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Why Do Guys…?

Rants About Guys – What Do You Really Hate About Men and Want Them to Know About It!

Do men have this control switch over you? One minute you love him, and then next you hate everything about him.

Some days you love him, some days you hate him. Maybe you feel like he knows what your switches are. Here’s your opportunity to get it all out. Let him know how you REALLY feel.

I‘m a guy and yes, I’ve managed to upset a few women in my life.

This even prompted me to write a post called “Ten Reasons To Hate Me” Of course I wrote it to show my readers how you can not like a guy or what he’s doing and yet still feel attracted to him. I explained how a jumble of mixed emotions on your side is much better than feeling nothing at all.

Let’s be completely honest. Men can, okay once in a while 😀 piss you off.

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Maybe you feel like you’re being played. How one minute he’s into you and the next time he acts like you don’t even exist. Like he couldn’t even care less.

Perhaps he has a mean edge you don’t understand. In private he’s “super sweet” but in public he’s a cold-hearted prick to you.

He acts distant. He was hurt in the past. He’s terrified of commitment and refuses your help to get past it all. It’s like he’s always living in fear that women are all to hurt him.

On the lighter side of things – Maybe he’s just lazy. You don’t seem to connect on the smaller things in life. He’s a slob. You’re a neat freak. Or he feels everything needs to be in “his” order and you can’t even find your keys half the time. To him it means something and you can not see why it’s such a big deal to him.

On the sexier side – He refuses to learn how to go down on you properly. He’s quick in bed. He’s too slow in bed. It’s not that he doesn’t understand your fantasies it’s the fact he won’t explore them or even talk about it.

On the dating end – Men act like robots. They ask boring questions. They give you the same experience and you go along with it hoping maybe “this one will be different. Or they’re not even asking you out. They stare, gawk, smile, wink, act all into you – but refuse to take the next obvious step. And that’s to go somewhere, anywhere with you so you can finally learn all about you.

Don’t forget about the bad boys, always out to annoy you. Always getting in trouble for no reason at all. The immature boys who treat you like you’re nothing but a body. The quite type who refuses to give you any “real” information about what he feels.

Or how about “Mister Overly Confident Cocky Ass” who believes nothing less than he’s a gift to all the women in the world and you must want him too. Of course only for his body.

Then you have the jealous guys who don’t trust you. Grrrr!!!

The clever guys who manage to say the right thing all the time leaving you speechless. The words you so eloquently devised to say were left pushed back and unmentioned because once again, no matter how hard you try – you just can not help but to love him. So you remain silent and always temporarily appeased.

Whatever it is – I’m positive (you’re a woman) so at some point a man has upset you.

So tell me – What Do You Really Hate About Me?

(Oooops I mean men, your man, the guy down the street, the online perverts, etc…)

This is your chance to get it all out and in the open.

What do YOU want men to know about YOU and what would you like them to STOP doing?

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A RANT ABOUT MEN – These will be heavily monitored and this page will updated accordingly. Refrain from using real names and places. This is meant to be a learning process. A way to understand men better. Opening up better communication between the sexes. To help you get ALL your frustrations out so you can get on with securing a wonderful and happy life. Oh yeah – please have fun with it. – Pete

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  • Andrea

    I love guys, I think they’re all interesting. The one I love, however, is super annoying, I tell my best girlfriend that I hate him, but she understands the vicious cycle I seem to constantly enter. One minute I’m texting intimate sexts and pouring my deeper feelings, but then he’ll leave me dry. When that happens, I subtly hint I may be upset, which makes him angry bc I end up distancing myself from him. Whenever I do that (distance myself) there’s that unresolved tension which can be a turn on but is overwhelmingly stressful. So, although I have formed this what seems like unconditional love for him, we have a lot to understand about one another. He’s younger than me by 2 years, which used to bother me, but sometimes I wonder if it’s because he’s 19 that he doesn’t care or seem to care about my interests or needs…. Hmm, guess we’ll never know

    • Peter White

      The problem might be the “unconditional love” part. As a guy when I hear that, or if a woman says it to me, it means I can do (within reason or maybe not?) anything I want. Not good for a relationship to truly work. We need some kind of boundaries. And as this thing called “the respect principle” which I believe is mostly true unconditional love doesn’t give that respect to a guy even if you’re not directly saying it.

      If you’re going to love me no matter what than you must not respect me or my actions very much, right? Because you’re willing to love me no matter what I do.

      Men cannot thrive in a deep passionate type of relationship unless they feel they have a woman’s admiration and respect.
      from How Men Feel Love, Your Admiration and Respect Is Key To His Happiness

  • Tiffany

    I am just wondering if it’s possible that a guy could be ashamed of liking you? Like perhaps he likes your personality and sense of humor but wouldn’t pursue you because he is embarrassed about the way you look (either you are overweight, not as appealing as he typically would date, different race/ethnicity, etc). Do looks always trump everything with guys? Would they hold back out of fear of what their friends/family might think?

