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Why Do Guys…?

How To Read His Signals


Carlos Cavallo is a pretty cool guy. 🙂 He earned my respect long ago through our collaboration/interview and if you know the face when you see it, you’ll also realize he spent years teaching guys about attracting women by showing them how to be “Alpha Men”.

Let’s face it – teaching guys how to be “real men” helps women all over the world AND because he’s spent so much time dealing with guys, he has an inside look at how men think.

How To Read His Signals is a short instant download to help you read men better.

You’ll also gain insight on how to get a guy to reveal his feelings for you.

It’s sold at an amazingly low price. Low enough to make it hard to pass up considering what you’re going to learn about men.

Here’s the teaser:

Have you ever wondered what the heck is going on inside his head?

What’s he thinking?

Especially when you notice him noticing OTHER women…

Sometimes even while you’re talking to him – for the first time!

Yes, we all know men are visual creatures – but you still can’t help wondering if that eye-candy he’s checking out is something that you can safely ignore – or if it’s a real threat to you – or your relationship…!

Men may not reveal their emotions as quickly as women do, but they do give off signals all the time.

You might have even noticed some of these signals and didn’t realize that’s what they were.

But if you know what the signals mean, they reveal a “back door” into what he’s thinking.

Finally Discover What He Really Wants From You!

7 Secret Signals He Doesn’t Even Realize He’s Sending To You – And How To Spot Them: – See more at:

How To Read His Signals – Instantly Know What He Really Wants From You

Why Do Guys…?” and me, Peter White is determined to offer you real choices of value without compromising integrity with cheap ads or false claims. Please remember this page contains a link which may grant me a commission when it is purchased directly. If you have any comments or would like to review your personal copy you can leave it below BUT if you have any problems or questions with “How To Read His Signals” specifically, please use their contact page or service.

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  • Jessy

    So hello peter!!
    I hope you will understand this… i HOPE!!! So here is this cute guy whom i met an year ago.. this guy caught my eye when i was standing beside my scooty n he was peeping from the side of the wall n as i turned to look .. we made our very first eye contact n he was smiling widely n his eyes were shining..haha well lemme tell u beforehand.. he is a shy guy..
    Now he is always like tellin jokes aloud n indirectly tryin to make me laugh n would stare at me for long ..even when i catch him staring he would make a prolonged eye contact smiling widely. He would laugh at my most stupid jokes even n once i caught him checking me out. He always used to show off n would wait for me (i dont know why) on his royal enfield n as soon as i bring my scooty out of the parking lot he would go very suddenly. . This was totally confusing!!!!! He always stood/sat straight as i entered the class. Once as i entered the parking he was saying something to his friend loudly n as soon as he saw me he stopped n blushed like anything … BUT HE NEVER MADE A MOVE …!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!?? PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HE IS UPTO????

  • Mila

    Hi Peter. I have a guy friend who also happens to be my brother’s best friend who I’ve known for years who has never shown any interest but lately now during our social gatherings he would start sending me confusing signals. It’s always during our social gathering where me, my brother, mutual friends and cousins hang out with each other. But he doesn’t treat anyone else differently just me. First, he picks out the seat that is closer to me. Then, I always catch him staring and sneaking glances towards me. Not only that but he which I guess in his possible moments, he would find the chance to bump into me, and rub his leg against mine. He sends me funny faces, cracks jokes to make me laugh, a great listener, he also pointed out and took a look within my nose to see if there were anymore boogers that I should worry about. I don’t know if he was just being nice to me since I’m his best friend’s sister or hiding something from me. It’s driving me crazy! I don’t know his intentions but I do believe my brother’s role may have to be the issue. We had a mutual friend that I used to have a relationship with that had gotten desperate when we broke up but kept visiting to my house and tried to force himself onto me but when I told my brother what happened and their friendship ended violently. Since then, I haven’t seen that friend. But my brother’s best friend was also close in that circle so he knows how angry my brother gets. We’re all we have for eachother, no father, no mother. I don’t want to ruin their friendship but I do want to know what is going on so I may face him one-on-one and ask why does he continue with these signals. I’m 23, he’s 25 and my brother is 26 and married.

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