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Is He Confusing You? Leave Your Questions About Men Here And Get An Answer From A Real Guy

If a guy is confusing you and you’re looking for an answer, you can leave them here.

When he’s doing something you just don’t understand and the answers you’ve found only seemed to confuse you even more, well then men might as well have a huge question mark posted on their face. STOP over thinking and tell us what you REALLY want to know about guys.

Is there something about a guy you wished anyone would finally give you an honest answer?

Your girlfriends are great but they might know know about the other side. They haven’t lived a man’s life.

Maybe your guy friends are not typical. They’re “nicer” than the “boys” you’ve dated. They don’t have the experience you wish they had.

Your family’s a little too close or perhaps too far. Either way they know you too well and their answers are more about you and not men in general.

You’ve tried searched out here in the great web but for some reason, you just couldn’t get a real satisfying answer. They, like I’ve been guilty of too, seem to open up more questions that satisfy just one of them.

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And now you find yourself here… wondering, hoping, trudging through a few posts, reading a few comments… it’s kind of nice but YOUR problem is different. It’s just not covered somewhere.

This page comes to you as an opportunity to leave a question (anyone) can answer but also it’s a starting place to categorize everything you wanted to know about guys.

Leave your random question about men and I just might feature it as a post – or I’ll throw you a quick answer straight from the instincts of a guy who understands men and wants you to understand us all better.

Here are the basic categories I’ve found most questions fall into:

  • Beauty
  • Breaking Up
  • Dating
  • Dirty Talk
  • Does He Like You
  • Flirting
  • Game Playing
  • Insecurty and Jealousy
  • Is It Love
  • Looks
  • Maturity and Masculine Men
  • Meeting His Needs
  • Online and Text Experiences
  • Reading A Man’s Mind
  • Relationship Problems
  • Sex Appeal
  • Sexual Desires
  • Stare and Approach
  • What Does He Mean
  • What Guys Want
  • What Men Like to Know
  • Why Do Guys Do…

( If you feel I’ve missed one then please let me know about it below…. thanks in advance. )

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You Want Answers About Men and You Want Them Now!


Then what are you waiting for… comment anything your heart desires and keep your eyes out for the answer.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE LEAVING YOUR QUESTION – I will be monitoring your comments and sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for your comment to appear. Please be patient. I Can NOT answer everything but I’ll try. Keep it fun and we’ll all learn something. – Pete

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  • Joonie

    hello Pete. this going to be a long post because I’ll tell u the whole story so yeah.. bear with it and read.

    So, I like this guy from my college, he is my roommate’s classmates and through my roommate I got his number, start texting and we became friends (yay). He is not the type of guy who mixes with girls , he only hang out with boys . so.. he said I’m one of his closest girlfriend. And I was happy that he thought that.
    as we became quite close, I felt like he likes me too, but Idk its like sometimes I think he likes me and sometimes I think that he’s just being nice. As I burdened myself gettin into ‘what-if’ games, I then decided its best to confess and asked him straight, rather than keep questioning myself like an idiot.

    so, at this one night, I talked to him, I told him I have someone I like and he was like, who? And I told him everything bout him that I like, but instead of using the word ‘you’ I used the word ‘that guy I like’ , and I dropped the obvious hints . .. but.. that Idiot..he responded … “hahahaha. really? Who’s this guy? Do I know him?” with a completely clueless face.

    that was when I knew that I had fall for an IDIOT

    seeing him responded that way, I was like..” idiot! that guy is you! ” and he was so surprised but still managed to laugh it off. and then he told me that he didn’t disliked me nor he did like me, but he just don’t look at me ‘that way’ as when I approached him , I’m asking to bcoming his friend only ( that idiot…)

    but then he said “I still has scars from my ex girlfriend you know.. So I don’t think I can love again easily.. But, if you wait, maybe I’ll eventually fall for you” .. I know, stupid…

    But I really did it. I stay by his side and we becoming more closer , I thought it was okay as long as I’m the closest person to him. At the beginning it was fine and all, He always tried making me jealous as he aware of my feelings. He sometimes teased me and I’ll teased him back. there was a time I was sick and I told him to visit my graveyard later when I die and he said “no, don’t die..just, don’t” and I jokingly said “are u crazy, If i die who’ll marry u, huh?” and he laughed .

    but, one day, he suddenly make it clear that we are friends only, and that he wanted to focus on his study first as final exam are approaching. I can totally understand the exam part but I was heartbroken bcause he clearly drew a line between us.

    that was the time I realized that I was screwed.
    Just being by his side is not enough.. I want him to love me back. But if Its like this I don’t think I’ll be able to bear it. I felt like he’s being selfish.

