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Why Do Guys…?


  • Sexting, Holding Out, No Date, He Waits & Another Guy Didn’t Have To

    Men will wait a long time for possible sex with a woman unless he starts to realize you’re giving it to someone else but making him wait. This reader’s comment allows me to show you exactly what goes on inside a man’s mind when we’re left to wait OR are incapable of acting and making it happen. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who is holding out or who is not moving forward. Sex aside, if you keep putting off dating and doing things with a guy and he’s not looking for a relationship, he’ll act up or get angry at times. When the whole truth comes out, anything goes.

  • Dating Decisions – Is It Good Or Bad To Have Sex Before A Commitment?

    In dating, we all have to think about if we’re going to have sex before we’re in a committed relationship or not. What’s your choice and has it always worked for you? Do you just go with it and see what happens or do you actively avoid having sex when you want it so bad because you believe it’s the best thing to do?

  • When A Guy Says This… What Men Will Say To Have Sex With You

    Men want to be understood. Understand what a man will say to possibly in some way increase his chances to have sex with a woman and what that means. This confusing article make a point eventually about men and women and deciphers a little about what men might say to women.

  • Why A Guy Will Cheat On His Beautiful Girlfriend With A Far Less Attractive Woman

    He has a beautiful girlfriend but cheats on her with someone far less attractive, why would he risk losing her? What are his reasons for his infidelity? Mean cheat for lots of reasons and it’s hard to understand why a guy might downgrade in his infidelity. You CAN understand exactly why it happens.

  • Do Guys Take Women Seriously If You Sleep With Us Quickly?

    If a woman fools around with a guy on the second date, would he ever take her seriously? The truths about guys and what really stops us from dating you.