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Why Do Guys…?

Welcome To Why Do Guys…

Understanding Men at Why Do Guys…? Confirmed Message

Yep. It’s quite obvious what those two guys above are doing but guys are NOT always so obvious when it comes to communicating “other” things, are they?

Well.. Welcome to Why Do Guys.

You will be receiving your first letter any minute now so keep your eye out for it, don’t miss it and please make sure I’m not sent to your spam folder.

I promise to never sell, rent, share, or act unethically with your email address and I ask you to respect my privacy too. It’s only fair now. 😀

You can read any of the the past broadcasts here –> Why Do Guys – Broadcast Archives .

You can also find my “older” newsletter stuff here –> Newsletter Archives – Questions – Answers – Theories – The Truth About Men

Please keep in mind I can NOT answer everyone and honestly I do not have all the answers BUT I will always try to give it the best I can based on the one clear “thing” which separates us indefinitely… and that is…

I’m a guy. You’re a WOMAN. 😉

BUT – I feel it’s best for both of us to contribute no matter what the results are so please do so the best you can.

Your voice, opinions, and ideas are always appreciated.

Thanks again and as always… all the best to you from your new guy friend,


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  • tracy knight

    hi,just wanted to know about a guy who ive never spoke to,met him twice,and he just stares at me?

  • Smiles

    Hi Pete! I just discovered your site today and you have another new fan! I’ll be brief. Dated a guy 4 years ago and we hit it off great. We became close as friends and lovers. He broke up with me because he said the passion wasn’t there (he said he wanted a best friend and lover. He always said I was his best friend so, I thought I was both) but he wanted to remain friends. I’m still friends with him (he’s had girlfriends and i’ve had boyfriends during the last 4 years). I have 2 questions, do you have any articles about ex boyfriends and do you think his interest is still there with me or do you think he’s just passing the time until someone else comes along? A little background: He ALWAYS takes me to lunch or dinner, he’s ALWAYS available if I need anything, he opens up to me emotionally about his feelings, his family, friends and about life in general, we do fun activities together (workout, eat, art shows etc..), and he’s always complimenting and flirting with me like a boyfriend would. I love him still but know that a friendship is all he wants so I never react to his flirtation but I do share myself emotionally with him as equally as he does with me. I live my life fully and I know he has a lot of respect for me. What’s your take on what I should do? I know him better than I did 4 years ago and I want to be back with him but I’m scared I’ll push him away.

    thanks for reading.

    your new fan,


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