    I asked him then . “should I just disappear? It would make things easier, right?” and that idiot say “no …just stay, will ya”

    He’s selfish. He’s well aware of how I feel towards him yet he still want me to be by his side, being treated as ‘just’ friend. I told him I don’t want. and we stopped contacting each other for weeks. for freaking tough weeks, for the most longest weeks I’ve ever been through! IT HURTED SO MUCH I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!

    ehem, so yeah .. remember I told you that this guy is my roommate’s classmate? yeah, so as my roommate saw how miserable I was, she finally told me that she had a talk with him, about us. And she said he was also like me. He’s miserable and lost too. He’s clueless and didn’t know what to do . My roommate also told me that she also asked him to stop contacting me because she thought it’ll make the situation harder.

    and you know what he said?

    “I’m a bad friend, you know? When she said she wanted to disappear I just don’t know what to say… I don’t want to lose a friend like her.. she’s a precious friend to me.. the one who always there…”

    I was surprised to hear that. I never thought he was having a hard time too. After giving some thought, I realized that I was acting selfish. I immersed myself too much into my feeling towards him that I forgot about our friendship.

    In the end, I went back to him and we started again, as friend. I promised myself to put my feelings aside BUT I CANNOT HELP IT BUT TO FALL FOR THIS IDIOT MORE! and I feel like the same things are going to happen again! I’ll start to become greedy for him again!

    ah, but recently, as we both are busy preparing for final exam, I only text him when I’m free and I think that upsets him. He even asked me if I like another guy now (just who ask that to their friend, IDIOT) but then when I asked him if he likes anyone now, he said, no, and then I accidentally asked “why can’t you like me..” and he only answered things like, not ready to like someone, bla bla bla, leaving me clenching my fists, waiting for the perfect time to punch him in his face -_-

    So, my question is, what should I do? Should I wait for him? Or should I find another guy? Ouh, but I love this IDIOT so much… what should I do? ouh and how do you think he feels bout me?

    sorry for this long post I just thought it might give u more outlook in our relationship. Thank you for reading my ‘essay’ . Please reply ASAP before this IDIOT does something more confusing. TQ

  • Tara

    Two Things:
    1)What does it mean when a man talks about having kids? The guy I am seeing talks about having kids not technically with me but we talk about kids anyway. I don’t know what that means for me.

    2) The guy I’m seeing acts strange with me. He talks about us having a future together and says stuff like; he can see us lasting forever, and he calls me his queen and how I inspire him to be a better man. We recently had an argument about where our relation ship is going and what I am to him because he doesn’t refer to me as his woman or girlfriend. He says that putting a label on our relationship is stamping an expiration date on it. I told him it was all or nothing and he he gets emotional with me asking why is that important if you make each other happen and encourage each other and respect each other. I really don’t know what to do. I love this man and I don’t know if this is healthy for me to stay in this if he is unwilling to actually be a couple. He says that I brought color back to his world and that I’m (other than his mother) is the only person that believes in him and pushes him to keep trying. I’m confused because if i mean so much to him why doesn’t he want our relationship to be more?

  • s

    I dated an emotionally immature guy for about 4 months and kept him around for a year for sex because I am just as emotionally immature as him and wanted to start my next relationship when I was ready to actually contribute and fall deeply in love… this guy broke my heart a million times and treats me like garbage.. I wouldn’t want him around forever and I know this relationship is toxic for us both.. so naturally I ended up pregnant with his baby. I want to have a good relationship with him now in order to co-parent effectively but I am having a hard time getting over one tiny thing. I suspect he slept with my “best friend” after we broke up last summer. I confronted her by saying that he had told me they slept together was it true? and she lost it on me. told me she didn’t want to be friends anymore and she didn’t have time for my games. hat response from her shocked me from her. she never denied it just kept saying when would we have slept together? she has avoided me ever since. our son’s r best friends and they don’t even get to see each other any more. was my question so insulting that she just legitimately can’t be around me anymore??? I try to put myself in their shoes.. I’m pretty objective.. but I can’t turn the tables in my head… so I confronted him. he laughed at me and left my house instantly. haven’t heard from him since and it was 2a.m. he was 2 hrs from home. he didn’t even call me to say happy bday. neither did she… so do u think they did it? I just for some reason need to know where my head is at.. thk u.

  • S.X

    So I meet this guy for two days and we hit it right off. We flirted a little bit and he asked for my number. He even suggested that we should go for coffees one day. However he never text me nor did he even accept my friend request on facebook. I am 100% sure that he had seen my request as I have seen him accepting my friends’ request.
    What is happening? I thought we had something? Did he lost his interest already – to the point that he can’t even accept my friend request?


  • lala

    When a guy talk talk to me with a smile on his face by accident and his eyes seemed so big. What does it mean??

