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Rants About Guys – What Do You Really Hate About Men and Want Them to Know About It!

Do men have this control switch over you? One minute you love him, and then next you hate everything about him.

Some days you love him, some days you hate him. Maybe you feel like he knows what your switches are. Here’s your opportunity to get it all out. Let him know how you REALLY feel.

I‘m a guy and yes, I’ve managed to upset a few women in my life.

This even prompted me to write a post called “Ten Reasons To Hate Me” Of course I wrote it to show my readers how you can not like a guy or what he’s doing and yet still feel attracted to him. I explained how a jumble of mixed emotions on your side is much better than feeling nothing at all.

Let’s be completely honest. Men can, okay once in a while 😀 piss you off.

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Maybe you feel like you’re being played. How one minute he’s into you and the next time he acts like you don’t even exist. Like he couldn’t even care less.

Perhaps he has a mean edge you don’t understand. In private he’s “super sweet” but in public he’s a cold-hearted prick to you.

He acts distant. He was hurt in the past. He’s terrified of commitment and refuses your help to get past it all. It’s like he’s always living in fear that women are all to hurt him.

On the lighter side of things – Maybe he’s just lazy. You don’t seem to connect on the smaller things in life. He’s a slob. You’re a neat freak. Or he feels everything needs to be in “his” order and you can’t even find your keys half the time. To him it means something and you can not see why it’s such a big deal to him.

On the sexier side – He refuses to learn how to go down on you properly. He’s quick in bed. He’s too slow in bed. It’s not that he doesn’t understand your fantasies it’s the fact he won’t explore them or even talk about it.

On the dating end – Men act like robots. They ask boring questions. They give you the same experience and you go along with it hoping maybe “this one will be different. Or they’re not even asking you out. They stare, gawk, smile, wink, act all into you – but refuse to take the next obvious step. And that’s to go somewhere, anywhere with you so you can finally learn all about you.

Don’t forget about the bad boys, always out to annoy you. Always getting in trouble for no reason at all. The immature boys who treat you like you’re nothing but a body. The quite type who refuses to give you any “real” information about what he feels.

Or how about “Mister Overly Confident Cocky Ass” who believes nothing less than he’s a gift to all the women in the world and you must want him too. Of course only for his body.

Then you have the jealous guys who don’t trust you. Grrrr!!!

The clever guys who manage to say the right thing all the time leaving you speechless. The words you so eloquently devised to say were left pushed back and unmentioned because once again, no matter how hard you try – you just can not help but to love him. So you remain silent and always temporarily appeased.

Whatever it is – I’m positive (you’re a woman) so at some point a man has upset you.

So tell me – What Do You Really Hate About Me?

(Oooops I mean men, your man, the guy down the street, the online perverts, etc…)

This is your chance to get it all out and in the open.

What do YOU want men to know about YOU and what would you like them to STOP doing?

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A RANT ABOUT MEN – These will be heavily monitored and this page will updated accordingly. Refrain from using real names and places. This is meant to be a learning process. A way to understand men better. Opening up better communication between the sexes. To help you get ALL your frustrations out so you can get on with securing a wonderful and happy life. Oh yeah – please have fun with it. – Pete

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  • Stacie Albertson

    I have been dating this guy on and off gor 9 years. Its alot more off than on. In the nine years ive known him i think i have only gotten 3 cards from him. He has never given me a gift for any occasion… He has had a few live in girlfriends …none of them lasted over a year… He didnt have sex with me for almost a year even though i was there everyday..and spent most nights. He never lets anyone look at his phone ..i think in 9 years i have only heardvhim talk on the phone 10 times…he never brought females over when i was at his place until recently…which i prefer…but 2 of these females he swears are just friends have had sex with him after i left…and when he is busted he will always lie..even though he knows i know he will keep digging himself a deeper hole….i hate liars but i hate it when he thinks im stupid and will believe his lies….i could go on but i i need why? What is going on.? .please educate me

  • Lorna

    Hi Pete

    I was seeing this guy for about a month recently and he has disappeared on me :-(. We were getting on well but I never felt that he was very tactile towards me and although we saw each other quite a few times we never got fully intimate. He was keen to see me regularly though and I’m pretty sure he was attracted to me. Anyway, the last time I saw him, I cooked for him and we had a good evening despite the fact that he didn’t try to make a move. I did but he said he had to leave not that long afterwards. I was a little annoyed and was a bit abrupt with him. Nothing awful but I think he picked up on it. At the time my phone had broken (which I had seen) and it took me six days to get back in contact with him and when I did, he just ignored it and has continued to do so.

    I was wondering what your opinion is on this. On the last evening we saw each other, he had wanted to see me two days after although I had said that I couldn’t as I had a dance class. So I’m pretty sure that he hadn’t written things off by then. Do you think my abruptness then lack of contact made him question things? Do you think he was pissed off, hence deliberately ignoring me?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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