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Dating & Relationship Modes – The Silent Man Might Not Be Ignoring You

Couple Dating Relationship Different Mode Couple in same place but not same time. Different dating relationship mode

#2. Not being in the same place emotionally or physically leads to different modes: Dating & Relationship

Most men and women have modes which shift, progress over time, or never change. For the purpose of our “discussion” we can refer to them as the dating or relationship modes.

Some guys will stay in dating mode indefinitely and this is just one reason why they fail to commit. Other guys will go instantly into relationship mode and will commit too early or act like they are already in a relationship with you quickly after you meet.

The best outcome for most couples is to progress from dating to relationship in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way and what happens is the silent man or he appears to be silent or ignores you for longer periods of time than you might predict or would like.

If you’re in relationship mode with him and he’s only in “casual dating mode” or the opposite is true, there’s a big chance at some point he’s going to go silent just as easily as you would to another guy who wants you to be his girlfriend only after a few dates.

If you’re attracted to him a lot and he’s unsure or not ready, it will FEEL like you’re being ignored when in reality he’s not getting back to you because he sees it as something more than casual and still needs time to decide which direction he wants to go.

If he’s attracted to you immensely and deeply and YOU are not there yet, he’ll actually ignore or disappear out of frustration and a fear of screwing it up with you.

Yes, it works both ways.

A guy can ignore you when he likes you more than he believes you like him out either out of fear or a game he thinks he needs to play.


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