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The Difference Between a Guys Attraction Triggers And Yours

We’re about to go on an exciting journey very few men and women do.

Men rarely venture here because quite honestly, they don’t explore their feelings this deeply.

Most take “them” as they come.

Sure they contemplate it once in a while especially when they find themselves loving a woman who won’t love them back.

Some even consider what exactly turns them on but that’s usually because they’re feeling weird about it and wondering if it’s normal or not.

Some also go here because they have trouble defining “love” and whether or not they’re actually feeling it.

Since most men have absolutely no reason to explore this part of them, it’s usually left to people like me to think about.

Guess I’m lucky. 🙂

We teach guys women have attraction triggers which are beyond your control. This means you are hard-wired to feel something as response to something else.

In other words (and believe me lots of guys just don’t seem to get this) you don’t CHOOSE who you’re attracted to. You can only choose on how you might respond to how you’re feeling.

Well, as you may have guessed it by now or experienced first hand, MEN have “attraction triggers” too.

Some are short-term and only affect our immediate goals such as how physically attracted we are to you which appears to happen in an instant.

Some are more long-term and affect a longing for commitment and family such as your values and your beliefs in us and how positively you affect our lives.

The two seem to be connected.

We feel an instant physical attraction based on many psychological and social “things” and over time we might begin to feel love and a special connection which makes us quite literally long for a commitment with you.

Don’t get me wrong. Some men DO believe in love at first sight… I don’t.

My belief comes from a different angle which you can agree with or not.

Those “love at first sight” moments are really just a guy feeling physically attracted to a woman and he allows those feelings to consume his every thought.

From there, only when it leads to marriage and family and lasts a lifetime does it feel like it was love at first sight. Thus confirming his belief in it.

But what about all the failed marriages and relationships where it did feel like love at first sight? What went wrong? Are there endless moments of this first sight system and why does it only
work out once in a while?

Well, this is where I believe, sometimes, when we meet someone we’re more than just compatible with, who you know where a relationship can out last all the problems, we got lucky and got it right.

We experienced the first stage of attraction with someone who just happened to be the right person for us.

And all that’s wonderful.

It truly is.

Feeling all those chemical urges with the right woman at the right time AND having it all work out…

What can be better than that, right?

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

The second stage attraction triggers is where love is created and if we all followed through on the first stage just because of how it felt, I feel we’d be setting ourselves up for some terrible relationships.

You must sense that yourself.

Imagine if every guy you were attracted to wound up in your bed?

Or if every man who was physically attracted to a woman got her to sleep with him.

So just because we experience that “first stage” attraction, if we’re interested in more like love and relationships and family we must stop ourselves from going with those emotions and give ourselves time to learn more about someone first.


For as long as I can think of all this, I’m going to throw at you every male attraction trigger I can think of, along with a few helpful letters from others like me.

But please. Keep in mind. These are my ideas and concepts and you know, sometimes I may not be good at putting into words what I thought I felt or what every guy walking the planet might feel with you.

These triggers are designed to help you understand men better in hopes you can get past those first stages with the right guy.

Also to help you perhaps “trigger” the second stage attraction along with the first one, and knowing you’re doing it, can help you understand why a certain guy might be acting a certain way, and why another might not be.

So yes… we’re on the edge of something new and exciting and honestly I can’t wait to get it all out!

Stay tuned,


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