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What If His Silence Has Nothing To Do With You? Projections In Dating

Projections Assume Past Future Living Worried Woman On Computer Projecting Thinking About Silent Man

#3. Projections, assuming the worst, a need to know an answer, or future/past living. It’s not him it’s you?

Have you ever felt like something was going to happen? Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you felt something bad was going to happen?

Some of you may attribute this to belief or your faith but aside from those beliefs – it is what we call “projections” and it’s something all too many men and women do everyday.

These projections causes many major issues in life including your dating and relationships.

Those who tend to live in the past or future too often will more often project (assume or predict) their frustrations onto situation and even onto others causing them to act differently according to what you’re projecting.

Imagine a man going silent on you and in the past you’ve experienced trouble always seems to follow the silent man. Sure, it could be the case since you have been through it before you might respond to it prematurely.

When you react to his silence by over-thinking or over analyzing “what it means” you may see more than what is actually happening. You can all too quickly assume the worst and become anxious. Where every move or action (or lack of action from a guy) causes you to spiral in one direction or over-think what is really happening.

This is also where your “need to know the answer” feelings becomes greater than the actual situation. At this point you want closure or a reason as to why he is being so silent and sometimes it gets in the way of just letting things happen naturally or organically.

You could easily have read more into the reality of the situation you’re in and you might feel there was something more going on when it clearly wasn’t the case.


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