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  • Joey

    Umm.. hi, I just saw this site and I’m really hoping that you can help me out.
    I’m Joey Btw and im a girl, it’s just may code name.
    So.. .this what happen, I’m working in a company as administrative assistant. And they are very nice to me all of them.
    And also my boss, And i like him at first time.. we’ve been close i think, or just he is so nice. yea he is very nice to everyone.. He treated us very nicely.
    then one time, i was drinking in a bar by myself and i texted him random friends, i said i need someone to talk to, that time im so pressured of a lot of things, then he came up. join with me, he is not drinking at all, he don’t drink or smoke. then we talk,. i get drunk. so he take me to his place to rest, his very gentleman. yea. and to make the long story short we have sex, cos i push him, not because i’m drunk cos i like him a lot. that time he don’t want to slept with me. but its still happen. then after that he ask me to leave. the next day, it’s a very awkward moment. i apologize to him. i cried a lot. i feel like he is very upset with me. he don’t talk to me, he just talk to me so casual, related to work.
    the i ask him if we can talk, he said he don’t want to talk about it anymore.. .so i stop bothering him. .. and until now i’m still affected about it. it’s really hard.. really hurt me soooo much.. I’ve been crying every night.. And now i’m hoping that we can still be friends like before. that’s it. but he change a lot.

    • Riola

      Hi Joey, it is hurtful what you described, but I’d like to add this: You kept saying your boss is very “nice gentleman” and he “didn’t even want to have sex but you pushed him to.” I think there’s nothing gentlemanly about him taking you to his place in the first place knowing fully well you were drunk. He took advantage of the situation, otherwise why was it only after sex he knew how to send you home!?
      It’s always awkward to have sexual relations with a co-worker, it doesn’t mix well. But you always learn in life. It’s not your fault it happened really, so gather your energy from his reactions and attitude to you too: Act like nothing ever happened between you two. Be cool, and focus on work. Stop apologising! It was sex between two consenting adults. (Unless you’d raped him or drugged him or both.. you get the point). He’s feeding on your sadness and weakness, to feed his ego. Stop chasing a guy who clearly isn’t into you when there are many guys out there wanting to date you. Start dating, and when at work, focus on work! You may think”easier said than done” but read repeatedly and re-energize yourself. You’ll be out of that mindset within a week. Good luck

  • Daisy

    I met him almost a year ago and we click right away and we started to joke around and just be friends and one night we went out to hang out and after a few drinks he kissed me and then I kissed him and well we never stop, the thing is that he had a girlfriend, months and months went by and we got closer and closer we went on a trip together and I guess there’s when he realised how much we cared about each other so regardless of the times I tried to stop what we were doing and the fact that I decided to be with him now he decides to leave in the middle of our trip, I sort of lost it, cried badly felt terrible but I was getting over it finally and the he comes back calling me and texting me, I was weak and was with him again something that just got me terribly shocked happened so I called him out and he cowardly never responded as a man, his gf find out and everything went down, now I face him every day it’s been like this for like two months lately he’s nicer and sort of stop ignoring me, same as me. He still means a lot to me even tho he shouldn’t

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