you focus on.

Right at this moment there are hundreds if not thousands of sensations, perceptions, and thoughts in your experience that you are not paying attention to.

For example, you're probably sitting down right now, yet you did not notice the sensation of pressure between your body and the seat until I drew your attention to it with this sentence.

Your mind was registering the temperature of the air around you on some level, but your conscious mind was not focused on it until you read this sentence.

You probably remember what a cow looks like, but you did not have an image of a cow floating in your mind until I mentioned a cow.

Our conscious mind is like a flashlight shining around in a large storage closet. Your attention is like the beam of the flashlight.

Wherever you focus the beam of your attention, the things stored in the recesses of your memory or current experience, or even your imagination, come to life and influence your experience.

Want to feel more confident?

It's one of the requirements for unleashing the Goddess within.

How do you do it?

It's simple.

Take control of where you focus the flashlight of your conscious attention. Yeah, but how do you do that?

Controlling the focus of your mind is quite difficult. But I have a secret method that makes it easy.

The easiest way to control the focus of your mind is to control the questions you ask yourself.

For example, if I ask you to name five things you are grateful for, your mind begins to rove over various possible answers.

You will accept some of the possibilities your mind comes up with, and you will reject others as being nice but not good enough to be in your list of five things you are grateful for.

In the process of answering that question, your feelings of gratitude will increase (because of the things you are focusing on automatically as your mind tries to answer the question you have set before it).

This is good.

This is something I want you to do more of every day from this day forward.

Build the habit into your day.

For example, don't start your car engine until you pause for 30 seconds to list five things you are grateful for. As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, don't stand up until you have thought of three things you can look forward to during the day.

What happens when you ask yourself a question like,

"Why am I feeling depressed today?"

Naturally, your mind goes roving through the various reasons why you might feel depressed.

What kind of list is your mind likely to come up with?

That's right, a list of all the worst things happening in your life right now. The list may even contain fears about possible future events that may or may not ever come into fruition.

In short, your focus will flood your mind with thoughts and mental experiences (imagined in the mind's eye) that make you feel even more depressed than you did before you asked the question.

If you change just one thing about your life, change the questions you ask yourself on a habitual basis.

Do this and you will unleash a level of self-mastery and self-control that few people in the history of mankind have ever been able to achieve.

You will do so with far less effort than many other people who have attempted to use willpower alone to control the focus of their mind.

Summary So Far

You become more attractive to men when you embrace the goddess within. You embrace the goddess within by encouraging your thoughts to go in certain directions.

Those directions include happiness, confidence, high self-value, expecting the best, and believing in your ability to positively influence those around you.

The best method ever discovered for controlling the direction and focus of your thoughts comes down to repeatedly asking the right kinds of questions.

If you want to feel confident, you start each day asking yourself questions like,

"What are two memories I have of times when I felt very confident,"


"What do I do really well?"

If you want to feel happy, you ask yourself questions like,

"What would I be focused on right now if I was just planning on enjoying this day to the fullest,"


"What are three things I have to look forward to in my daily routine?"

In the next section we will explore the concept of embracing the goddess within with a little more detail to get your mind rolling through the possible ways to embrace a more fulfilling way of life.

This "way of life" is really a "way of thinking," that ends up creating real, measurable, and tangible improvements in your life.

Things Goddesses Do

How do you start acting and thinking like a goddess with extremely high self-worth and radiant beauty that exudes through your entire body, personality, and attitude?

I just told you!

You focus on asking the right questions.

So here's the question you're supposed to ask a lot from now on:

"What would I be thinking and how would I be acting right now if I truly was a goddess of infinite value, beauty, and worth?"

Allow me to prime the pump by giving you some suggested answers.

The more frequently you ask yourself the question about how a goddess would be thinking and acting, the more easily your mind will begin to supply you with useful answers.

To get you started, I'm going to suggest a few answers.

What does a goddess do?

1. She smiles...a lot!

She smiles at men. She smiles at her friends. She laughs a lot. She enjoys jokes, funny moments, and new exciting opportunities.

It's often overwhelming to a man when he considers approaching a woman who gives a sly smile or that familiar "come hither" look.

A friendly smile with direct eye contact from a woman who is clearly open to interaction is far more likely to lead to his approach.

2. She dresses and grooms herself in a way that allows for true beauty to shine every single day.

Be radiant.

Don't even go out to the grocery store in your sweatpants. Your attitude toward yourself is just as important as anything else.

Dress nicely.

Budget carefully to ensure you have funds for investing in quality clothes that fit you well and make you feel great.

3. She identifies with "success."

She's not bashful about being approached by a very attractive man.

She is not surprised by a promotion at work.

She expects these things and she does not wait until they happen before adopting a happy attitude about their occurrence.

When you believe you are a goddess, you attract good fortune into your life by identifying with the thoughts, mentalities, and activities common to successful people.

Rather than waiting for good things to happen before becoming happy, a goddess embraces happiness first.

Then circumstances unfold naturally to support that happiness.

This is the way of things with the goddess mindset.