    And when a guy touch me not in a sexual way by accident, and often do that what does it mean? like brush my back or my chair

    And when a guy give a smile like a geniune one and his eyes seemed so warm, like a tender one or something, i dont know how to call it

    and one day he touch my arm then suddenly i felt tingling or electricity sensation going from head to toe
    my mind goes blank for a while and couldnt think something

    then my face felt warm
    and i tilt my head to see him and he smile at me, and i smile too

    So whats going on??! Can u help me please

    And my lAst question havent answered yet

    Answer it please??! ^.^

  • misbah

    I m confused about a guy. He and I were class mates. He used to stare at me. He also whisper in his friend’s ear after seeing me. His Friend also tease him when I come in the class. I was totally believe that he likes me. He also tell his friends about me and I notice ot as I saw him talk to his friend pointing his finger toward me. Then I sent him friend request on facebook.he accepted it. But he act like he didn’t know me or my name. I gave him some identities so that he remembered me as I don’t use my photos on facebook. But he didn’t recognize me. And said that he didn’t notice. But I myself notice him that he stares at me and know me. Why do guys act like that? Please answer me as soon as u can.

  • Harley


    I need your advice. You see, i like this guy for 4 years. This year I finally got the courage to text him. I started texting him this february anonymously.Then in a month, i finally revealed my self to him.

    Starting that day, We greet each other with only smiles. We never talk at each other but we do text alot. Then suddenly he started giving me unsincere smile, whch made me feel like giving up.I stopped texting him because i heard someone told me that the guy i like has an eye with another girl already. I was so sad, that i unintentionally gave him a cold shoulder. In a few days time we became friendly again.

    But we stopped texting since that day. We still greet eachother though. Previously was his birthday, i greeted him at midnight. The next day when we meet, he ignored me. He acted like he don’t even know me. it goes on for a few days untill i completely gave up on him. But then he suddenly greet me, awkwardly saying hi for the first time.

    My question is;
    • Is it that he is not interested in me?
    •Am i the one whose fault that caused him to ignore me?
    •Should I just move on?Give up my hopes on him?
    • Or should i make a move?

    Thank you :)

  • Lorna

    Hi Pete
    I would really appreciate your advice on something. There has been a guy that i have been chatting to online for a while. I really, really like him and i think he liked me. The only problem was that he is interested in demanding women but he said that i am pretty close to his ideal woman! He also said i was ‘amazing’ and ‘perfect’. We got on so well and chatted for ages and i genuinely felt that he was interested in me.

    Anyway, i think i may have screwed it up because he asked me out and i said i’d get back to him as he lives in london and was waiting for confirmation from my employer about when i would be down next. I told him hopefully wednesday but i didnt get back to him until thursday and didnt mention anything about meeting up. Then on friday he ignored me all day and when i asked why he said that “he needed someone demanding which is annoying”.

    My question to you is do you think he meant this or do you think he lost interest or thought that i wasnt that interested for not being more quick off the mark? J also think he had tried to ask me out before but i hadnt picked up on it as he hadnt asked me in plain english!

    Thanks for any advice!

  • Anne

    Hello! I read the way you advise others, and I found it quite effective. And so, I decided to write to you. I’m thinking about this matter for a long time, and I wanted to tell this to someone, and I think you’re that person!
    I’ve been going regularly to this place where I learn piano. It’s actually a huge hall which is divided into 2 parts: one for piano, and the other half for table tennis. About 2 weeks back I went for my class, and as I was practising, I’ve observed that there was this guy who was playing table tennis and was staring at me quite often. At first, my attention wasn’t on him as I was engrossed in my work. But the day when I seen him for the first time, I caught him staring at me a lot and that’s what made my attention shift onto him. The same thing happened for that whole week, and by the end of the week, I developed a crush for him. The last week also, it was the same. It’s like whenever he gets a chance, he never forgets to look. He has a eye contact with me for about 4-5 seconds in one glance. At first, I thought it was my own conclusions, but then I saw that among all my friends, he chose to look only at me. I was wondering if he was interested in the music, but I saw that he wasn’t looking at the others. Probably, he must be having eye contacts at least 10-12 times in a minute. I didn’t break the eye contact. When he arrives and when he leaves also, he always keeps on looking.These are the conclusions from what I have been observing for the past days. One day, he was playing at a table which was towards the end of the hall and he was quite far from me. But even from that end, he was still continuing his eye contacts.
    I don’t know what does this indicate. Maybe I’m wrong in my thinking, and I’m totally confused now. I have developed a huge crush for him, and I don’t know what to do now. We don’t have any mutual friends either. We haven’t spoken to each other also. I just can’t stop thinking about this incident as it has never happened to me anytime before.
    I would really appreciate your views on this.
    Thanks! :)

    • Hello Anne,

      I guess you wanted to hear it from me directly :) We stare because we like what we see.

      All you have to do is find some way to accidentally “bump” into him after he’s finished and say “Hello”. See how he responds.

      It doesn’t have to be a major event, just a casual way to meet. It feels difficult but keep it simple and understand that it’s just another guy you’re meeting. You just have no way of knowing who he really is until that happens.

      Best of luck to you Anne,


      • Anne

        Thanks a lot Pete! I’m going to use your advice and strike a conversation with him. :)

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