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The Narcissist & Self-Centered Man – 2 Types Of Guys Who Will Ignore You On Purpose

Man Thinking Only About Himself Self Centered

#4: He could be ignoring you or going silent because he’s a self-centered man or even a narcissist.

Some guys are unfortunately just bad people and when these guys ignore you, it’s never a good thing. They can be only be helpful to you in one way –  when you realize or figure out he’s one of those types, it’s a very clear signal to let him go, dump him, and move on quickly because he will hurt you.

Men who fall into one of those types can have several reasons for ignoring you. Sometimes it’s a game. He could easily be a player because they are generally self-centered people. Maybe just wanted sex, wanted to use you to make another one jealous, or you were someone he turned to while he was having problems with his current partner. All are highly probable.

Whatever his “real” reason is it leads us back to a specific guy who may not be right or act appropriately towards women… The guy whose life only evolves around himself generally ignores women because they don’t see others as a priority in their life until (or unless) they need something from you or they want to get something from you, sex included.

Personally I feel the self-centered or narcissistic man is rare. Most men actually fall into another category altogether which will be explained later.

(However if you find it happens to you often, then you might want to look at your dating criteria, where you’re meeting these guys, what attracts you to them, or how you keep letting yourself fall for these types time and time again.)

Whether those type of guys are rare or not doesn’t make it any easier on you because sometimes it’s difficult to spot him early on.

Some of them are either good at hiding it when you first meet OR some guys are only a little self-centered and it takes getting to know him more and then getting hurt, before you realize his life revolves around only making him happy.


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