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Why Do Guys…?

Why Do Guys Stare at Girls?

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Guys stare at girls all the time. This one is checking you out.

We don’t hide it very well, do we? Although some of us claim to be masters at not getting caught.

I guess the word is out. Girls know we’re staring at them. There’s no reason to hide it anymore.

If they want to know why, let’s tell them…

But first … This question is vague yet the chosen words – “Guys & Girls” leads me to believe this is a younger woman’s question so I’ll keep the answer as relevant as possible.

When I was “staring at girls” I was checking them out.

Beauty, especially in the eyes of a sexually driven guy, not only catches our eye but can literally freeze us. Sometime it’s almost impossible to turn away.

It’s strange because unless we talk to you the image disappears quickly. Making any later fantasies with your image almost impossible. Although I imagine some guys are better at that than other.

So if we know you and are still staring there’s a good chance we’re going to use that image later. Now before you go thinking it’s all sexual. It’s not. Sometimes it’s a girlfriend theme or the perfect “meet up” or even just a kiss.

You can safely assume, like nine times out of ten, if any guy is staring at you he is checking you out.

He wants to meet you. He is attracted to you.

In a weird way he even wants to get caught because just maybe, if you catch him staring at you, you’ll stare back and it’s on. I would say more than half of those guys are desperately hoping you’ll approach them.

From there he’ll probably even assume you like him or at least are attracted to him. That usually depends on his self-esteem.

Think of this. As guys. When we’re hanging out and some girl starts staring at us our friends are likely to smack us and say, “Dude! That girl is totally checking you out.”

Since we’re men and can only think like a male we’re usually going to assume you work the same way. It often goes like this:

  • Checking you out – We see something we like or are attracted to you.
  • Staring at you – Locked in your beauty and most like want to get caught so you’ll approach us. Lessening the chance of being rejected.

Now as for the whole “sexual attraction” level I would have to say it’s almost like an addiction. Not usually harmful but it certainly can be.

When we see a “hot” girl we’re likely to get a little excited. Not hard just sexually aware.

And it feels good.

So we do it a lot because it feels good.

Strange to you maybe but to me, as a guy, it feels perfectly natural and I’ve been enjoying it for many years. Just now as I get older I’ve learned not to let it take me away or make me do stupid stuff.

If you’re dealing with younger guys staring at you, then he may not have learned his own personal control over how good it feels and he reacts blatantly to it.

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  • Marilyn

    Hi. Since the past three years a boy, whos partically in all my classes, has been staring at me. And he someone who doesnt really like talking to girls, and if he ever has to he would only talk to me and none of the other girls in class. If he ever does he would never talk as sweetly as he does to me. He would smile and carefully listen till I end. I mean we partically have never talked much. He knows I have caught him staring at me. And also, I believe that know I have a crush on him. It weird. One of his friend is my friend too, and whenever I am teasing him, the boy I like, laughs. He tries sitting next to me. He has actually made me self-conscious. Because I never care about my apperance untill I realized I had a crush on him and thats completely his fault. Since the past three years all this has been happening and I am stull waiting for him to confront. Will he ever do so? What does all this mean anyway? Does he like me?

    • Isabel

      Yes! I happened to me too, until now…. ;)

    • glerys

      You got to go up and talk to him you two obviously like each other a lot just too nervous to go up to each other the wrist that could happen he says no but he’s lying just keep trying with him and tell him how you feel bye

  • sahar

    This happened to me also…there is one guy in my college…He often used to stare at me alot…i dnt know why…although he and i got separated 2 years ago…

  • Laci

    YES SCoRe this means the guy I like likes me I’ve watched the vids and this is the last thing and he has show all of them yessss I’m gonna ask him if he likes me and tell him that I do lets hope he says yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    There is a kid in my math class that one day, just randomely stared at me. I really REALLY don’t like him, and when I asked him what he was doing, he shrugged and kept staring at me.
    I think he has a crush on me, but I am not sure.

  • Jessica

    Hi my name is Jessica I went to some park and this guy was at the back of me and my sister talled me his staring at you but I didn’t know his looking I was facing the front and he was at the back when I turned in front to get something out of my bag he started starting and then when I faced to the front he stopped starting and again when I turend back he started staring again.he stared at me almost everywhere

  • eva

    hello pete love your page bu i have abig problem.When we moved to our own house i was 8yrs then there’s this guy in his early teens that usually stares at me and as a kid i found it annoying he also smiles at me when he is with his friends,showing off when playing football and when he is with a girl and he sees me he becomes moody .Its been seven years and now am fifteen he still stares at me and behave the same way it getting complicated everyday my friend usually tell me’seven years’and he still looks at you that way gurl he’s madly inlove with you

    • Peter White

      Love aside Eva, he’s acting his age. Unsure on how to handle his emotions maturely.

  • Betty Boo

    It’s about time I found something accurate. I am an adult and I know this adult guy likes me because of all the above mentioned. I just needed to hear or read the obvious before I extended an invitation, or let him know that I was interested too. We are all human, we all like to know it is ok to approach and noone likes rejection.

    • Peter White

      Thanks Betty Boo. NO one does like rejection and it’s unfortunate too many of us act based on a simple fear that someone may not like us back.

  • Scott

    This is all VERY true we aren’t trying to be creeps but sometimes we can’t help ourselves

  • Anonymous

    I have caught a guy staring at me at class whenever i catch him he smiles at me shyly. Even when another person is talking he keeps staring at me. One day me and my friends where chatting he came out of nowhere and put his arm on my shoulder. It was really weird but i think he’s cute!

  • Airat Shobowale

    There is this guy in my church he stares at me every sunday though we dont talk he asked my sis out once but she dated him for two days but uptil now the guy still stare at me almost everytime,does that mean he like me and why did he ask my sis out?

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