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He Might Ignore You or Go Silent Because Of A Breakdown In Communication

Silence-Silent-Couple-Breakdown-No-Communication Couple Not Communicating Sitting At Table Preoccupied

#1. A breakdown or lack of real communication.

Whether you’re not opening up to him “effectively” (not knowing how to communicate to men) or he’s not opening up to you, this might appear to be the root or start of the problem but it’s usually not.

The root or start of the communication problem usually begins at an early age for both men and women.

The differences between men and women, how we think, how we’re taught early on through advice, family, friends, and relationships, defines a certain pattern in our lives which we bring to our current relationships.

We fail to communicate out of fear.

The fear of reprisal.

The fear of the consequences of our words or actions.

We also fail to communicate (or go silent) because we just don’t know HOW to communicate our thoughts effectively and we don’t want to be misunderstood.

Men go silent for all those reasons above and much more because, based on their past they predict what’s going to happen AFTER something is said and as they consider their responses and imagine the repercussions of their words or actions, they may become silent or choose to be silent from the beginning.

If it’s nothing positive OR they don’t know how to say it without pissing you off or causing another fight and a possible break up, saying nothing and secluded themselves into something or someone else seems to be the only actionable answer for them.

Communication is KEY not just to assure the man in your life feels free to open up to you, because it’s not 100% guaranteed to have every guy speaking honestly with you, but also important to endure trouble spots in the relationship.

When you know how to talk with each other positively and open each other up WITHOUT FEAR then you WILL have a greater chance at making a relationship work under even the most extreme circumstances.

We often call this a breakdown in communicate because it’s mainly used in a relationship which is already happening BUT I can tell you that the breakdown typically happens from the beginning as in when you first met and started interacting.

It started during the dating phase and continued on after and until a deeper problem or pattern emerges and the couple doesn’t even realize it.


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