Having trouble making this jump?

Think questions.

Like this one.

"What are two wonderful possibilities that I could embrace as my own as I adjust to my new life of increased confidence and self-worth?"

Don't force anything.

Just let the answers form in your mind as you maintain an open mindset and an attitude of grateful, positive expectation.

4. She puts effort into feeling good and maintaining healthy levels of energy.

This means she gives herself ample time to sleep deeply. It means she exercises to maintain high energy and good health.

Women who are energetic exude a kind of health that is a significant turn-on to men.

Maintaining high energy means setting boundaries with draining friends and limiting exposure to things like fashion magazines that create unrealistic expectations for life and appearance.

Instead, the woman who has embraced the goddess within spends that time reading inspirational stories, or meditating, or exercising.

5. She meets her own needs first.

A goddess wants to give freely to the men in her life.

She considers herself a spring of joy in a man's life. To succeed in that intention, she is careful not to subvert her own needs to those of the men in her life.

She knows she is of high worth, so if a man does not respect her or build her up or fulfill her through his company, she has no hesitancy or negative feelings about turning her energy and attention elsewhere.

She does not live in the mentality of fear about losing relationships.

She seeks fulfillment in relationships and trusts that that fulfillment will come easily so long as she remains open to pursuing it.

How does she think?

1. She always expects the best.

Opportunities are exciting to her because she embraces them with the positive expectation that comes with the lucky mindset.

A lucky mindset embraces the idea that you don't have to control life all the time in order for good things to happen.

Simply by keeping your eyes open and maintaining a willing mindset, you will notice things all around you that present opportunities for interacting with men of high caliber, or doing something really fun that enhances your enjoyment of life.

2. She walks towards what she does want in life rather than walking away from what she doesn't want.

While the difference between these two mentalities may be subtle, it is also profound.

We are all walking towards pleasure and away from pain.

The difference is that some people are focused on the things they want to go toward, while others (while walking in the same direction) are looking fearfully behind them at the things they want to escape from.

As you embrace the goddess within, look toward the things you do want in your life.

For example, pursuing wealth and avoiding bankruptcy are at opposite extremes of the same continuum.

The goddess asks herself questions like,

"How can I enhance my wealth and financial well-being with my actions and decisions today?"

This is in stark contrast to the question,

"How can I avoid going bankrupt in this difficult situation?"

3. Most important of all, a goddess acts and thinks as if she already is a goddess.

She fully embraces her own self-worth here and now.

This is her secret.

It's not that she has a perfect body or perfect life or perfect radiant love flowing from her at all times.

Rather, the practical reality of how she benefits from this mindset stems from the decision
to act and think as if she already is a goddess of fantastic qualities and immense value to others.

If you're ever stuck, simply ask yourself this question,

"How would a goddess who has fully embraced love, life, sexuality, beauty, and goodness embrace and transform this problem, situation, or opportunity?"

Often, women become stymied by fear.

As soon as fear enters the equation you have slipped. Embracing the goddess within means you leave a fear-driven life behind.

Build Your Palace

Men will flock to you when you live your life in a state of joyful exploration.

This is a natural benefit that emerges as you embrace the goddess within.

For example, let's say you highly value kindness.

Your unique version of embracing the goddess within will mean exuding kindness.

If you're unique version of expressing the inner goddess means you exude kindness, guess who you will attract?

You will attract men who see that kindness in you because you where it on the surface.

Men who are attracted to kindness are typically men who value kindness themselves.

You will end up attracting the kind of men who are best suited to your true desires and highest values.

This is the beauty of allowing that which is within to be fully expressed.

How will you make these changes a reality in your real life?

Allow me to suggest you take this process seriously.

Of all the things happiness researchers have studied, one thing emerges as a clear predictor.

Can you guess what it is?

It is satisfying relationships.

If relationships really do matter to you, then take this process seriously.

Invest in yourself by creating a blueprint for the new palace of your life.

Doing so requires only a few simple steps:

1. Create artificial reminder systems to get yourself in the habit of asking the right questions on a daily basis.

This can be something as simple as a sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

I suggest you do a combination of notes to yourself around the house and notations in your calendar on a regular basis (whether electronic or physical).

2. Plan at least one self evaluation "retreat" per week.

This could consist of a brisk walk or a trip to an ice cream shop.

The key is spending the 30 minutes on self-evaluation regarding your attempts to embrace the goddess mindset.

Review what you could have done better during the past week.

Project your mind into that coming week and mentally rehearse actions and mentalities you will bring to bear on various life situations you anticipate.

3. Invest in ongoing personal development. Make a list of the things that are most important to you in life.

Take some time right now to ensure that your daily life actions are actually moving you forward, toward the things that matter most in your life.

If this brief report was helpful to you, you may benefit from some of the other personal development materials I have created for you.

As a dating coach for women, I focus on empowering women to attract the right kind of man into their life.

I have identified one factor in particular that has immense transformative power when women embrace it and learn about it.

I call it the respect principle.

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Wishing you the best in life and love,
James Bauer

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