  • Justine

    Okay I think my rant may be a weird one. I have been seeing a guy (from work, never a good idea i know) for a little over a month. The context is a little strange: i’m leaving to go travelling for a year at the end of January, and i leave France where i live in 3 weeks. When we first started seeing each other i was in it for the fun, but then i started to have feelings for him. I had a minifreak out (which i actually told him about in a sensible grown-up conversation) in which i said i wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, that i was having all the feelings and that i would leave in any case so maybe we should just stop now before it all went to far. His reaction was ultra-cool. He said, and i quote “I really really like you too, so just because you are leaving doesnt mean we have to stop seeing each other – i’m really optimistic”. Since then its been pretty much cloud 9 romantic comedy style love in which we talked loads, shared intimate stuff and he would send me regular messages saying “I Love being with you” amongst other things.
    In the midst of all of this i definitely think i got a bit needy. I’ve been really stressed about other stuff like selling my car, furniture, moving stuff back to my parents place for the time im travelling (which is to a different country) and i felt like i needed to spend as much time as i could with him before i left in order to make the right decision – (3 options: stay together, just stay in touch and see when i got back, break up though i never told him this). I think i was maybe overly needy when i look in hindsight – It was always me that organised when we saw each other, a couple of times he cancelled plans at the last minute because of work, or friends in need or late meetings, which really pissed me off each time. But whenever we saw each other he made me really believe that all he wanted was to be with me.

    Last week he cancelled plans at the last minute because his work travel plans got changed. My response was “Oh, ok” then later he sent a message as he was finally getting a plane vaguely cute, to which i kindly replied “Ok, send a message when you land. If you need picking up at the airport let me know”. His reply: “you’re so cute :))) xxxx” since then i have had 0 messages. I sent one on the wednesday evening asking if he had arrived and got no response. Then i decided to give him some space and didnt contact till saturday. On saturday, totally freaked out by the Paris attacks, and worried about him i sent one saying “Did your plane get to nice at least”. I got worried but then i saw that he had been connected to WhatsApp, and i also went into crazy stalker mode and managed to see online that he had been running on saturday and sunday. Finally i sent a message just saying really simply that i didnt really understand, that I missed the pair of jeans i left at his place and that i hoped he was well.

    Since then still no news (it has now been one week since the last message, when i was used to getting them every day) i havent messaged him, i refuse too, but i can see that he is online on the Lync at work, but often he is logged off (he was never ever logged out of lync before, so i really think this is him purposefully avoiding me!).

    I absolutely do not need to be with this guy, i’m leaving in a month and am pretty pissed but i really really want to know what the hell happened or changed. Please tell me you have an explanation for this kind of behaviour as i am at a loss – relationships have fizzled out before, but this went from incredibly intense to absolutely nothing in the space of a plane trip it would seem.

    Please explain this as when i finally pick my stuff up from him id really like to be able just to say i dont care – the problem being that i really really secretly want to know whyyyyy he did this.

  • bre

    I don’t trust men. I feel like they are all out to get one thing. I’ve opened up before and have felt used. I also don’t feel good enough. Probably my own trust issues. I also feel like there are SO many attractive women out there, how do I know if he likes me AND all the other ones. I don’t trust anyone enough to open up enough. I’m terrified they’ll just meet someone else.

    Major trust and insecurity issues 😛

  • Sugar Upset


    I am in a long distance relationship with a guy who is quite a number of years older, of a different race, culture and background. He is in a profession very different from mine, and though we share some similar interests like travelling, I see that our shared interests are far and few. Nevertheless, I really do love him. Though he expresses his love for me on several occasions, I always tend to feel that he’s just saying that somewhat on an auto-pilot mode. I do doubt whether he really loves me many times, mainly because of the things that he did and how they made me feel. For instance, for Valentine’s Day, he wrote me a card (handmade, with a self-penned poem), 2 chocolates and his own personal brief. That’s for our FIRST Valentine’s Day together. When he was wooing me, he would give me a whole big box of chocolates on V Day, but now that we are together as a couple, he only bothered to give me 2. He did say he’s sorry for just 2 chocolates, but he said it’s symbolic of our love. I think I should be giving him the benefit of the doubt, as a good girlfriend, but still, I feel kinda hurt and that he doesn’t really care much about me. We skype very regularly, almost everyday, but only have Skype call about once a week. Whenever we have Skype calls, I noticed he has been asking me to call him first over Skype (wasn’t like that in the beginning). I am starting to feel that he’s getting lazy, and taking me for granted. And I noticed we are usually talking about sex or doing a lot of sexual stuff over Skype. I am beginning to feel resentful, that he only treats me like a plaything, and not a real girlfriend whom he truly loves. What can I do to make him love me more? Should I just try to be cold and give him some space to miss me?

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