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Why Do Guys…?

Silent Guys – Why Men Go Quiet, Won’t Share Feelings, or Ignore Women

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Guys ignore women, go silent, refuse or fail to share their feelings for many reasons. It’s understandable how you can become confused by their “lack of action”.

Personally, based on my “male” experience, I’ve ignored lots of women and have an excuse (or reason) every time I’ve done it. This gives me a unique perspective to help you understand what is going on in your interactions with men when their silence becomes just annoying or downright unbearable.

I’m sure you can relate to one or any of the often confusing circumstances where a guy might go silent:

  • The guy you’re in a relationship with grows more silent over time. In the beginning you shared everything and now it’s almost like you have to work way too hard just to get him to tell you how his day is going.
  • You “think” you’re close to a guy, he talks or texts a lot and then almost suddenly you start hearing from him less than before as if you did something wrong.
  • You met a guy who just doesn’t like to open up and you can not tell if he’s actually interested in you. His actions say one thing but his words are used sparingly and leave you totally confused.
  • You could be just dating a guy and he’s hot and cold. One minute he seems into you and responsive, the next day or even a minute later he barely does anything.
  • You’re dating a guy and his texting/phoning habits leaves you wondering what he’s really up to when he’s not with you. You’re thinking he’s seeing someone else but since you’re not in a stated commitment it feels wrong to just ask him. Not that he would ever tell you the truth anyways.

Whatever your personal situation is, the “silent man” seems to be a big problem and I believe you want some REAL answers… finally and once and for all.

Thankfully today is your lucky day. More appropriately the day you found me, Peter White owner and writer of  “Why Do Guys…?”  was your lucky day. However today is much more important because you decided to learn as much as you can about men from a guy who is not only willing to share everything with you, but also give you the real facts without holding back.

“Conversation between the two of you was easy. You couldn’t imagine there would ever come a time when you didn’t feel this connected, this passionate, this complete.” What Happened To The Incredible Connection The Two Of You Shared?

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Seriously… I’m not afraid to tell you the truth because one, it’s not my style to bullshit and two because…

I know deep down YOU CAN HANDLE IT!

Not only are you going to learn about men, how we think, why we do the things we do, something I call the MAN EXPERIENCE, but also a bit of HOW you can use this information to better all your relationships with men.

Let’s get right to it but first things first… BEFORE you consider your personal situation or circumstance you must first read the main reasons this happens:

The Six Main Reasons Why Men Go Silent, Refuse To Share Their Feelings, or Might Be Ignoring You:

#1: He Might Ignore You or Go Silent Because Of A Breakdown In Communication

Silence-Silent-Couple-Breakdown-No-CommunicationMen go silent, ignore a woman, or refuse to share their feelings is a breakdown in communication. Men and women communicate differently. The problem usually starts before you were even dating, long before a relationship. One way is fear or reprisal and not knowing how to communicate.

#2: Dating & Relationship Modes – The Silent Man Might Not Be Ignoring You

Couple Dating Relationship Different Mode
When a dating couple are not in the same place at the same time it can cause confusion and make it appear you’re being ignored but you’re not. There are dating and relationship modes men and women go through and progressing from one to another must happen naturally. The silent man might not be on your time frame.

#3: What If His Silence Has Nothing To Do With You? Projections In Dating

Projections Assume Past Future Living
Projections, related to dating and relationships are a very real thing which can cause a lot of confusion and heartache. Living in the past or living in the future are all based on projections. When a man goes silent or ignores you, if you project you could easily misinterpret the situation making matter worse.

#4: The Narcissist & Self-Centered Man – 2 Types Of Guys Who Will Ignore You On Purpose

There are two bad types of guys who will ignore you on purpose. They are the narcissist and the self-centered man. Know the difference. Learn to spot the signals or signs early on so you can avoid dating them. Here are some questions you ask to help you determine if you’re seeing one of them right now.

#5: It’s Not Him, It’s You: All The Reasons Why You Push Men Away & Cause Their Silence

You hear lots of women tell a guy, it’s not you it’s me but what about when a woman pushes a guy away or causes him to go silent, ignore her, become withdrawn, or simply vanish from her life. This, and the reasons listed below are the other side. The, It’s not him it’s you. All the ways a girl sends a guy running away.

#6: Evolutionary View Of Why Men Use Silent Communication – Safety & Protection

This evolutionary perspective gives many reasons why men are more action than words. How silence is seen as safety. How being quiet meant survival. Despite the growth of society our brains have not evolved much. Looking at the past can show you how men communicate and why they use silent actionable communication.

You will be able to tell from those six main reasons where the silence is originating and from there you can then determine what steps to take next so it will happen less often or never again.

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About the author: Peter White… Showing men and women ways to attract each other naturally by helping you to understand each other. Over ten years experience which has shown me how to see things clearly and get to the root cause of most dating and relationships problems. Hope you learn and enjoy your why do guys experience.

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